San Felipe, Mexico



Dec. 20, 2006, Title Company Bookstore, Catalina Meders, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico:

Hola everyone from San Felipe. It's 61 degrees on the balcony as I write this at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, and the humidity is 31 percent. It feels much colder than that and last night the temperature did go down to 37 degrees, which was close enough to freezing for all of us. We've had very unusual weather at San Felipe so far this year. Some people think it's a trickle-down effect from Global Warming.

The bay and the sky are both gray today and the air is clear. There are quite a few tourists in town. The vendors are busy. Here at least, there is relative peace. Let's wish the same for the rest of the world. Until next time, Merry Christmas to everyone and vaya con Dios from the bookstore by the bay.

Dec. 16, 2006:

It's cool here at San Felipe, as well as, of course, "ku-whal." Right now the weather at San Felipe is 74 degrees on the bookstore balcony and the relative humidity is around 48 percent.

In the direct sunshine it's very nice and there is no wind today so it feels lovely walking around.

Right now Bahia San Felipe is dark blue and at high tide. The low temperature last night was 46 degrees at my house and we've been using the heaters and I've dug out my flannel nighties at last. It really is winter.

The bookstore cat "Buster" has grown his cold weather coat, which makes him look like he weighs at least 30 pounds.

The San Felipe Fine Arts Association has announced that starting today they will be having an Art Sale Exhibit on the third Saturday of every month at the home studio of Rosario Torres out on Highway Route 5 going north to Mexicali. Rosario's house is on the highway, on the right as you approach San Felipe, near Kilometer 183, and has a large sign out front which says, "ART STUDIO," plus much greenery and stone carvings.

This is a great new addition to the cultural side of our town's progress.

Christmas excitement builds among the wee folk and mysterious packages arrive in the mail, and there seems to be a new "fad" decoration item, what look like "nets" of small lights which drape over an entire tree. We've seen several of these in town. Until Christmas weekend, vaya con Dios from the bookstore by the bay.

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