San Felipe, Mexico



Nov. 7, 2005, Catalina Meders, Title Company Bookstore, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico:

Hola everyone from San Felipe where the sky is a little hazy this morning, but other than that it is a very fine day. The temperature on the balcony is 78 degrees right now at 9:20 a.m., and the humidity is around 30 percent. It feels just about perfect. Last night was great for sleeping at 56 degrees and the early mornings lately have been chilly enough to require jackets. Lots of San Felipe folk wearing long pants and sweats yesterday at the swap meet.

Today is the last day of the annual San Felipe Shrimp Festival which means the awards ceremony will take place tonight. The town has been full of visitors all weekend with the street vendors and the restaurants all doing very well. The booths are set up all along the San Felipe Malecon with a carnival at the southern end. There are representatives from most of the major hotels and the numerous real estate agencies in town, plus the usual Traditional Dancing performances and cock fights in the Rotary Club hall.

The shrimp look great this year. Last night one of my fisherman neighbors sold me two kilos of JUMBO shrimp that he had just caught. They were so fresh they had no odor at all. I'll be making Scampi this evening.

San Felipe is gearing up for the Baja 1000, November 17th,and then the holiday season will be upon us. Until next week, Vaya con Dios from the bookstore by the bay.

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