Finescale Triggerfish

Finescale Triggerfish picture 2

Finescale Triggerfish, Balistes polylepis: Mitchell Rose with a nice triggerfish caught during a fishing trip at Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Photo by Victoria Rose.

Finescale Triggerfish picture 3

Finescale Triggerfish, Balistes polylepis: Photo courtesy Trout Traubman.

Finescale Triggerfish picture 4

Finescale Triggerfish, Balistes polylepis: A mature finescale triggerfish, showing bright blue markings similar in color to those on a "lit up" marlin, dorado, or wahoo, caught while fishing from the beach by Peter Langstraat, at Punta Colorada, East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico, October 1997, on cut bait and 12-pound line. Length, a great big 21 inches. That's a big one, and a great catch on 12-pound. Photo courtesy Peter Langstraat.

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