Tuna and dorado showing offshore of Ensenada

Mexico Fishing News, October 11, 2000



ENSENADA, MEXICO: LILY FLEET, Ensenada, October 10, 2000, Sammy Susarrey, Reservations Tel/Fax, 5 to 9 p.m., 011-52-617-46747; Cell 011-52-618-67485. The Amigo fished locally with 5 anglers aboard, reporting 1 yellowtail 15 pounds in the reefs at the island, caught with a live mackerel.

Also 15 red snapper 3-4 pounds, 1 ling cod 13 pounds, 5 whitefish 3-4 pounds, 2 sheephead 4 pounds, and 15 miscellaneous. All bottom fish caught north from the reef to the island, 2 miles out from Ensenada in 180 feet of water. Water temperature 63 degrees. Calm seas but rain. The commercial pangas report a nice catch of bigger rockcod at Maximo reef and Soledad reef. Maximo reef is close to Santo Tomas Point, 5 miles south from Punta Banda. This reef is only 150 to 290 feet deep. At Soledad reef, 240 feet to 500 feet deep, we find all kinds of bottom fish.

Ensenada, October 9, 2000. Okay, guys, today the Lily fished the reef of Todos Santos Island, and we got 3 yellowtails to 15 pounds on live mackerel, trolling, and 9 calico bass, 4-6 pounds. Also, one white seabass, 15 pounds, trolling Rapala CD 14, dorado color. Today we had nice anchovies for live bait. We jigged for mackerel in the harbor and caught 15 beautiful ones. Other private boats from Marina Coral caught nice big lingcod around 12-15 pounds. They said they caught them at Salsipuedes on 120 foot deep water on mackerel. They said the water temperature is 67 degrees there. If we have a trip tomorrow, we are going to that area looking for yellowtail. Also, this is the time when big white seabass showed up there two years ago.

Ensenada, October 8, 2000. Today we fished the 295 bank. Water was cooler, 66.5 degrees, clean and blue. Yesterday we caught 7 yellowfin tunas with 4 anglers, but today we didn't find them. Also today, we fished the Punta Banda bank on the way back (Soledad Reef) and we did well on rockcod and red snapper, also grouper to 8 pounds, and 4 lingcod 8-10 pounds. We fished 280 feet deep. Water temperature at Soledad reef was 65 degrees. Other boats on local trips reported some log barracudas at the bajo next to the island, mixed with a few yellowtails.

Ensenada, October 6, 2000. Today the Amigo, fishing locally with 4 anglers aboard, reported 4 yellowtail to 15 pounds, 12 log barracudas, some bottom fish. All fish caught today in from Todos Santos Island. Live bait today is big anchovies and nice mackerel. Water temperature 66.5 degrees.

Ensenada, October 5, 2000. Today we fished the 295 bank, but the fish moved. A long drive today. The Tamara with 4 anglers aboard reported 18 yellowfin tunas 12-15 pounds. Best jig today was CD plugs in natural colors. Ten tunas were caught on live bait. Bait was medium-sized anchovies and also big sardines. Water temperature 66.5 degrees. Some Ensenada party boats reported breaking yellowtail and big bonitos at Punta Banda inside the bay, also at North Todos Santos Island, and big barracudas seen by the commercial fishermen in schools.

Ensenada, October 4, 2000. Today, the Amigo fished for tuna with 2 anglers aboard, reporting 14 yellowfin tuna 12-15 pounds; 3 dorado 15 pounds. Fish were found at kelp paddies, hitting black and red feathers, black and green, and some on live anchovies, fly lined. Nice anchovies and sardines for bait today. David, the Amigo's skipper, saw nice schools fo breaking fish in the area. They also lost a couple of big fish, so they are still around. Water temperature 68.8.

Ensenada, October 3, 2000. Today the Tamara has been out fishing tuna. They report limits of tuna, 12-165 pounds in the same place. Live bait today was smaller anchovies and nice sardines. Water temperature outside 68.9 degrees. Ocean condition was flat and calm. At 235 degrees, 18 miles out from Todos Santos Island, fish hit everything, very hungry fish.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: GORDO'S SPORTFISHING, Ensenada, October 10, 2000, Erick Ptacnik O, Reservations 011-52-617-83515; 011-52-617-82377. The fishing still excellent. Gordo's Constellation fished on Sunday with 19 anglers and caught 47 Yellowfin tuna 20 to 35 pounds, 8 Dorado , and 1 Albacore, only 25 miles out of Punta Banda.

In other mainland Mexico and Baja fishing action this week:



MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: BAJA ON THE FLY, San Carlos, October 11, 2000, Gary Graham, Reservations Tel 800-919-2252; Fax 760-746-7260. Temperatures: 80-degree high; Low 71. Water temperature: 77 degrees in the mangroves and 83.5 offshore.. STRIPED MARLIN - Great, up and down the 100 fathom curve in both directions from the entrada.. DORADO - Shark buoys still the best bet.

TUNA - Lots of fish just a few miles off shore.. CORVINA - A few in several different spots including the San Carlos Power Plant and Devil's Curve at Magdalena Bay. SNOOK - Mostly smaller fish this week.. YELLOWTAIL - Only a few reported.. QUICK COMMENT - Spoke with one of the six pack charters this week and he reported excellent fishing offshore and said that he thought it was just getting started.. I can't wait to begin our "Flyrod Marlin 101" series next month. We recently had a cancellation, so if you are interested in making the trip of a lifetime and a fabulous opportunity for marlin on a flyrod, immediately call the office at 800 919 2252 or email me at bajafly@usa.net.

San Carlos, October 7, 2000. Temperatures: 80-degree high; Low 71. Water temperature: 77 degrees in the mangroves and 83.5 offshore. STRIPED MARLIN - Plenty. DORADO - Shark buoys still the best bet. TUNA - Lots of fish just a few miles off shore. CORVINA - Mario's spot produced good catches this week. SNOOK - Several taken near the bridge entering Puerto San Carlos, Magdalena Bay. YELLOWTAIL - Only a few reported. QUICK COMMENT - Head out of the entrada on a 180 - 210 degree course a few miles until you hit the 100-fathom curve and start looking for billfish, dorado and tuna. The catches have been excellent. I can't wait to begin our "Flyrod Marlin 101" series next month. We just had one cancellation, so if you are interested in making the trip of a lifetime and a fabulous opportunity for marlin on a flyrod, call the office at 800 919 2252 or email me at bajafly@usa.net.

San Carlos, October 5, 2000. Temperatures: 82-degree high; Low 71. Water temperature: 77 degrees in the mangroves and 83.5 offshore. STRIPED MARLIN - Continue to make a strong showing. DORADO - Shark buoys still the best bet. TUNA - Lots of fish just a few miles off shore. CORVINA - Devil's Curve produced good catches this week. SNOOK - Several taken near the bridge entering Puerto San Carlos. YELLOWTAIL - Only a few reported. QUICK COMMENT - Head out of the entrada on a 180 - 210 degree course a few miles until you hit the 100-fathom curve and start looking for billfish, dorado and tuna. The catches have been great.

More fishing reports and information for Magdalena Bay, Mexico, can be found in the Mexico Fishing News archives.



CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: PICANTE FLEET, Cabo San Lucas, October 7, 2000, Sergio Cortes, Reservations Tel 011-52-114-32474; Fax 011-52-114-35969. Fish available: Blue, Black & Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna. Water Temperature: Approximately 84-87 F. Air temperature: hi 92/low 76. Humidity: 70 %. Wind: 6-7 Knots per hr. Pacific, 6-7 Knots per hr. Sea of Cortes. Yesterday's Luckiest: "Picante Express " 31' CABO; Captain: Jaime Gonzalez; Angler: Kevin Harmon. Production: 2 Striped Marlin 145, 170 lbs.( released ), 1 Sailfish 80 lbs. ( released ), 4 Dorado 20-45 lbs. average. Hot Spots: Golden Gate ( Pacific ). Fleet Production (6 boats): 3 Blue Marlin, 4 Striped Marlin, 2 Sailfish, 19 Dorado, 6 Yellowfin Tuna & 1 Wahoo.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: FLY HOOKER SPORT FISHING, Cabo San Lucas, October 7, 2000, Capt. George & Mary Landrum, Reservations Tel 011-52-117-01271; 011-52-114-87452. WEATHER: The weather has been beautiful all week. The humidity is going down and the temperatures are cooling off a bit. Staying in the high 80's and only 50-60% humidity. It's getting a little more comfortable. There was only one day where we went back up to the summer temps. This weekend we had a little squall come through, really cooled things off yesterday afternoon and this morning it is cloudy and looks like we might get some much needed rain. This weather will most likely clear up by tomorrow.

