Puerto Santo Tomas, Mexico



Jan. 8, 2006, Sam Saenz, Puerto Santo Tomas Resort, Mexico Fishing Report:

We are doing fine at Puerto Santo Tomas and looking forward for the challenging new year 2006.

The weather at Puerto Santo Tomas has been mostly great, but the ocean has been extremely turbulent. The local fishermen have not worked for the last four weeks. We have had hardly any rain this year, and the road is wide open. Very few tourists and sportsfishermen have come to Puerto Santo Tomas during this high surf condition period.

We had one lone panga go out fishing this weekend, taking Lars Houske and his son from South Bay fishing. They came back with 10 fish, which is below the normal catch, due primarily to the ocean turbulence and high swell.

The state government finally approved funding for the completion of the new Puerto Santo Tomas launch ramp on the bay side of the point. Work was started in late December and is progressing slowly due to the high surf conditions. They awarded the termination contract to a different contractor who has expertise on ramp building. He is an ex-naval captain and has an engineering degree. The new modified design centers around the concept of alleviating the high grade decline limitations of the old construction. The design change will provide more surface space at the bottom of the ramp to allow for turn around space. Completion is expected around the March-April time frame.

The state government department responsible for coastal development has authorized funding to carry out environmental and feasibility studies at three sites along the Baja coast. The three sites are: Puerto Santo Tomas, La Chorera at San Quintin, and El Barril at the 28th parallel.

The purpose for the studies is to determine if this protective coastal zones are suitable for the development of Rock Jetties (ESCOLLERAS) to enhance tourist sport fishing and commercial fishing. A surveying crew of topographical engineers have already conducted measurements all around the bay and on the water with established markers, etc.

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