Mulege, Mexico



Dec. 6, 2004, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Reports:


The Sea of Cortez was more white than blue.
It's hard to believe but I swear it's true.
The winds were howling about 25 knots,
That's between gusts, I kid you not!

The gulls were sitting on boats or the ground.
They just couldn't fly or move around.
The ones in trees stayed put, it's true,
'Cause on their feet they had used some glue.

All of the skippers they stayed in port.
After all fishing is just a sport.
And there are always things that you can do,
If you can't venture forth to catch a few.

There's hooks to sharpen and reels to grease
When the wind changes and gives us no peace.
There are motors to tune and tears to mend.
It all works out for the best in the end.

We could go fishing, but to no avail
'Cause we're between dorado and yellowtail.
Yes, there's cabrilla and triggers to be had
But to go fishing now you would have to be mad.

Right now it is better to sit on a beach
With a soda or beer or drink within reach
Than to try and go out in these miserable times
And get wet and cold and soaked to the chines.

'Tis better to wait just a bit 'till it's clear.
While we do that, there's time for more beer.
We'll watch Mother Nature vent for a spell
And soon we'll be out of this current Hell.

Now I'd rather be fishing than writing this rhyme
Relaxing in my boat, biding my time.
Communing with nature while drowning some bait,
Some may not chose it but this is my fate.

Very strong winds and heavy swells were they norm for most of the week at Mulege and throughout central Baja California this week. Mulege weather finally calmed down by Friday enough to let the boats out, but the only fishing to note was up off the north end of Isla San Marcos in the depths, 200 feet or so. John (OBJ) Dinning, Tom and Patti Higgenbotham and the Mulege "long-range" group have been going north with live bait and have been scoring big time on yellowtail. John pulled in six nice yellowtail to about 40 or so pounds on one trip. The seas were fairly flat and the water was in the very low 70s, so they had pretty good conditions for this time of year.

Some of the guys went out Saturday morning, trying to get in a bit of Mulege fishing before the rains hit about 10 a.m. No scores of any note and Sunday's forecast is for winds and a good chance of more rain. Wonderful!!! More time to sharpen hooks...if there's any metal left on them!

During the week, a sea lion tried to steal one of John's 'tails and he asked me to pass along this tip. If a "lobo" tries to steal a fish on your line, get your boat directly over your fish and motor in a circle directly over it. This will prevent the sea lion from being able to get air and he will turn loose of the bait in most cases. When he does, reel like Hell and get your fish in, or what's left of it. John got about 25 lbs. of a 35 lb. 'tail back last week using that technique. The thief got only the stomach so John didn't have to clean the fish. Thanks for the tip, John!

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