WATER: The water temps have been remaining steady at the 84-86 range. On the Pacific side the seas have been 4-6 with some wind chop. A little unpleasant, but the fish make up for it. Over in the Sea of Cortez side of Cabo San Lucas , the seas have been 2-4 and not so rough.

BAIT: There has no problem getting the Caballito's in the morning, still running $2.00 each. Have heard reports of Sardines available in San Jose, but none available here in Cabo.

BILLFISH: Still not a great showing for the Blue Marlin yet although there have been a few caught. The boats are seeing them everyday, but they don't seem to be eating when we are there. Tossed bait several times to one surfing next to the boat but he just wasn't biting. Think maybe the fish are getting smarter with all the tag and release??? Most of the Blue Flags you'll see flying around town are for Striped Marlin and Sailfish. The Striped marlin have been running good size from about 120-200 lbs. The Sailfish are being hooked up in with the Dorado and are running 40-100 lb. The Sailfish are taking live bait when spotted and the anglers have seen some pretty good dancing out there. The Stripers are going for the Mean Joe Green's and bleeding mackerel. Got one the other day on a new one called "bleeding snot" (do you have to ask?) and of course the blue and silver.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: There have been some really nice Yellowfin caught this week, mostly up around Gordo Banks, nobody is saying exactly where or on what. Tournament coming up! Biggest one I saw this week came in at 165 lb. Not bad for an afternoon's work. Blue/silver has been working for these guys. Sorry Garvin forgot to ask for other colors again, at least I remembered to get one!

WAHOO: A couple were caught the beginning of the week. 40-50 lb. Not too much action there, maybe next week when the moon is full. Tried specifically for them, just weren't feeding when we were there.

DORADO: They are out there all over the Pacific side, not too many up in the Sea of Cortez. At least the ones up there aren't biting, probably too many squid in the water. But the squid are holding the Yellowfin. So if you are looking for the Dorado action keep to the Pacific. They are biting just about anything still. Not very picky eaters once they start.

INSHORE: Not much happening there, wrong time of year. Pangas are heading around the corner and catching lots of Dorado. Heard one panga caught a couple 50 LB yellows only a couple miles out the other day.

NOTES: This is the last time you have to put up with my fish reports. George will be back in Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday and he will be giving you the more complete report next week. I know I miss lots of important stuff, like more lure colors and who's biting what, right Garvin??? Also I heard the other day of someone being ripped off by one of the coyotes on the dock. Please be extremely careful if you are dealing with these people. This person put the boat on a debit card, then paid cash the next day and asked the charges to be taken off the card. The company that processed the credit card refuses to give the man a credit, even though they did not own the boat or have anything to do with the charter. Tight Lines, until next week Mary Landrum.


Oct 3 -- For three days, we had a regular customer of the Fly Hooker. Hugh and Kathleen come down every year at this time and they brought a few friends this time, Don and Martin (a.k.a. Bullhead). Don was the best man at their wedding and Martin is a good friend who runs Calico Charters out of Petaluma. The first day out they just want to catch lots of fish. They'll go after the big ones later in the week. Hugh brings all of his own gear down. Which is quite a bit, but no problem, we got him all set up and they head out the channel up the Pacific side towards the Dorado. They spent the day slaying 15 Dorado on everything they threw out there. Hugh's favorite though is the bleeding snot. He catches some nice fish on the lure the next couple days. What Hugh really wants is Dorado, and they troll purple and orange/black marauders al day long to no avail. They tossed bait to a marlin surfing along side the boat at least 4 times, but that Marlin just laughed and swam away. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

Oct 4 -- Today the group heads up to Gordo banks to check out some of the huge yellowfin they have been hearing about. There hasn't been as much fish up here, but the size makes up for the numbers. It is Don's turn for the next fish when the reel starts screaming off with one of those big yellows. Now Hugh has his reel loaded with 60 LB test line with some 80 LB spectra, then a 60# top shot. So when they see the size of the yellowfin, they know it is going to be a tough fight. Don was not a wimp. He fought this fish for 2 hours, afraid to put too much strain on the line. The fish never really got more than 100 yards from the boat, but every time the fish would get close it would start circling. One of these times Martin decides to help gaff the fish, then he decides it's not ready yet. Get out of the way Martin. Awhile later Martin sees some Dorado and tries to throw live bait to them. Only to get the live bait line tangled in with Don's yellowfin. Martin, go sit down!!! Maybe there is something to that nickname Bullhead? Finally the third time Don got the fish close to the boat, they are ready to bring it in. 120 LB's. Not a bad afternoon on 60# test. After that long fight they find the yellows again and this time Martin is kept busy, with a nice 80 pounder, and Hugh got himself a 50 pounder. What a great day to spend with friends.

Oct 5 -- This is Day 3 for Hugh Company. They decide to head up the Pacific, for more fish for the dinner table. This time while bringing in the 13 Dorado, they throw live bait and hook up to a nice 120# Striped Marlin. Again it is Don's turn. After all the complaining this morning about how bad his arms hurt after yesterday, he is ready to go at it again. This time he didn't give Bullhead any time to get bored and start messing with stuff. He had the marlin to the boat in 20 minutes, the fish still brown and full of vigor, was released back to Mother Nature. And they got back to the Dorado fishing. Everyone had a great time.


Michael Bates and son Brian. Michael has been waiting on this trip anxiously. He has been e-mailing almost every week asking what's going on and what we are catching. He was supposed to fish on the 5th, but due to an unexpected delay, the fishing trip was changed to the 8th. No one was going to stop this trip. We were worried whether he would get out or not with the approach of Tropical Storm Lane, but the storm stalled about 400 miles south of Cabo, so Michael and Brian got their trip in. They got limits of dorado and threw 3 back, no room in the cooler!!!!

Also they got a 40 lb wahoo and a nice 20 lb yellowfin to fill the freezer. Also they threw back a bunch of skipjack while looking for the yellowfin. What a great day. He is already planning his next trip with his younger son who thinks his big brother always gets everything!!!

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: PISCES FLEET, Cabo San Lucas, October 5, 2000, Tracy Ehrenberg, Reservations Tel 011-52-114-31288; Fax 011-52-114-30588. LOCATION: Gordo Banks, Chileno, Golden Gate, 95 spot, Pozo de Cota. WEATHER CONDITIONS: Good, still hot, clear skies, seas moderate to calm. BEST LURES: Live bait, blue/silver, red/black. AVERAGE WATER TEMP. 83 F.

BILLFISH: What can we say? Fishing is so good right now, due to the sheer numbers of fish being caught, that is for all species combined. Billfish catches were incredible for some, and only "so so" for others, but the feeling is that this could change at any moment, with an increase on blue marlin imminent. Boats ranged far and wide, fishing both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, but top spots were Gordo Banks, Chileno and Golden Gate. We have several anglers worthy of mention this week -- first off, to summarize the catches of Rick Wright and party, from Katy, Texas, whose catches were mentioned last week -- his tally aboard Rebecca for four days came to: 1 blue marlin, 1 swordfish, 1 striped marlin, 2 sailfish, 1 wahoo and and 36 dorado -- more than most people catch in a lifetime. Alan Gahagan from Austin, Texas, fished aboard "Ruthless", for most of the week and wasn't disappointed with his results: 3 blue marlin, ranging in size from 200 to 300 lbs, 2 striped marlin, 13 dorado and 2 tuna. David Perez form South Auburn, Wash. and Rick Feser from Renton, Wash. had an outstanding day aboard, "Karina" catching and releasing three sailfish and one blue marlin, as well as 5 dorado. Andrew Spinks, fished Minerva and was pleased with a 200 lb blue marlin that he released; the following day he boated 5 yellowfin tuna, ranging in size from 15 to 70 lbs. Jimmy Craig, a local skipper, was out on Stimulator and released a nice 450 lb on October 3rd, after it took a live skipjack at Gordo Banks. As you can see the above anglers all did extremely well and you can understand why October is a popular month - most fleets are sold out until the end of the month, so make plans early for next year. Our overall catch success rate this report was 96 percent, with just a few boats getting skunked - even then, they saw fish but just weren't lucky. Pisces anglers caught a total of six blue marlin - three released, seventeen striped marlin, all released and eleven sailfish all released.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado are everywhere and were pretty much a guaranteed catch this week - weights ranged from 15 to 60 lbs, though the average was around 20 lbs. The dorado were voracious taking pretty much anything put into the water. Boats caught from one to eighteen per outing. Yellowfin tuna made a good show this week, but commercial boats moved in, which slowed things down drastically. Those boats that did catch averaged from one to six, ranging in size from 20 to 70 lbs, though most were around 25 lbs. Some wahoo, though they still cannot be said to be numerous, averaging 30 to 50 lbs. The best wahoo of the week was caught by Michael Leach from Lighthouse Point, Fla., aboard "La Brisa", his fish was a beauty and weighed in at 86 lbs.


