Green Jack

Green Jack fish picture 2

Green Jack, Carangoides caballus: Dutch light tackle, species specialist Peter Langstraat fishes at Hotel Punta Colorada, Baja California Sur, Mexico, with his girlfriend Mieke Schaap, shown here with a Green Jack. Said Langstraat, "When I met her, she had never touched a rod in her life, but she was willing to try. After quite a bit of field training and casting lessons, she joined me for the first time in June 2002. Fishing from my aluminum boat, she actually did great, including some pretty rare species like an almaco jack, a flat needlefish, and bonefish. She totaled 18 different species and 91 fish overall. Again last February, she did very well, catching a 15-pound skipjack after almost an hour, and of course lots of sierra, some ladyfish, and a green jack. This one was caught by her from the beach close to the lighthouse of Punta Arena on a 14-pound line with a piece of squid. Photo courtesy Peter Langstraat.

Green Jack fish picture 3

Green Jack, Carangoides caballus: Caught during a fishing trip at East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Photo by Peter Langstraat.

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Green Jack, Carangoides caballus: Caught at the Midriff Islands, Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico. Photo by Gene Kira.

Green Jack fish picture 5

Green Jack, Carangoides caballus: Length 16 inches, caught fishing on cut bait with 12-pound line at Punta Colorada, East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico, in October 1999. Says Peter, "I've caught a few of 19 inches, very good fighters especially for a relatively small fish." Photo courtesy Peter Langstraat.

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