Chili Sea Catfish

Chili Sea Catfish picture 2

Chili Sea Catfish, Notarius troschelii: Length, 18 inches. Caught during a fishing trip in October 1997, at La Ribera, East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 12-pound line, cut bait. Caught from the beach by Dutch angler, Peter Langstraat: "Among all the Baja fish I've caught until now, there have been at least a few fish of any species that made clear short sounds while removing the hook, most notably croakers, triggerfish and jacks. On this matter, the Chili Sea Catfish does it differently. Occasionaly, it will WHISPER a story (probably its life story) in your ear. It can last up to three minutes without pausing. Especially when the wind blows a bit, it is like someone is standing behind you and talking just a little bit too soft. Apart from this, it is a nice little fighter but lacks charisma because it doesn't grow very big and is not particularly beautiful. Nevertheless, if you want them, look for cloudy water." Photo courtesy Peter Langstraat.

Chili Sea Catfish picture 3

Chili Sea Catfish, Notarius troschelii: Caught by Ton Van Dalen, Punta Colorada, Baja California Sur, Mexico, October 1998, on cut bait and 12-pound line, from a panga. Length, 18 inches. Photo courtesy Peter Langstraat.

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