To: Tracy Ehrenberg

From: Rick and Peggy Wright, Katy, Texas


Thanks for a great week in Cabo!!! We fished four days with Pisces and had fantastic success each day. The trip was highlighted with my first ever Blue Marlin on the last day of fishing. Capt. Roberto and Victor did a great job in finding the fish. I will send several pictures we took during our trip for your photo gallery. I would have liked to send a picture of my swordfish but the picture was not as good as I had hoped. I have detailed the catch of the week below:

Monday 9-18: 18-20 Dorado with our friends, Janis and Benjie Smith from Dallas.

Wed. 9-20: 1 Swordfish, Rick Wright, Katy, Texas; 1 Sailfish (released), Benjie Smith, Dallas; 4-6 Dorados.

Fri. 9-22: 1 Striped Marlin (released) Rick Wright; 1 Sailfish (released), Peggy Wright; 1 Wahoo (released), Rick Wright; 8 Dorado.

Sat. 9-23: 1 Blue Marlin, Rick Wright; 4 Dorado.

Thanks again for a great trip. We are looking forward to our next trip to Cabo and the great fishing you provide. --Rick and Peggy Wright

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: PISCES FLEET, Cabo San Lucas, September 27, 2000, Tracy Ehrenberg, Reservations Tel 011-52-114-31288; Fax 011-52-114-30588. LOCATION: Punta Gorda, Old Lighthouse, Chileno, Vinorama, Chileno, Golden Gate, 95 spot. WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies. Seas choppy on the Pacific and moderate on the Cortez side. AVERAGE WATER TEMP. 86 F. BEST LURES: Live bait, green/yellow combos, red/orange.

BILLFISH: Fishing remains hot here in Cabo San Lucas and all the indicators are here that it will continue to improve. This week we again saw a mixed bag of billfish catches, with sailfish, blue marlin and striped marlin all about even. We had an overall catch success rate of ninety-four percent - those anglers that weren't lucky, were the ones, who chose to forego the guaranteed dorado or sailfish catches and instead chose to head out to slow troll live bait, in pursuit of really big blues. Rick Wright from Texas, who was in our report last week for catching a swordfish and sailfish the same day, stuck around for more good fishing and again scored, aboard the "Rebecca", with a striped marlin release, sailfish release, a wahoo and eight dorado, all on September 22nd. A couple of days later, this same boat, released a 300 lb plus blue, at the Golden Gate. Best day of the week though, was September 26th: Brett Maloney from Lovington, N.M, released a blue marlin aboard "Ruthless" and also boated 17 dorado; Robert Sawtelle, Ed Cannitt and Thomas Gillis, all from Massachusetts, fished "Karina" and released two sailfish, one striped marlin and also had four dorado and a yellowfin tuna. This same day "La Brisa" had three sailfish releases, three yellowfin tuna and four dorado - anglers have been busy! Fish were spread out, so you were just as likely to catch a blue marlin in front of the Old Lighthouse, as at the Gordo Banks. Pisces anglers caught a total of seven blue marlin this week, with all but one released - sizes are from 150 to 320 lbs. We had nine striped marlin, though sizes were pretty small, at around 100 lbs. Fifteen sailfish were released in the 90 to 130 lb range.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado and tuna catches were consistent throughout the week. Catches of dorado at Cabo San Lucas were between one and ten per boat, with sizes ranging from 20 to 60 lbs, with the average around 25 lbs. Found in diverse locations taking both bait and mixed color lures. Yellowfin tuna catches were also spread out, with charters getting from one to six in a day. Those fish caught individually were from 80 to 100 lbs, though caught in numbers averaged 20 to 30 lbs. Mostly caught on lures. Some wahoo this week, but on the slow side. Weights were average at 30 to 50 lbs.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: REEL EASY SPORTFISHING, Cabo San Lucas, October 9, 2000, Mike & Renee Hebert, Reservations/Fax 011-52-114-33579. Hola Gene. Another OK week for the El Chilito and its anglers. Captain Alvaro Gastelum and Mate Tony Winkler reported six outings for the week aboard the El Chilito, for a total number of 21 fish. Eighteen Dorado ( averaging 15 to 25 pounds), Two Striped Marlin (150 & 140 pounds - tagged & released), and one Blue Marlin (280 pounds - tagged & released). Billfish action for the week was mixed between the Cortez and Pacific. Outside temperatures were in the mid to high 90's with water temperatures ranging from 82 to 85 degrees. Until Next Week....Tight Lines!!!!!

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: HOTEL SOLMAR SUITES, Cabo San Lucas, October 6, 2000, Renee Santa Cruz, Reservations Tel 800-344-3349. With weather patterns at Cabo trending this week toward the traditional break from sizzling summer heat to the mid-October run toward the glorious high season months stretching through May. This period saw a lowering of humidity, temperatures, and winds, according to Rene Santa Cruz, manager of the Solmar Sportfishing Fleet.

Fishing hot spots continued to flourish around the Baja horn between Chileno Bay on the Cortez, and the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific, with most Solmar boats fishing within a 8 to 10 mile range; a few boats roaming up to 20 miles off Chileno and La Laguna.

As the first truly qualified fly fishing charter boat skipper in Cabo, Capt. Titi Peralta, who has initiated anglers to the art of deep sea fly fishing, and has been the favorite of many experts with the super light tackle, teamed again with a winning fly rodder. On their first try, Art and Dan Poole, Tampa, FL, caught 2 dorado on flies, and released a sailfish with Titi on the San Lucas V.

Honeymooners Eric and Meghan Hubler, Mansfield, MA, on their first fishing trip, on the 38' Solmar VI, bagged a 300 pound blue marlin on a pink and green lure, 8 miles off Chileno Bay. "Satisfied" was what Randy Stein, Peorria, AZ, was. On one of Solmar's many 28-foot boats, he fished 20 miles off Chileno and scored with one striped marlin, 2 sailfish, 6 dorado and 5 yellowfin tuna. His fish were attracted by blue-green, and orange-red lures.

More than "satisfied" anglers were: John Lanz, McKinleyville, CA, who boated a 80 pound dorado, and yellowfins of 40 and 60 pounds, fishing on the 26' San Lucas IX; and Herman Brusuelas, Garden Grove, CA, who nursed sore arms after catching 30 tuna, and releasing over half of them. Brusuelas fished on the San Lucas VII off La Laguna.

