Mulege, Mexico



Oct. 30, 2004, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

All of last week's fishing can be described in two words...LOUSY WEATHER! I've sharpened my hooks so many times that I need to replace them. There's no metal left!

Wednesday was the best day we had all week so I tried to get out. It was a lesson in either futility or stupidity, I'm not sure which. We had westerly winds to about 15 knots, but since westerly winds usually die down shortly after 9 a.m. or so, I went out. I got about three miles north of the Mulege lighthouse and could see nothing but whitecaps and very large swells ahead of me. A local panguero confirmed the conditions so I jumped in his wake and returned to Mulege.

The water directly in front of the Mulege lighthouse wasn't too bad so I decided to troll for a while. I wasn't expecting much action since the water temperature was down to 75 degrees. After an hour of dragging lures, I decided to try drifting some sardines. I did get a heavy bite on the bait after about 30 minutes but whatever it was spit the hook almost immediately. So much for my fishing this week.

Manuel Diaz, fishing for Triggerfish off Punta Chivato, continues to see large Dorado in the area. He was able to get out in his panga twice during the week and pulled in a nice one, each about 30-35 lbs., on each trip. Marty Robinson, who has a large panga, went out on Friday. He fished in the semi-protected areas near Pt. Concepción and boated five Sierra and one Dorado. He said he got pretty wet but Marty is a very dedicated fisherman and a little bad weather doesn't phase him too much.

Some of the Mexican pangueros are still reporting catches of Dorado and the Calamari fishermen are reporting that they are seeing a lot of Dorado at night. I didn't get a single report of any Yellowtail being caught. The water has just been too rough to do any bottom fishing whatsoever.

Hopefully the weather will abate soon so we can get out and get in some fishing. I'd sure like to get another Dorado or three before they all go south for the winter. Once they're gone, I'll put the feathers away and rig up for Yellowtail, Cabrilla and Grouper.

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