Mulege, Mexico



June 21, 2006, Rick Barber, dorado "thick as fleas" at Mulege, Mexico:

I went fishing today and wanted to let you know that the dorado are as thick as fleas here in Mulege right now. I bagged 8 dorado in a little over 2 hours and kept 2.

These 2 dorado weighed in at 28 and 24 pounds. I caught them on a blue and silver Zuker about 15 miles from Mulege harbor on a heading of 70 degrees. The water was 79.8 degrees and was a little lumpy first thing out but settled down by 10:30 a.m. when I headed in.

I met Capt. Mateo Apodaca of Mulege at the ramp when I got in and he showed me a beautiful 140 pound marlin his clients had caught. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to land. Mateo said that they got some nice dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) also.

Three of my neighbors have been scoring as well. Mike Banchiol, Kenny Faulkenstrom and Del Lehr make a special fishing trip during the summer each year in addition to their other visits. They have been scoring limits on dorado regularly and will have plenty of fish to take home when they leave next week.

I finally was able to replace my favorite cabrilla lure that got lost on our trip to San Nicolas so I'm going to be doing some lurking in some rocky spots soon.

My father-in-law Chichi has been doing really well lately with commercial fishing. I got him a skipjack to use as bait and he brought back over 30 kilos of fillets with it! That's 900 pesos in his pocket.

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