Score for the Solmar fleet during this period was 7 blue marlin, 12 striped marlin. 19 sailfish, 498 dorado, 159 yellowfin tuna, and 2 wahoo. Twenty-six of the billfish were released.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: GAVIOTA FLEET, Cabo San Lucas, October 6, 2000, Larry Edwards, Cortez Yacht Charters, Reservations 619-469-4255. Cabo climate: warm & sunny. Clear skies, temperatures in the 90s. Sea Conditions excellent, temperatures in the 80s. Very little wind and light swell. Best fishing area: from Cabo Falso to Jaime Bank. Best lures/baits: blue's best on artificials, sails and stripers best on live bait. Dorado eager on everything. Tuna taken on both live bait and tuna feathers. According to Leon Sanchez at Gaviota Fleet, the blue marlin and dorado fishing has been excellent, although many of the blues have been smaller fish and released. Largest billfish for the week was a black marlin, taken by angler Dennis Connors, Sunland, Calif., while fishing aboard the Eagle I. The 700-pound trophy was taken on 80 pound test and took an hour and 45 minutes to land. As for yellowfin tuna, angler Steve Dountz, Columbus, Ohio, captured a 200 pound trophy while fishing aboard the Gaviota V, with Captain Ozzie Montano. Overall fish counts reflected 8 blue marlin (6 released), 15 striped marlin (8 released), 29 sailfish (24 released), 55 yellowfin tuna and 157 dorado.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: BAJA ANGLERS, Cabo San Lucas, October 6, 2000, Grant Hartman, Reservations 888-588-3446. Hi Folks, Fall is my favorite time in Cabo. It's when the dorado, tuna, and marlin come out to play. We are starting this season out with some very good fishing. Dorado are still our main catch. The dorado are holding close to shore and can be found in the Pacific and Sea of Cortez side. Most fish are under 20-lbs, but a few big ones up to 60-lbs can be found here and there. Yellowfin Tuna fishing is okay right now, but the big schools of the "football" sized fish are not here yet. Conventional fisherman that are targeting them are picking up between 2 and 6 fish a day between 15 and 80-lbs. The yellowfins should start arriving in numbers in a few weeks, then it's just a short ride out to the Arch for fun filled morning catching these strong speedy bruisers on the fly. The sailfish are still here and some days you can get multiple shots at them. Most fish are under a hundred pounds, but a few larger fish up to 150 lbs were brought into the dock. We have had some striped marlin action. It's a bit early to see stripers here, but they are always a welcome sight. Normally the stripers start arriving in Cabo in November and stay here until late June. Blue marlin fishing has been right on. The smaller fish under 200 lbs are widely spread out, but the big boys over 400 lbs are hanging out at the banks.

The weather has started to cool off and it's in the low 90's. The seas are a bit choppy on the Pacific side from a brisk west wind, but the sea of Cortez side has been like a lake. Water temperatures are from 84 to 86 degrees

DORADO: Plenty of fish, just a little ways out of the harbor. They are great fun on a fly rod!

WAHOO: A few, but where the heck are they?

JACK CREVALLE: The jack fishing is usually slow during the summer months and will pick back up in the fall.

TUNA: All around, and some nicer fish offshore and on the banks.

SAILFISH: Not bad, more numbers than I have seen in a while. Just start looking for them a few hundred yards offshore.

MARLIN (Blues & Blacks): Plenty of fish around. The banks are the best bet.

STRIPED MARLIN: They are here a bit early, but no one's complaining.

CUBERA SNAPPER: Gone until next fall.

ROOSTERFISH: Some fish still around, They will start to show up in Novemeber.

SHARKS: Inshore shark fishing is just picking up. In the summer months I generally have very good shark fishing. I wish more guys would target them. A big blue can be like a railroad engine fast, but a steady pull that will make you wish for a bigger rod. Makos are just plain awesome.

SKIPJACK & BONITO: Slow on flies right now, but you can pick up half a dozen on lures.

SPANISH MACKEREL: Gone until next fall.

A timeless reminder Baja Anglers proudly supports a catch & release policy on all billfish and all roosterfish, with the exception of world record-potentials.



SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: GORDO BANKS PANGAS, San Jose del Cabo, October 8, 2000, Eric Brictson, Reservations 800-408-1199; Fax 619-447-4098; 011-52-114-21147. Crowds of visiting anglers continuing to pour into Southern Baja and the majority of sportfishing fleets are very busy now. The weather has been cooperative for the most part, only a couple of days where there was some wind from out of the northeast and until the weekend the ocean was comfortable. On Saturday and Sunday the remnants of Hurricane Keith that had hit the Yucatan and then mainland Mexico made its way across land and into the Sea of Cortez, bringing with it some thunder storms, more rainfall and also kicked up the ocean swell. The water has been nice and blue and continues to average between 84 and 86 degrees. The most consistent fishing areas out of San Jose have been from the Gordo Banks to Iman Bank, where anglers have found mixed action on yellowfin tuna, dorado, sailfish, marlin, rainbow runners, amberjack and wahoo. The wahoo are the fish that probably have created the most excitement the past week, as they have finally moved onto the fishing grounds in large enough numbers to actually target them. The fish have been weighing anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds and are striking trolled lures in the area of the Iman Bank, both Marauders and skirted lures are working and the bite has not necessarily been early, with more strikes coming later on in the mornings than at first daylight. For the pangas that have been specifically targeting the wahoo they have been reporting from one to three fish per outing, along with loosing just as many strikes.

It has been a pleasant surprise that these fish have been hitting the lures so well early in the season and it will now be time to catch some chihuil off of the Inner Gordo Bank and motor north to Iman and see how they react to the live bait. The dorado bite has slowed down compared to how it had been but they are still being caught in decent quantities, though most of them are now under ten pounds. There are some larger bulls up to 25 pounds that have occasionally been landed. The location for the dorado has not seemed to matter, as they are being found throughout the region, from close to shore to the outside Banks. Pangeros are also reporting some nice sized rainbow runners, with some even weighing up to 15 pounds. They were hitting the live sardinas, which were abundant off the beach of Desteladera. The sardinas have also been working well for the yellowfin tuna and dorado. Some anglers even were lucky enough to land wahoo while fishing with the sardinas on light mono, without the use of wire leader. The tuna were mostly in the 10 pound class but also everyday there were several that topped the scales at fifty pounds. On the Gordo Banks off San Jose del Cabo the bite has been on the slow side but some nice ones are still there, including a couple of fish that passed the hundred pound mark, but anglers are having to work hard for them. These larger tuna have been taken on chunk bait, chihuil and bolito. The bite on the marlin did slow up after being so hot last week but several were reported this week out of La Playita. One large striped marlin of 193 pounds was taken and another big black of over 500 pounds was landed, they hit on trolled skipjack on the Gordo Banks. Good Fishing, Eric.



EAST CAPE, MEXICO: BAJA ON THE FLY, Buena Vista, October 7, 2000, Gary Graham, Reservations Tel 800-919-2252; Fax 760-746-7260. TEMPERATURES: High of 84 with a low of 75; with the water temperatures in the mid 80's. BLUE MARLIN - If you want to try one on the fly, now is the time. STRIPED MARLIN - Still in short supply. YELLOWFIN TUNA - Continues to be good with several different areas producing good catches. DORADO - Shark buoys at Punta Pescadero and in front of Punta Colorado producing good catches of fish up to 50 pounds. SAILFISH - Plenty of volume and a great time to try with the flyrod. ROOSTERFISH - Several larger fish taken directly in front of Rancho Leonero. JACK CREVALLE - Lots of jacks and ladyfish feeding along the shore at gray light near Los Pinos. BARRILLETE OR MEXICAN SKIPJACK - A few mixed in with the tuna. PARGO AND CABRILLA - Plenty of smaller ones near the shore feeding on sardinia. OFFSHORE: While we have had some rain this week at East Cape , it certainly not dampened the bite. Tuna, dorado and billfish have provided good action most of the week. INSHORE: Several different spots of tuna being found each morning just a few miles from the hotels. BEACH: Despite the rain, the beach has improved immensely. QUICK COMMENT - Use a fly tied with pearl angel hair body, chartreuse angel hair back and black angel hair on top, cast out on a 300 grain shooting head, let sink to a 5 count, strip and hang on for dear life because chances are you will be attached to 20 pounds of pure muscle headed straight for the bottom. Mike Robrahan, fly tier from Livermore, Calif., using the fly described above landed a number of dorado and tuna doing just that together with Doug Brutocao, owner of Doug's Bugs. Glenn Oclassen and his group of four limited out for three days on dorado and tuna; and also caught several sails this week.

