Loreto, Mexico



Aug. 5, 2006, Patty Zapata, Hotel Oasis, Loreto, Mexico fly fishing anglers still scoring on dorado:

The whole week Loreto sportfishing weather was great, with sunny, light breezes, clear visibility, and the water surface temperature between 83 and 86 degrees.

On Monday and Tuesday it seems that the dorado moved from the usual areas and they were difficult to find, but Wednesday until Saturday, again they were located between Coronado Island and "Las Boyas."

This week we had a group of fly fishing anglers at Loreto, 34 persons.

Fifteen pangas went out for 4 days and they caught an average of 130 dorado between 30 and 18 pounds each day.

On Monday and Tuesday the group caught only an average of 30 dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) each day. Most of the fishing was catch and release. The group used 10 and 12 weight rods with floating lines for the poppers, and sinking lines for the fly's. They also caught 3 sailfish trolling, all released. The main fishing area was between Loreto's Coronado Island and "Las Boyas".

Anglers were: Peter and Maureen Hylander; Andrew Veit and George Waggoner; Karl Milkovich and Malcolm Parks; Kory Keath and Jerry Metcalf; Jonathan King; Paul Palmer and Joseph Bly; James and Becky Darden; Robert Young and Richard Webster; Rich Gaspar and John Hersman; Joel Thompson and Dale Rusho; Paul Ranes and Daniel Fjelstad; Howard Neslen and Jeremy Conner; Jim Cochran and Carol Ann Irving; Perry Barth and Paul Messner; Richard Carbajal and Maynard Petersen.

Their Loreto panga captains were: Servando Davis, Alfonso Susarrey, Abel Davis Manríquez Senior, Ernesto Fuentes, Isidro Mendoza, Alfredo Rubio, Francisco Martínez, Francisco Martínez Jr., Martín Davis Castro, Antonio Davis Castro, Antonio Monzón Jr., Ismael Murillo, Joselino Murillo, Jesús Talamantes, and Martín Perpuly.

Fishing off Loreto on Friday, Jams Bundush went out with Capt. Enrique Talmantes and caught a Dorado of 50 pounds between Coronado Island and "Las Boyas".

The same day Matthew Bordas, 12 years old, Anthony Bordas and Bob Woods went to the same Loreto fishing area with Capt. Jesús Davis and caught 6 Dorado between 26 and 16 pounds and released 8 more. They had a double hookup and as they were fighting those, a big school of dorado were swimming under the boat. Every time they threw a hook out they got a hit.

On Saturday, David Watking, Jaime Stanley, Stephen Stanley and Bill Self went fishing in Baja waters in two Loreto pangas with skippers Anastasio Quintana and Bernabé Davis to same area, Coronado Island and "Las Boyas," and caught 2 dorado 35 and 18 pounds.

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