San Felipe, Mexico



Jan. 22, 2006, Catalina Meders, Title Company Bookstore, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Town Report:

Hola everyone from beautiful downtown San Felipe, where the sky is clear, high and blue and there is very little wind.

The thermometer on the balcony says 63 degrees, and there is a nice crackle to the air this morning. The humidity is around 30 percent and yesterday it went up to 68 degrees on our balcony which felt very nice. As always on mornings like this, the water in the bay is almost too bright to look at, and is the color of sunlight.

Update on the San Felipe Animal Shelter: Stephen tells me he is hard at work soliciting donations from various organizations and concerned private parties. They are making some headway but it's going to take a lot of money to rebuild and replenish. The hardy folks who run the shelter are not daunted and are determined to succeed again. I have no doubt but that they will.

Update on Poppa Neutrino: The raft continues to be improved. It is still down at Laguna Percebu, but David and his "partner in grime" Joel plan to take it for a test run in a few days. They are hoping for a February departure for Cabo San Lucas. Poppa comes up to the balcony about twice a week to play chess and I am able to find out the latest on the raft that way. Also, an old friend of his, who has actually built his own "island" which Ed and I have visited, is coming from Amsterdam, Holland to see the raft and possibly help out. Excitement builds. We'll keep you informed. Until next time, vaya con Dios from the bookstore by the bay.

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