Fortune Jack

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Fortune Jack, Peruvian Jack, Darkfin Jack, Seriola peruana: This jack found in the Cortez has gone misidentified for years. The Fortune Jack is usually thought to be a small Amberjack. It weighs about 8 to 15 pounds, is a rosy tan color, and is a distinct species. I have taken a number of them over the years off San Marcos Island, near Santa Rosalia, Sea of Cortez, Mexico. This fish was identified by Dr. Bob Shipp, Louisiana State University, and was featured in the July issue of Sportfishing magazine. It's a great scrapper and I think it should have respect by the fishing fraternity recognizing it. The fish was taken at the "110" seamount, 2 miles north of San Marcos Island. On May 16, 2001. These fish were especially common in 2001. They also showed up at the "Ranch" seamount, 3 miles southeast of Isla San Marcos in the same time period. In May of 2002, I saw several come into San Lucas Cove from the same places. Water temperatures were in the low 70s. Description, photo, and fish identification courtesy Jim Mori.

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Fortune Jack, Peruvian Jack, Darkfin Jack, Seriola peruana: Caught during a fishing trip at East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico, November 2003. Photo courtesy Stan Moberly. Fish identification courtesy Dr. William Smith-Vaniz, U.S. Geological Survey, Center for Aquatic Resource Studies, Gainesville, FLa.

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Fortune Jack, Peruvian Jack, Darkfin Jack, Seriola peruana: The book on Fortune Jacks is that they only grow to a maximum of 24 inches and 15 pounds. Either I caught a freak, or we need to rewrite the book. Mine measured 41 inches and weighed in at 21 pounds. Description and photo courtesy Rev. Jeff W. Rumble.

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