San Felipe, Mexico



June 4-9, 2006, Katherine Hammontré,, Jose Andres fishing trip to the Midriff Islands, Sea of Cortez, with Bill Equitz, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico:

The Tony Reyes Fishing Tours boat Jose Andres fished June 4-9, 2006, at the Midriff Islands. The water temperature was 72 degrees. Charter master for this fishing trip was Bill Equitz. The fish count: 167 Yellow Tail, 20-36 lbs.; 1 Grouper, 48 lbs.; 2 Dorado, 18 lbs.; 3 White Sea Bass, 18-25 lbs.; 40 Red Snapper, 14-18 lbs.; 2 Broom Tail, 14 lbs.; 5 Sheephead, 14 lbs.; 80 Spotted Bass; 3 Shark, 21 lbs.; 35 Misc.

Bill reports the trip as a complete success, including the weather. Bill's been fishing out of San Felipe for more than 40 years.

Here's a San Felipe fishing story written by Bill Equitz, written on the B/M Jose Andres, June 9, 2006:

"I am a charter master on the Jose Andres. I have a trip the first week in June each year.

"The week of June 4-9, 2006. We had a very good trip. The weather was perfect all week.

"I have had over 40 years experience fishing in Baja out of San Felipe. My first trip was about 1966 with Rucker Hardware. The pangas were 12 feet long, made of wood with 18-horse outboard motors. Most of them needed work. Tony Reyes Sr. was my guide many times and after that we became and still are good friends.

"Our first boat was 40 feet long. We had two just alike, the Alfredo and the Rudy. Then we started using larger boats, the Don Chinto, Zaragosa, Felipe Angeles, Santa Monica. Now we use either boat of Tony's.

"Our first trip cost $140 per week, including soda and beer. We did not have live bait back then. I started using Salas Jigs 40 years ago and still do today. Marty Salas was a good friend of mine.

"Many years ago, Tony Sr. was our guide. Bob and Don Campbell had I were run over by the Zaragosa. Three of us went for a swim. Tony held on and they held up the skiff with 2 gaffs. Nobody was hurt and we did not lose any fishing tackle. One of the guides whose name was Jimmy, worked all night and had the motor boat working the next morning.

"I could write a book on the fun times I've had in the last 40 years. Tony Reyes runs the best fishing tours I've ever been on. His cook and helper are #1. Next year I will be 80 years old. That will probably be my last trip as charter master.

"The names of our guides: Antonio, Beto, Ruben, Jose, Victor, Roman. All are #1. Fily is our #1 Ice Man."

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