Mulege, Mexico



Mulege, Mexico Fishing, Rick Barber, Sept. 3, 2004:

It's been a rough week (pun intended) for Mulege fishing this week. Local storms, called Tormentas, have kicked up the seas in the Mulege area and it's been pretty hard to get out to enjoy a day of fishing. These mini-chubasco's hit in the evening and bring strong winds, thunder, lightning and sometimes rain to the area. We've had everything but rain most evenings this week.

A few lucky Mulege anglers have picked up some Dorado, some in the 35 lb. range. Bob Carey. of Mulege, fishing off Pt. Concepción, picked up a very nice sailfish that weighed 72 kilos (158.4 lbs.). He smoked it and it was delicious! Other Mulege fishermen are scoring on some very nice Cabrilla, Grouper and Pargo in the 20-35 lb. range. Almost any rocky point will yield these fish as they seem to be just about everywhere.

Sierra are also very prevalent. They can be found in all the usual spots from Isla San Marcos to Jingle Beach and the microwave tower in the Bay of Concepción. Recently, they have been showing a preference for slowly trolled small Rapalas instead of the usual fast-trolled hoochies. Remember, Sierra usually stop biting after the sun comes up so, if you want some of these delicious fish, target them first. Who knows what has gotten into the minds of these fish lately?

Mulege fishing water temperatures have been holding up well and are generally in the mid 80's. Daytime temperatures in the area are still in the very high 90's with an occasional 100 thrown in just for good measure.

Best Mulege fishing is found by trolling very early, preferably before the sun comes up, and then switching to bait later in the morning. If you get on the water by 5:00 or 5:30 am, you can have a full Mulege fishing trip by 10:30 or 11:00 am before it really gets hot.

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