Pilotfish picture 2

Pilotfish, Naucrates ductor: Jonathan Roldan had sent this photo of the "zebra fish" that has been used as a hot live bait recently around La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. "It's really pretty," he said, "all neon blue on top with black stripes! They are about 8 inches long. Even the skippers didn't know what to call them so everyone just started calling them 'zebras.' We are jigging them with Sabiki rigs at the buoys. It looks like a slimmer caballito all dressed up for an evening at the disco. We've never ever used them before. Heck...I'd never even seen on before and when I asked our skippers the name, they all laughed and shrugged their shoulders." In recent weeks, Roldan reported the "zebra fish" as the hot ticket for amberjack and tuna. Photo courtesy Jonathan Roldan, Tail Hunter International. Fish identificiation courtesy Peter Langstraat.

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