As far as the beach goes, Robrahan, Brutocao, and guide Andre Farr and I had extraordinary fishing this morning (10/11) near Los Pinos. All of us caught more a dozen fish from gray light to 7:30. Glenn Star's angel hair Clouser was the hot ticket, attracting ladyfish, jacks (three different varieties), Mexican lookdown and pargo. Several days ago I caught a 15.1-pound toro (the "bull" is our name for jack crevalle) in 12-inches of water on my way to Rancho Leonero to meet clients. So, take your pick, beach, inshore, offshore it just doesn't get much better!

And, finally, if you'd like to see some great pictures of where we fish, one of the East Cape hotels we use and read about a terrific trip, be sure to get the Nov./Dec. issue of Fly Rod & Reel Magazine. -Gary

Buena Vista, October 7, 2000. TEMPERATURES: High of 93 with a low of 75; with the water temperatures in the high 80's. BLUE MARLIN - One to four bites a day are not uncommon. STRIPED MARLIN - Only an occasional one caught. YELLOWFIN TUNA - Slowed down somewhat, but still great fishing. DORADO - Cabo Pulmo has been producing some bonanza fishing throughout the morning. SAILFISH - 5-6 shots a day are not uncommon. ROOSTERFISH - Several larger fish taken directly in front of Rancho Leonero. JACK CREVALLE - Lots of jacks and ladyfish feeding along the shore at gray light. BARRILLETE OR MEXICAN SKIPJACK - A few mixed in with the tuna. PARGO AND CABRILLA - A few smaller fish the week. OFFSHORE: Calm seas with little wind produced good fishing with a dozen shots at billfish a day being the norm. INSHORE: Cabo Pulmo has produced great action for the boats that have waited it out in the mornings. Dorado, tuna, skipjack, in double digits are not uncommon. Even a few wahoo have been coming through the chum line slicing and dicing as they go. BEACH: Water has finally cleared up and the fishing has improved daily. QUICK COMMENT -The Bathesda Foundation (charity) finished their trip and all agreed it was one of the best they had ever experienced. Everyone in the group, some of whom had never before had a flyrod in their hand, managed to land fish on the fly tackle. Double digit dorado were common during the week, as well as tuna to 65 pounds. This is probably the best group trip in numbers/variety of fish caught in the nine year history of Baja on the Fly. Glenn Oclassen, of Mill Valley, Calif., came down with three friends and picked up where Bethesda left off, landing tuna, dorado, skipjack, jack crevalle, and pargo until they said "uncle" and agreed to get back to the hotel pool.

Buena Vista, October 5, 2000. TEMPERATURES: High of 93 with a low of 75; with the water temperatures in the high 80's. BLUE MARLIN - A few fish caught or lost each day. STRIPED MARLIN - Only an occasional one caught. YELLOWFIN TUNA - WIDE OPEN!. DORADO - Some fish to 30 pounds in open water and few schoolies mixed in with the tuna.. SAILFISH - 5-6 shots a day are not uncommon. ROOSTERFISH - Only a few fish taken. JACK CREVALLE - In front of Rancho Buena Vista to La Capilla the smaller jacks have been putting on a good show early morning. BARRILLETE OR MEXICAN SKIPJACK - A few mixed in with the tuna. PARGO AND CABRILLA - Several fish in the 8-10 pound class in front of Punta Colorada. OFFSHORE: Calm seas with little wind produced good fishing with a dozen shots at billfish a day being the norm. INSHORE: La Ribera and Punta Pescadero producing excellent catches to 55 pounds. BEACH: Water has finally cleared up and the fishing has improved daily. QUICK COMMENT -The Bathesda Foundation annual fundraiser has been here since Sun. and participants have experienced some of the best fishing of the year. Limits of tuna, dorado, multiple sailfish, pargo, roosterfish and one blue caught and another spooled an unsuspecting angler before he could say a word.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: RANCHO BUENA VISTA, Buena Vista, October 7, 2000, Tamara Moyeous, Reservations 800-258-8200. Nice weather, hot days, and water temperature in the 70s resulted in great fishing. Twenty-one East Cape fishing boats caught a total of 137 fish this week. They included one striper, 2 blue marlin, 6 sailfish, 92 dorado, 22 tuna, 1 wahoo, and 13 skipjack. It was a lucky week for California fishermen as Johk Opdyke of Los Angeles caught 6 sailfish and 6 dorado. Peter Blackman of Santa Monica caught pez vela and dorado. Jay Wood of Hermosa Beach caught tuna and dorado.

Buena Vista, September 30, 2000. Slow week with only three days fishing. The weather is clear and hot. Water temps are in the 70's. 79 fish caught, 3 stripers, 3 sails, 32 dorado, 39 tuna and 2 wahoo. That's all for now. Till next week, best regards, Tami

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: BUENA VISTA BEACH RESORT, Buena Vista, week ending October 8, 2000, Axel Valdez, Reservations 800-752-3555. Boats out: 79. Weather Temperature: Mid 80´s - Low 90`s. Water Temperature: 79°- 85°. Catch record (kept/released): Blue Marlin 3/8; Striped Marlin 1/2; Sailfish 10/61; Dorado 173/147; Shark 1/1; Tuna 199/53; Roosterfish 2/2; Wahoo 4/4; Trumpet fish; Skip Jack 0/54; Bass/Grouper; Jack Crevalle 0/18; Red Snapper 5/7; Needlefish 0/3; Pompano; Triggerfish 0/1.

Water Temperature: Normal water temperature for the fall, averaging 80 degrees. Also the rain has helped to bring floating things into the ocean, helping create a living cycle, specially where you find the dorados. . Weather Temperature: Weather temperature is in the low to mid 90´s.

Fishing Spots and Distance: Early in the week our fleet was mainly fishing north. Fishing was very good for sailfish and blue marlin with some dorados. To the south, it was good for tuna, La Ribera and Cabo Pulmo were good for football sized tuna and Los Frailes for the big tunas. Successful lures: Chivato (orange/yellow), Purpuras (purple/black), green/black and they are also trying the petrolero (black/orange). Best pick of the week for dorado, small lures green/black. Bait Used: Sardine is what is bringing the tuna and dorado up to bite, but our captains are also getting a lot of the caballito and little jacks because of the sails in the area, sometime being able to bait the big blues.

Highlights of the Week: This past weekend we hosted Chuy´s 4th Annual catch and release Fishing Tournament. We had great fishing, there were several blues, lots of sailfish and even a few striped marlin, with dorado and tuna also. The winning angler got three blue marlin on the first day of the tournament.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: RANCHO LEONERO, Bahia de Palmas, October 8, 2000, John Ireland and Roy Baldwin, Reservations 800-646-2252; Hotel 011-52-114-10216. Awesome conditions continue, with daytime highs about 90, evening lows near 70, calm seas with water temp around 86 deg. The incredible tuna bite continues on, with limits of fish from footballers to over 50 lbs located off Los Barriles, La Ribera, Cabo Pulmo and Los Frailes, taking mostly live sardinas. The dorado bite remains unchanged, with schools of fish averaging 15-20 lbs spread all over the bay, with some larger fish to 40 lbs outside mixed in with the billfish, taking live sardinas, cedar plugs and marlin lures. The billfish bite has gone ballistic, with blue marlin from 300 to 500 lbs taken daily, and multiple sailfish hookups common (1 boat released 9 sails), with billfish located throughout the bay from 2 miles on out, with live bait and green/black trolled lures working best. The wahoo action continues, with fish averaging 30-40 lbs (largest 60 lbs) located within a mile of the beach, from Cabo Pulmo to Los Frailes, taking live bait, rapalas, and marauders. Lots of sierra and some pargo were taken inshore, with the sierra taking hoochies, while the pargo preferred live sardinas. The roosterfish bite has returned, with fish to 25 lbs taking live sardinas and caballitos off area beaches from Leonero to the lighthouse.

PGA caddies Jimmy Johnson and Steve Kay, from Texas & North Carolina, while fishing 1 day on a panga and 1 day on a cruiser, took a 300 lb and a 500 lb blue marlin, daily limits of dorado, tuna to 50 lbs, sailfish, roosters and amberjacks.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: EAST CAPE SPORT FISHING, Los Barriles, October 11, 2000, Dave Dixon and Gil Mendiaz, Reservations 800-837-1556; Fax 805-493-5446. This week's report can be summed up by one word: TUNA. They're everywhere! Fish from 15-80 lbs. are eating just about anything that hits the water: trolling jigs, hoochies, yo-yos, bait, on the surface and deep. The best spots have been outside of Frailes and Punta Pescadero, but yellowfin can be found just about anywhere. Dorado have been relatively scarce, except for those heading south to Meganos, which has also produced a few wahoo. No report on billfish, though it's almost certain the big blue and black marlin are hanging around feeding on smaller yellowfin. Also no inshore report, just because nobody has been fishing there.

