Mulege, Mexico



Jan. 14, 2006, Gary Black, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

I fished at Mulege this past week with Carlos Roja Benge on his 25 foot Whaler. We fished several days around Mulege from Punta Conception and Punta Aguja up to Isla Santa Inez, Punta Santa Inez and Punta Chivato.

Winds were expected and kept most everybody home except for a couple of local fishermen setting nets off of Punta Sombrento in front of Mulege. The Whaler was new to Baja and handled the wind and accompanying swells with ease. We stayed dry which was unexpected but appreciated.

Mulege fishing water temperatures were around the 64 degree mark and there was a lot of bait in the water.

We had a steady pick on Barracuda, Grouper, Snapper, Pargo and Trigger fish all around Isla Santa Inez. Fish were suspended at all levels on the meter and took almost every offering on the sink. If they didn't hit it immediately it only took a couple bumps on the bottom before something tracked it down. We fished up to 40 pound line and these fish didn't seem to care as they bit on everything, however, they seemed partial to some freezer burnt tiger shrimp I brought with me.

We trolled broken back Rapala's for the cuda's and cut bait for the bottom fish.

Yellowtail were around but required a little more effort. Carlos took me to a "secret spot" that really produced. These fish were in the 20-25 pound range with some larger fish that really worked the jigs, Salas yellow/green, bait and jig/bait combos. We left them biting and the ride in only took 24 minutes from outside of Isla Santa Ines.

For those of you who launch in Mulege near the end of the Mulege Airport Runway its important to pay close attention to the tides. This is a shallow ramp and unless you have a smaller boat with 12" to 18" of clearance you may not get in or out at a low tide.

We went out on the high tide on Wednesday and came in to the lowest low of the year. Now under normal low tides it's tough but the lowest tide makes it difficult to even get into the harbor over the sand bar that protects it. We had one foot of water and had to drift over the ridge with the motors up. We knew we were coming in on a low and would face some hurdles but the fishing was too good to leave. There is another deeper ramp on the north side of the river just past the harbor entrance on the right about a quarter mile in if you get stuck. Drawback to this launch ramp is driving your boat and trailer through town.

I spoke to Carlos today and the water laid down both Friday and Saturday and the yellowtail fishing at the Secret Spot was excellent.

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