Mulege, Mexico



Sept. 12, 2006, Gary Thomas, Mulege, Baja, Mexico:

My wife Peggy and I flew to Mulege to check on our casa and haul down food and water on Thursday, Sept. 7th. Our casa sustained very little damage as did the rest of the Hotel Serenidad. The airstrip is graded and fully operational. Probably the best I've seen it.

Many houses along the Mulege river were completely destroyed. In some cases completely washed away. Many vehicles are just gone, washed out to sea. The photos on the internet simply do not do justice to the damage. It is truly unbelievable.

We flew to La Paz to bring Red Cross supplies back to Loreto and there was stuff floating all the way down. We made a low pass over Agua Verde and it appeared to be almost completely gone.

On Sunday, Sept. 10th, we took Capt. Alex from the Hotel Serenidad out in Stingray and the fishing was off the chart! In 3 hours we caught between 15 and 20 dorado, keeping the largest 12 to help feed some of the homeless shelters.

We had 2 dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) about 35 pounds and the other 10 were all over 20s. For once I didn't feel bad about keeping a bunch of fish. All on the usual jets, blue-white, pink-white, etc.

Mulege area fishing water was 83 degrees 10 miles out on a 60. There was a tremendous amount of debris floating, couches, lamps, tables, etc. Anyone going out at Mulege should use extreme caution and carry a spare prop. I picked up 2 plastic bags. Some of the local captains sustained major damage to their pangas but most are operational.

Capt. Alex had damage to 1 of his panga engines but the other 2 are fine. The Hotel Serenidad had some guests, mostly I think the workers from the power company. The gas station was fully operational.

I brought Capt. Alex home with me to do some shopping. I asked him about people and boats being kept off the water and he said that that is completely erroneous.

There is a local gringo that has started or contributed to several such rumors since John. One claim was that the military was not letting in any small planes. In fact the Mexican government was asking us to come down to help with distribution to the remote areas. While some services may not be available, I know of no reason not to go. Use the usual caution when driving. I am certain that any boost to the Mulege economy would be appreciated. Alex and I are driving back down on Saturday.

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