Weather has been very good, slighly overcast and cool with a few showers. The cloud cover has made it tough to get good water temperature readings, but from what we can see it looks like there are 85-88 degree breaks all up the coast, which may explain the widespread yellowfin schools.

Los Barriles, October 5, 2000. With the storm season passed and an abundance of clear warm water in the area, the story on the East Cape is the rebound in billfishing. Sailfish are abundant, with most boats getting multiple hookups, and big blue marlin also in the mix. But it gets better: dorado are everywhere, most fish coming in the 20-30 lb range, and the unbelievable tuna bite has gotten even better, with fish of 100+ lbs. taken regularly. In short, it's wide open!

As usual, this incredible activity can be traced to water temperatures. SST maps are currently showing considerable variation in the region. In particular a large body of 90+ degree water has moved slowly northward over the past week. It is currently located roughly east of Frailes, with the first substantial temperature break about 5 miles out. This hotspot covers roughly 10 miles E to W, and 20 S to N. We see considerable temperature variation within the hot spot, indicating lots of water movement (read: bait aplenty). It's big, it's active, and it's holding fish. There's also interesting breaks farther to the north extending from the East side of Isla Cerralvo more or less due E. Though most boats are hitting the big tuna and billfish bites in the south, the northern area is holding lots of dorado and sailfish as well. We recommend heading north if you want a shot at the bigger bulls.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Gary Furness of Santa Rosa, CA fished three days aboard the Alma Rosa III, and had this to report: "Boy, what a nice trip! Beautiful weather, not too warm, and flat seas for all 3 days. Day 1: 2 sailfish, 1 dorado, 6 tuna with 5 between 45-80 lbs (and this was the slow day). Day 2: 1 sailfish, "only" 3 tuna, but one on 25 lb test (never again), 2 hrs 5 minutes 125 lb and one on 50 lb at 145 lb. Day 3: 5 dorado to 30 lb, 5 out of 6 six sailfish, all released, one 100 lb, others 60-80 lb, and one last ass-kicking from a big blue, 250 kg (not my estimate). Best of luck in Tuna tournament. Was great to fish with Abraham/Bocha again."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: HOTELS PALMAS DE CORTEZ, PLAYA DEL SOL, PUNTA COLORADA, East Cape, October 9, 2000, reported by Dave "Smokey" Manuel, East Cape Smokehouse, Hotel Reservations, 800-368-4334. MID-WEEK 10/3 - 10/5: Our famous fall weather is here! Pleasant nights in the upper 70's, with not much need for air conditioning anymore and beautiful calm sunny days, perhaps a tad on the warm side, but certainly comfortable once again. Combine that with the greenery of the surrounding hills from the recent rains and you've got nearly picture perfect days to go fishing. And when you go, there's plenty to catch. Good bites continue up and down the East Cape on Dorado in the 8-18lb class and on Tuna, which are ranging anywhere from 8lbs to over a 100lbs. Sailfish action also continued to be strong with many boats returning with catches of 3 to 5 Sails. The only thing to add to the past weekends report is some increased activity on Wahoo. 14 Wahoo were caught on the 66 charters that reported in the past three days, which is a better average than the past few weeks has produced. Most of the action is from the Lighthouse area and on South past Frailes on wire leader Marauders and Rapalas, but a few skippers got lucky on trolled lures running mono also. Sizes on the Hoo are in the 30lb to 70lb range.

WEEKEND 10/6 - 10/9: So much for our famous fall weather! After a tranquil first week of October, we received a slap in the face Saturday, when the wind started blowing, the rain started falling and the Sea of Cortez started frothing. Believe it or not, it was the remnants of an Atlantic side hurricane that crossed over the mainland of Mexico with just enough gas to stir things up here on the East Cape. Pretty unusual and also unexpected! Most boats headed back early in the day, many however didn't make it back before the coastline got ugly. Several anglers had to wait out the storm swells just off shore, as it became to risky to try to disembark people in the waves at the dock. By the end of the day, things calmed back down, everyone made it back on shore safely and a few people had good "it was so rough" fishing stories to take back home with them. The storm also prevented yours truly the chance to talk to skippers at the dock, so the report numbers above do not include Saturday. Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish were the most popular attraction this past weekend. The numbers on Dorado significantly dropped. Tuna continue to cover a wide size range, many bites producing footballs and many other producing consistent sizes in the 20's to 50's. The best bet for 40's and 50's has been South of Frailes, off Los Meganos Blancos, which refers to the area of barren white sand dunes along the coastline. Best bet there and at most other bites was live Sardines. Smaller Tuna were found in many other spots, including good bites just off shore of Rancho Leonero and North off Punta Pescadero. Most of the Tuna from these bite were at 20 lbs and under. The Dorado action slowed and what there was was mostly small stuff in the 8-12 lb range mixed in with Tuna. Most charters returned with a couple, two or three, but very few with the big numbers we've been seeing. A few Blues continue to be found, but most of the billfish action is on Sails. I looked back at last years numbers and the best week for Sailfish was November 5-11th, so perhaps we're on schedule to repeat that. Nearly a one per boat average with 59 being caught or released on the 72 charters I received numbers from. Many are being found straight East of Los Barriles and farther North off Punta Pescadero; other skippers are reporting action off the Punta Colorada to Lighthouse area. Best bet for hooking a Sailfish is live bait.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: EL CARDONAL'S HIDEAWAY, El Cardonal, October 11, 2000, Eddy, Reservations 011-52-114-10040. Last week on two days of super panga fishing, 2 sails released, 1 marlin brought in, 22 tunas and 6 dorados. One day fishing from our 14-foot aluminum boat with 15-hp engine, 2 sails released, 10 tuna and 2 dorados brought in. The road from Los Barriles to El Cardonal: As you exit Los Barriles there is a lot of construction activity but very easy to tgravel. Hard surface, no washboard. After approximately 3.5 km, there is a turn off to get back on the old coast road. At that point there is our sign "El Cardonal's Hide-A-Way." That indicates a right turn and 10 miles to go. The old road has never been so nice because the contractor has his trucks on it, carrying dirt, so there is practially no washboard because they pass the grader every week. After Punta Pescadero some washboard but nothing bad. When you get close to El Cardonal watch out for topes where there are houses.



LA PAZ, MEXICO: JONATHAN ROLDAN'S ADVENTURE SERVICES, La Paz, October 8, 2000, Jonathan Roldan, Tel 626-333-3355; Fax 626-333-0115; Pager 323-349-8111; Message Pager 877-310-7734. Truly one of the most outstanding weeks of solid fishing I have had here all season! It has just been unbelievable. As I write this, it's a little cloudy and there's been a storm around the lower East Cape and Cabo that dropped some rain, but for the last week, it couldn't have been more awesome.

Have fished all week with my amigo, Bob Duncan from Santa Barbara who always comes down to fish with me this time of year along with Roland Winkler and his lady, Martie from Chatsworth and Bob Sayre and his pal Steve, from Chicago. Always a great group. Spent the first 3 days fishing out of the Las Arenas Resort and seriously, pescadores, I have not seen this kind of fish rage all season there and it has already been a helluva season! Had we not pulled off some of the bites, it would easily have been a 20-40 hookup day for each panga. Tuna and dorado were no more than 200 yards in front of the hotel with tuna up to 50 pounds and slashing dorado schools up to 20 pounds. Bob and I pulled up on buoys which have been dead all season. Not a single boat around and totally flat oceans. Trolling a few baits, the water literally exploded. Within 2 hours we had limits of tuna and dorado and had released twice as many as we caught. For two days, Bob and I were the only ones on the buoy. The water conditions were so clear that 30 feet down you could see your bait and the tuna schools swimming around down there and since the surface was so calm, porpoising dorado fins up top 50 yards away. Any bait in the water was an immediate bendo! Boats also took tuna, wahoo, dorado and sails at Punta Sur and in front of Punta Perrico as well. The fish cleaning station was plugged for hours each day.

