Mulege, Mexico



March 19, 2005, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

Last week's fishing report had to be bypassed due to a trip to the States but I'm happy to report that the tackle stores are still operating at full throttle and they're taking cash and credit cards. I picked up a lot of drags and parts for reels and for Barquito's Honda outboard. Now all I need it for the Mulege fishing weather to cooperate.

Last week was a bit skinny on fishing days at Mulege. Monday was okay, but the rest of the week was a bit lumpy and windy at times. Friday and Saturday were okay if you went out early but the winds picked up around noon. The tides didn't help either. Those early morning and midday low tides keep a lot of our Mulege guys and gals off the water.

Notwithstanding the above, the fish are cooperating if you can get out to them. "Out to them" means just about any of your favorite spots, from Isla San Marcos north of Mulege, to south of the Mine.

The 'tails are boiling at the surface at Isla San Marcos and the obvious choice there is iron. Lots of nice fat yellowtail are being brought in, and 2-3 fish per rod isn't uncommon. That'll teach me to go to Gringoterra when the bite is on!

The yellowtail at Punta Chivato, Isla Santa Inez and Punta Concepción are also taking lures as well as live bait. Trolling MirrOlures is a good idea. If no birds are showing, you'll be able to cover a lot of water until you find out where they're hiding. Once you locate the 'tails, switch to live bait, jigs or just continue to troll MirrOlures. One's just about as good as the other when fishing at this time of the year. Trolling the "slot" at the north end of Isla San Marcos is also a good bet as a "cabrilla" or two just might snag your lure instead of a yellowtail.

Speaking of "cabrilla," these leopard grouper are thick as fleas off the Mine nowadays. My father-in-law, who fishes commercially for triggerfish, catches barracuda first thing in the morning for bait. They're readily available while fishing in front of the Mulege lighthouse, Punta Prieta, or off the sand dunes in front of Los Gallitos south of Mulege. After catching the slimers, Dad heads for the mine and uses the barracuda to catch his triggerfish. But, on one or two "extra" poles, he baits up with a whole barracuda head and about a 5/0 hook. He brought in a half-dozen beautiful grouper in the 5-7 kilo class Saturday morning! Not bad for a side business! Since they're about my favorite eating fish, I'll be there the first day this weather clears.

That's about it for this week at Mulege. Keep good thoughts for the weather gods and maybe we'll be able to squeeze in a bit more sportfishing next week.

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