Mulege, Mexico



July 28, 2006, Gary Thomas, Super-good dorado fishing for 10 straight days out of Mulege:

My wife Peggy fished in Mulege every day from July 17-26, 2006, on our boat Stingray. It was generally the best dorado fishing that I have experienced.

We caught and released from 4 to 25 dorado per day and could have easily caught many, many more each day.

We caught most of our fish near the Santa Ines islands, about 8 miles from the lighthouse on a 60. All were caught on feathers, blue/white, pink/white, Mexican flag, bleeding mackerel and Jerry Garcia.

On the day that we caught 25 dorado, we were looking for yellowfin tuna. We started in our spot near Santa Ines and caught 5 to 6 dorado. We pulled our lines and headed to Punta Santa Teresa about 17 miles south. We ran 2 to 3 miles and started to put out 2 rods out. Before I could get the second rod out the first went off. This happened all the way to Santa Teresa. By 2 o'clock we had caught 25 to probably 16 to 18 pounds. We never did find the yellowfin tuna on this trip.

Our best dorado was a 35 pounder that Peggy caught. Several in the 30 pound range with most 10 to 16 pounds were caught.

Mulege water temperatures were roughly 84 to 87 degrees and it didn't matter. Nothing was caught near shore except skippies and squid. One day we did run into the bay and caught roosterfish with our friend Paul Rista, small but fun. Mulege seas were flat and calm most days. Overall it was a great trip.

We fished mostly catch and release. I think that we killed 6 dorado for the entire trip. Same with bills when we can catch them, 100% catch and release.

So far we haven't caught 1 billfish this year. This last trip we saw 1 tailer the first day and that was it. Never saw another bill.

We did run into a school of killer whales though. That was a first. Pretty cool. They ran with the boat similar to dolphin. We stayed with them for about an hour and they never seemed to tire of us.

When we catch the yellowfin we usually keep whatever we catch up to 6 or 8. Everyone wants the tuna. Last trip when we caught them we took 1 to Ray's Place and he made sashimi with wasabi. We also took 1 to Taqueria Doney and they made a real good tuna salad and grilled a piece for me.

We took a couple of the dorado that we kept to Ray's Place and he made blackened dorado for us. It is absolutely delicious.

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