On the 4th and 5th days we moved the group over to La Concha Beach Resort in La Paz to fish out of the Bay. Over the past 3 weeks the bite on the big tuna has been phenomenal, but the dorado seemed to have moved on after an outstanding season. Well, about 2 miles east of Punta Lobos on the east side of Espiritu Santo Island, a slow trolled bait it about all it took to bring big dorado up and these fish were all quality fish in the 20-40 pound range with the occasional sailfish hook up as well. Again, the bite was so WFO that after an hour and a half, we stopped to troll for big marlin with limits of big dorado already in the box. At the end of the day, we dropped baits inside at Punta Lobos and up came the footballs to burn off the remainder of the bait with yellofin boiling all around the boat. Seems to be the best bite of the season just when we thought it was over!

By the way, more on the Aero California "legend." With as many times as I fly back and forth with them, I thought I'd heard it all. We were all boarded including getting my friend, Roland Winkler onto the airplane who is in a wheelchair. Everyone is seated and plane is about to taxi off. Pilot comes on. . ."Uh, ladies and gentlemen, we apologize, but we put you all on the WRONG airplane. We will have to ask you all to de-plane!" Unbelievable.

Am off on a catamaran for the next week fishing and diving the islands. Will have more fresh reports when I'm back.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: HOTEL LAS ARENAS, Punta Arena de la Ventana, October 11, 2000, Linda Glassman-Davis, Reservations 888-644-7376. Captain's: Efren, Romeo, Ramon Green, Tolon, CHuy, Fidel, M. Salvador, Loreto, Johnny, Daniel, Jorge, Luciano, Beto, Guicho, zapata and Ramon Lucero.

This week's catches have contiued to be outstanding!! A little bit of rain couldn't dampen the spirit as numbers continue to climb for record yellowfin and dorado catches this season!. Ninety Dorado, largest 65 pounds; 1 sailfish, 95 pounds; 121 yellowfin tuna, 95 pounds; 2 amberjack, 15 pounds; 6 wahoo, 35 pounds.

The Los Angeles Safari Club had such a great time and success that they are already booking for next year. Thanks to everyone there who made hosting their group a pleasure! Gracias.

Don't forget our 4th night free all winter......Come and do some pargo and cabrilla fishing in the winter months.



LORETO, MEXICO: CHILI PUNTA FLEET, Loreto, October 9, 2000, John "Bubba" Parker and Fishmanmark, Tel 925-449-4554; Fax 925-456-2252. Well gang, I think the Dorado have made their way back out to the Pacific. But, not without giving us a great year of fishing. Looks like those that did not make it down this year will have to look for next year to get their share of the Mahi Mahi. There are still a few being caught on the East side of Carmen Island around Punta Perico but they are small in size and scarce.

On the other hand, we have caught the first of the Yellowtails this week and it looks to be a good year for fishing in Loreto all together. Our first yellow was only 25 lbs but we took two more later in the week in the 30 lb range.

No Yellowfin in sight this week, but there are still a few Sails left to the north. Roosterfish are still being caught in the San Bruno area weighing in at 15-25 lbs with an occasional 30 lb fish taken. The Pargo are definitely hitting with good size and the Cabrilla is starting to bite also. The Sierra have made their way in and it looks to me like they're in good numbers. Bonita are starting to show up, and the size is good. Unlike in years past, they were so small.

The weather has been good, with calm glassy waters until the afternoon hours when the breezes start to pick up. The temps are beautiful and it is still a little humid. Bait is very plentiful with large Mackerel still showing up in the hole and sold at the marina for 1 dollar each. Mucho sardines available and Squid is still available also for those who wish to catch them.

Looks like there's a lot of fun for those who wish to come down, so pack up and visit us. Bubba.

LORETO, MEXICO: ARTURO'S SPORT FISHING, Loreto, October 6, 2000, Arturo Susarrey, Reservations Tel 011-52-113-50766; Fax 011-52-113-50022. WEATHER: We have been enjoying very good calm weather. In spite of Autumn, hot weather is still here. DORADO: They don't want to leave Loreto's waters . There are not the same numbers as 10 days ago, but the boats are coming back with 3 fish per boat approx. And the regular size is 18 lbs. This week the boat Arturo's II with Antonio Aguiar as a captain caught the best one with 42 lbs. There are not too many like this one in the area. I think that dorados will be here only a few days more. SAILFISH: Occasionally there are some of them in the same areas as the dorado. ROOSTERFISH: There are in a good number to the east of Carmen Island and to the north of Loreto in Punta Mangle, the regular size is 16 lbs. and the best size is 30 lbs. YELLOWTAIL: They are already here but not too big. They are to the north of Loreto in San Bruno, Punta Mangle and Pulpito, good numbers of them are biting with mackerel and squid on the bottom. Weight between 10 to 12 lbs. Some of the boats came back with 6 fish. BAIT: Available for $1.00 each, or you can catch it at Coronado Island.

LORETO, MEXICO: EL FUERTE SPORT FISHING, Puerto Escondido, October 4, 2000, Ty Miller, Reservations Tel 714-775-6658; Fax: 714-755-3501; Loreto 011-52-113-30863. Hola amigos. Water temp: 87 deg. Temp: 97. Winds: light. Sea state: flat. Dorado are still hanging around off the backside of Isla Carmen towards Pt. Perico. Fish are suspending under the scumline that seems to be holding in that area for the time being. Water surface temperature is pushing 87 degrees so I don't expect to see a lot of fish working up on top. Typically when it's this warm the fish tend to hang out in a cooler comfort zone which can be anywhere from 30 to 100 feet below the surface. We fished a scumline the other day and had fish come up to the boat but for only a short time and then it was back to their happy zone. The Dorado that we caught were in the 12 to 15 pound class, although I did see a few breezing by the boat that could have gone twenty pounds. A few 30 pound class fish have been reported here and there, but are few and far between. Things have definitely slowed down on the Dorado bite, but we are still hoping that the majority of the fish are still north and soon will be making their way back to Loreto.

The billfish bite has also declined with a few Sailfish mixing in with the Dorado. Like I mentioned, the surface temperature is going to keep us from seeing any tailing fish at this time and I would have to say it's going to have to cool down a little before we see our striped and possibly blue/black marlin show their faces anytime soon.

Bait has been very cooperative with green Macks and now Spanish Macks showing up at both Isla Danzante and the deep bait hole off the backside of Isla Carmen. In both spots there are Sardines holding anywhere from the surface to around 100 feet.

Well it's great to be back and I am looking forward to an awesome fall/winter season with the hopes of some Yellowfin tuna and Wahoo making their way to our favorite spots off Isla Catalan. It sounds like the fishing is hot out of San Diego at this time so if I were you I would take advantage of that if you haven't already! There is not that much going on just yet down here, but stand-by because we all know that this great Sea of Cortez down here can break wide open at anytime!

Hasta Luego! Ty Miller

LORETO, MEXICO: BAJA BIG FISH COMPANY, Loreto, October 9, 2000, Pam Bolles, Reservations Tel/Fax 011-52-113-50448. We're having some very hot weather right now. At least it feels that way...highs are in the high 90's (F) with humidity from 50-59%. The morning lows are at least bearable being in the low 70's (F). There have finally been some afternoon and evening breezes due to nearby storm activity and that's been giving us a welcome break from the heat. The skies have been clear up until this weekend when we had a day of overcast weather yesterday (10/8). Today it is partly cloudy. There is localized storm activity to the South and North of us as well as over the mainland to the East. Winds are still prevailing from the South (light) but they're doing a change and will continue to do so throughout the month. The seas have been very calm this past week. A couple of days this week we had complete glass. Winds are picking up in the afternoons, building up some swells. Even with the storms in the evenings all around us (but not over us), we're experiencing calm water.

The Dorado fishing is thinning out but it is still good for this time of year. The fish are still holding to the North from San Bruno to San Basilio. They are mainly being caught by trolling live mackerel but I would suggest breaking away from the rest of the "pack" and trolling some feathers to cover more water thus hedging your bets. Most of the fish are typically in the 15-20 pound range, but there are some larger ones coming in on occasion (40+ pounds). We haven't seen the last of the Dorado yet. They'll move in closer to town as they migrate out of the area and they haven't done that yet. They're just swimming deep and you have to look harder for them now.

