Mulege, Mexico



Feb. 20, 2005, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

We had a pretty good week for fishing in Mulege. The weather was cooperating most of the time and so were the fish.

Some of the Mulege guys and gals heading north to Isla San Marcos were reporting that the bite tapered off a bit during the week but everyone who fished Punta Chivato, Isla Santa Inez, or Punta Concepción and south, with the exception of Cody and Andy Spahn, had nothing but good things to say about the availability of fish. Cody and Andy were complaining (?) that they could get only two yellowtail every time they went out. Not three or one but two. I wish I could to complain (?) like that.

Last Sunday, John Dinning went fishing up at Punta Chivato and pulled out five for 10 'tails, all over 35 pounds. Sorry to hear you had such a poor day, John! Not only a poor day but a poor week. John fishes 3-4 times a week and is one of our more consistent fishermen.

On Monday, Cody and Andy, fishing in the same area, boated 35 and 38 pound yellowtails.

On Tuesday, they got only one yellowtail in the 30+ pound category. They said the water was like glass but they had a little trouble making bait.

On Thursday, they boated two more yellowtail, both well over 30 pounds at Punta Chivato. These are two really neat people who love to fish. I guess they're putting some fish in the freezer right now because they will be returning to the States soon for a few months of "work". I'm going to miss them but, by the time they return, the dorado (mahi-mahi) will be here and they can save some gas and fish right here in front of Mulege.

Steve Dodge went fishing out of Mulege three times this week and did pretty well for himself. On Sunday, fishing Punta Chivato, he got 3 nice yellowtails in the 35 pound range. On Tuesday, he and Rod Scott got three more, all 30+ pounds, from the same area. On Friday, he decided to try trolling at Santa Inez area and got two more that weighed 35 and 37 pounds. Rough week, huh Steve?

Speaking of bait, there are five good spots around Mulege where bait is usually readily available. In front of the Mulege lighthouse you can find big eyes and barracuda, which the triggerfish seem to find to their liking. For mackerel, try Punta Prieta, Punta Colorado or Los Gallitos. Finally, up north of Mulege, try fishing for bait at the cliffs between San Lucas and Santa Rosalia.

The bite in our whole Mulege fishing area seems to be picking up as the weather starts to warm up a bit. The fish appear to be moving south although it's a bit early to say that for sure. As long as the bite even appears to be improving, I'm happy! Mulege fishing water temperature has been holding at a consistent 62 degrees at the surface and the only thing adversely affecting the fishing, as usual, have been the wind and swells. If the north wind doesn't blow seriously for a day or two, we usually have pretty good conditions.

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