Offshore Billfish. There are still Sailfish out there both to the North and to the South. The fish to the North are smaller, from 60-80 pounds, and being landed in the same locations as the Dorado. The fish to the South, off Punta Baja, are larger from 80-100 pounds. They are being taken on trolled live mackerel, but I would suggest trolling feathers to get their attention. Pink is the hot color.

Yellowtail: We're seeing Yellowtail in pretty good numbers now. There are amall firecrackers in the 12-15 pound range to the North off Las Almejas and San Bruno. The commercial fleet keyed in on them last week and now the sportfishers are following suit. To the South a few miles off Punta Baja, I'm hearing that much larger fish are coming in with good frequency. I'm talking 37 pounders! That's large for this early in the season. The fish are schooling deep in both locations at about 150-200 feet. The water is calm and it would be fun to jig up some of these fish right now.

Yellowfin Tuna: None reported, but I'm waiting for them with open chopsticks as I've stocked wasabi and soy sauce in the tackle shop!

Bonita and Skipjack: There are lots of Bonita near and just to the North of Isla Coronado. They are schooling in various sizes from 1-15 pounds. The fly anglers are having a blast with them and the light tackle spin fisherman can also take advantage of their power. Bring along that bass rod if you're coming down as this is just ONE species you'll have a chance at landing on light tackle.

Other Species: There are so many Cabrilla out there you can practically walk the surface of the water on their backs! Again, a light tackle angler's dream. That bass rod will land you plenty of small sized Cabrilla (sea bass), and they behave very similarly to freshwater bass. Their favorite food is the sardine and if you can find a lure similar to one all the better. They'll take chrome spoons, swim baits, and cast lightweight surface jigs. Live and chunked bait will work well too. They'll pounce on your lure from their rocky den and try to take their "prey" back with them. Just keep them pointed towards the boat or you'll lost them. They will weigh from 5-20 pounds. You'll also find some very nice sized barred pargo off Punta Baja. A couple of anglers reported fish from 15-20 pounds in broad daylight off the sandy southern beach with the two palm trees (which turns to rocky reef where you'll want to be fishing for them). I usually catch big ones like that at night and I'm tempted to go there soon myself. I would try trolling a small Rapala or a Yo-Zuri crystal minnow to get their attention. The anglers I spoke to were trolling live macks.

Bait: You can readily buy bait off the marina. Live bait is $1/ea (U.S.) for live Mackerel and Caballitos. There are plenty of squid that you can catch before you head out to the fish.



BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: CAMP GECKO, Bahia de los Angeles, October 10, 2000, Abraham Vazquez, Tel 011-52-515-19454; Fax 011-52-665-03206 (goes to Guillermo's). Air temperature 88-72. Winds out of the west at night, and out of the southeast during the day. Humidity 75%. Right now, seas moderate during the day wind. Water temperature still very warm 82-78. Fishing at Bahia de los Angeles has made a turn for the better with the hot spot still the same place (northeast of Smith Island) but now the yellowtail are in the 20 pound range with an occasional 5 pound rat mixed in. Catches have been good with up to 20 yellowtail per boat and of much better size. All caught yo-yoing with blue and whites. Rest of the fishing still slow. San Borja Mission fiesta still taking place. Road conditions excellent. Gasoline $2.75 per gallon.



SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: TONY REYES FISHING TOURS, 6-day Midriff Islands trip aboard the panga mothership, Jose Andres, October 10, 2000, Exclusive booking agent, The Longfin, 714-538-8010. Tony Reyes boat the, Jose Andres, just returned from a chartered trip led by chartermaster John Chow from Santa Ana. They had 82 to 83 degree water temperature and fished the Salsipuedes and Isla Partida islands the first part of the trip and fished Cardonosa Island and Refugio bay the last part of the trip. 197 yellowtails, 154 bass, 82 cabrilas, 9 red snappers, 7 dorados, 6 broomtail groupers, 5 white sea bass to 60 lbs., 5 sheepshead, 1 grouper.

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: JIG STOP TOURS, 6-day trips aboard the mothership, Captain Villegas, October 6, 2000, Larry Burson, Reservations Tel 949-496-0960; 800-521-2281; Fax 949-496-1384. This was a special trip, limited to 18 passengers (2 per Panga) and sponsored by Jig Stop Tackle, with prizes donated by Tady Lures, Gamakatsu hooks & bait rigs, P-Line, Newell Reels, Pack Hawk rods and Action Lures. I hosted this group myself so I can give a first hand report.

The group scored 300 Yellowtail, mostly 18 to 30 lbs, 71 Cabrilla, 9 Pargo, 8 Dorado to 26 lbs, and 2 Roosterfish at 48 lbs and 51 lbs.

The ship went directly from San Felipe to Isla Salsipuedes, just north of Isla San Lorenzo , where we filled the tanks with bait on the 3:00 a.m. Monday arrival. We fished the reefs nearby at North San Lorenzo for a great day of Yellowtail fishing. Each panga scored from 7 to 23 big Yellowtail for a total of 93. The next day we fished South San Lorenzo for a total of 98 Yellowtail. The next day was split between south San Lorenzo and Isla San Esteban for a total of 101 Yellows. Dorado were scattered in all three areas, sometimes showing very close to shore. One 16 lb Dorado was caught from the anchored mothership during lunch time. Trolled pink Sea Rascals got the most Dorado. The rest were mostly on live Mackerel. Cabrilla were seen feeding along the shores and would readily take a live bait or a Tady 45 light jig. The best color was all white or blue & white. Tady 4/0 heavy in blue & white scored well on big Yellowtail, while Chrome was best for all species. The new Mirrolure 111 in Hot Pink produced both Yellowtail and Cabrilla, and one Dorado that ate it all the way to the knot.

Two giant Roosterfish were boated at Enchanted Islands, just off San Luis Gonzaga, on the last day. No one on the ship could remember any Roosterfish being caught there before. One was 48 lbs and the other was 51 lbs. George McGregor of Big Bear City baited the largest one and his partner Johnny Rinderknecht also from Big Bear City got the 48 lb fish on a casted jig.

The water temperature was a steady 74 degrees. The weather was perfect most of the trip, with very calm breezes and moderate sun heat. We had a very strong West wind on Wednesday night which limited our moving plans, but it calmed the next day.

Fish Photo 1

Thanks to Bob Castellon for this beautiful photo of a Midriff sunset from his boat, the Celia Angelina.

Fish Photo 1

From kayak angler extraordinaire, Trout Traubman, this photo of a cabezon caught near Ensenada .

Fish Photo 1 Fish Photo 1Fish Photo 1

From left, Fly Hooker clients Don, Hugh, and Martin "Bullhead" with their Cabo San Lucas tunas.

Fish Photo 1 Fish Photo 1

Fly Hooker client, Brian Bates with Cabo San Lucas dorado and wahoo.

Fish Photo 1 Fish Photo 1

At left, David Perez from South Alburn, Wash. & Rick Feser from Renton, Wash. Oct. 3rd, released three sailfish and one blue marlin, and boated 5 dorado, aboard Karina. At right, Michael Leach, from Lighthouse Point, Fla., Oct. 4th, 86-lb. wahoo, La Brisa, 5 minutes on 50-lb test!

Fish Photo 1 Fish Photo 1

Fish Photo 1 Fish Photo 1

Fish Photo 1

Photo submitted to Reel Easy Sportfishing by Lavelle Coulter of Idaho. Lavelle snatched this 350 lb. Black while fishing aboard the El Chilito on September 23.

Fish Photo 1

Fish Photo 1

Gordo Banks Pangas clients with catches of tuna and wahoo this week.

Fish Photo 1

Fish Photo 1

Trout Traubman with an African pompano, left, and a big barred pargo, both caught from kayaks at Rancho Leonero.

Fish Photo 1

Here's a photo of one we released. This is NOT an underwater shot. This is how clear the water looked! Can't wait to go diving this week.

Fish Photo 1

Big Midriff roosterfish caught recently from Sea Of Cortez Sportfishing's Celia Angelina.

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