Yellowtail chew good between Loreto winds;

Vallarta offshore bite sluggish

Mexico Fishing News, April 2, 2007



LORETO, MEXICO: Bill Erhardt of Loreto said good yellowtail action south of town continued last week on days when boats were able to get out through wind. "The spectacular bite around Isla Catalana continued early in the week until the wind kicked up on Wednesday," Erhardt said. "I fished Monday close around the island in calm 73-degree water and hungry yellowtail seemed to be everywhere."

On Monday, Erhardt's boat, with anglers Linda and Ron Beitelspacher, caught a total of 6 yellowtail, with 3 fish over 30 pounds including a 38 pounder, plus 3 pargo. Other boats running to the island from Loreto or out of Puerto Escondido found about the same action.

LORETO, MEXICO: Don Bear of Loreto reported gale-like north winds arriving on Wednesday morning, but steady yellowtail action until then, averaging about 3 fish per panga. An outing on Monday with Capt. Andres Cota and Fabrizio Maragoni of Nopolo on Maragoni's boat produced 4 yellowtail of 25 to 30 pounds on flylined baits at the north end of Isla Carmen. Loreto seas were flat at 67 degrees.

On Monday and Tuesday, 5 pangas out of the Hotel Oasis fishing with the Steve Spies group and Capts. Paulino Martinez, Francisco Martinez, Javier Martinez, "Chopi" Murillo, and Joselino Murillo averaged 3 yellowtail, also at Isla Carmen. "There was a wide variance in individual panga results, ranging from 0 to 9 yellows per day," Bear said. "The winds that came up on Wednesday kept all 5 pangas off the water, as was the case with the entire local fleet.

LORETO, MEXICO: Patty Zapata of Loreto's Hotel Oasis said charter pangas fished Sunday and Monday, but sat out the rest of the week due to strong north winds that continued to Saturday. Three pangas fishing 2 days each at Tintorera and Punta Lobos at the north end of Isla Carmen caught a total of 15 yellowtail of 20 to 35 pounds on live mackerel baits. Anglers fishing with Capts. Martín Perpuli and Isidro Mendoza included Mark Mathews, Eric Ersch, and Grady Kemper.

LORETO, MEXICO: Don Alley of Loreto reported fishing out of Juncalito with Capt. Manuel Torres for good action on yellowtail south of Isla Monserrate in calm seas. Alley said his group of 3 anglers caught limits of yellowtail and 1 amberjack. The yellowtail included an unusual specimen that looked similar to an amberjack. "The tail was darker and there was a slight difference in the mouth and head. Manuel thought it could be a hybrid," Alley said. Other boats reported good results from Isla Carmen, San Bruno, and Isla Coronado. Fishing at Isla Catalana included a yellowtail weighed at 39 pounds, and a sailfish released on bait. "It was the first billfish I've heard of caught near Loreto this year," Alley said.

LORETO, MEXICO: Pam Bolles of Baja Big Fish Company said early season sargassum weed growth was unusually heavy on near shore rocks in the Loreto area. "There is lots of sargasso on the rocks and some floating around," Bolles said. "This wind should break off lots of it, but I think it's dangerously early. Already the first sailfish was caught and several marlin. Dorado may come in early, be big, and leave fairly early, chased out by hot water." Loreto fishing area yellowtail were entering their spring spawning stage and were feeding on squid.

In other mainland Mexico and Baja fishing action this week:



ENSENADA, MEXICO: Ivan Villarino of Vonny's Fleet said his pangas stayed on the beach Tuesday due to wind and rain in the Ensenada area but the rest of the week had good fishing for limits or near limits of mixed bottom species and up to 3 yellowtail per panga, including a 36 pounder on Friday caught by anglers Joe and Peter Amador with Capt. Beto Zamora on the panga Vonny I. Ensenada fishing area weather over the weekend was partly cloudy in the high-60s, with ocean swells of 2 to 3 feet at Punta Banda and the water temperature steady at 59 degrees.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Emerald Argonza of Matador Sportfishing said the 33-foot charter boat Matador was back in the water after maintenance and fished out of Marina Coral the previous weekend with 5 anglers south at Soledad Reef for a catch about 450 feet deep on anchovies and squid strips of: 17 red rockcod, 6 lingcod, 17 whitefish, 3 Johnny bass, 3 sugar bass, 2 bonito, 33 mixed rockfish, and 26 Humboldt giant squid. "About 1:30 p.m., the giant squid came and really got everybody fired up," Argonza said. "We all quickly switched to squid jigs and just hammered the squids weighing up to 35 pounds. It looks like a really good fishing season here in Ensenada this year."



BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Bob Wood of San Diego, Calif., and his wife Bia Wood made a run down Baja's highway Mex 1 to camp and fish on the Pacific coast at Santa Rosalillita, fishing with 15-pound spinning tackle for jack smelt, perch to 1 pound, and a couple of big spotfin croaker to 29 inches. "We had no way to weigh the fish so they are guesses, 10 to 12 pounds," Wood said. "We fished from the shore starting an hour before the morning high tide and used Pismo clams for bait that we'd dug the night before. Just tossed it out about 40 to 50 feet. My wife hooked into a second one at 25 inches. We each also broke one off soon after." Wood reported local Mexican pangueros catching white seabass to 20 to 30 pounds. Baja coastal weather was overcast at 60 degrees, with calm mornings, 2 to 3-foot surf, breezy afternoons, and the water temperature about 58 degrees.



MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly said the California gray whale watching season was over and local Magdalena Bay boats were back to fishing, but with spotty results. The San Carlos entrada produced a few bonito and small yellowtail. The Magdalena Bay mangrove esteros were slow, with strong tidal currents and only a few grouper, corvina, and spotted bay bass caught. Offshore boats pounding up the Baja coast toward the U.S. border reported little fishing action. Magdalena Bay weather was clear in the mid-80s, with water temperatures of 65 to 73 degrees.



CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Tracy Ehrenberg of Pisces Fleet reported 77 percent of fleet boats releasing billfish during the week, 10 percent landing dorado, and 90 percent with all species combined. Only 1 boat during the week landed a yellowfin tuna. Multiple releases of 2 to 6 striped marlin were scored by the charter boats Rebecca, Falcon, Yahoo, and Tracy Ann. "Inshore, as is common for March, boats loaded up on sierra, or Spanish mackerel," Ehrenberg said. "One panga caught 42 sierra in a morning. The majority were put back and a few kept for the pan." Most boats fished the Sea of Cortez side. Cabo San Lucas fishing area weather was clear, with winds north of San Jose del Cabo and the water temperature averaging 70 degrees.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 41 outings by Gaviota Fleet and the Cabo charter boats Fish Cabo and Fish Cabo I, with a catch including released fish of: 40 striped marlin, 6 dorado, and 8 yellowfin tuna. "Most boats were fishing the Sea of Cortez side of Cabo San Lucas this week," Edwards said. "The billfish seemed to round the corner and make their presence better known in the Gordo Banks and Destiladeras fishing areas. Water temperatures continued to change by the day." The Fish Cabo I was high boat for the week with 10 striped marlin releases in 3 outings. Cabo San Lucas fishing area weather was mostly sunny at 90 degrees, with some wind on the Pacific side and water temperatures ranging from 68 degrees on the Pacific side to 72 degrees on the Sea of Cortez side.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Grant Hartman of Baja Anglers reported good inshore fishing for sierra of 6 to 8 pounds last week, plus some roosterfish of 6 to 15 pounds. Jacks to 30 pounds were present but spooky. "We have been hammering the sierra mackerel," Hartman said. "They are spread out all over on the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. The sierra are hungry, feeding fish pounding flies and top water poppers with gusto." Other species caught included yellowtail, bluefin trevally, ladyfish, mixed snappers, and needlefish.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Mike Connolly of the charter boat Falcon said he was down for maintenance part of the week. The Falcon fished on Saturday for 5 striped marlin released at the Golden Gate Bank with Capt. Manuel Romero. "The Jaime bank was also very good this week," Connolly said. "Two to 4 marlin scores were not rare on the Pacific side."

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Jim Dillon of Salvador's Sportfishing reported on 10 outings by the Cabo San Lucas charter boats El Budster, El Budster I, and El Budster II, with a catch including released fish of: 5 striped marlin, 1 dorado of 20 pounds, 1 mako shark of 40 pounds, and 8 sierra.



SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas reported on 56 combined La Playita fleet pangas fishing off San Jose del Cabo, with a catch of: 295 mixed pargo or snapper species, 8 striped marlin, 86 sierra, 33 cabrilla, 3 mako shark, 11 dorado, 15 amberjack, 14 bonito, 10 pompano, 8 surgeonfish, 14 roosterfish, and 2 wahoo. "Last week the red crabs attracted red snapper to the surface, but this week the action was more spread out," Brictson said. "The most consistent bite was for yellow snapper of 4 to 8 pounds close to shore off Cardon while drifting with sardinas in about 50 feet of water. Migrating whales were still present and several commercial shrimp trawlers were in the area. "If you were able to make the right connection there were some good deals on freshly caught shrimp available," Brictson said. San Jose del Cabo fishing area weather was stable with some north winds to 15 m.p.h., and the water temperature at 68 to 71 degrees. Brictson noted the Marina Los Cabos construction project and the very crowded beach conditions for pangas launching at La Playita. "Semana Santa is coming up," Brictson said. "It's always a serious challenge to try and work on the beach with all the local crowds. This year will be tougher than ever with the construction limiting beach access and parking."



EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Axel Valdez of Buena Vista Beach Resort reported on 26 East Cape boats, with 75 anglers and a catch including released fish of: 1 broadbill swordfish, 29 striped marlin, 7 dorado, 42 yellowfin tuna, 5 roosterfish, 1 shark, 4 triggerfish, and 1 sierra. "Our boats are finding tuna under porpoise all over the bay," Valdez said. "Some went up to the 88 Bank and found good fishing up there." East Cape fishing area weather was in the low-80s, with water temperatures of 70 to 73 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly said good early season beach casting opportunities for roosterfish of 1 to 15 pounds and schooling jack crevalle were shut down last week as north winds returned to the East Cape area. "The wind cranked back up," Graham said. "Water conditions went from clean and fairly warm to off-color and cooler as waves pounded the beach." Offshore fishing included a showing of striped marlin for boats running far south and yellowfin tuna found under porpoise throughout East Cape's Bahia de Palmas. East Cape fishing area weather over the weekend was clear in the low-80s, with water temperatures of 65 to 78 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Simon Cazaly of the Vista Sea Sport East Cape diving service said high winds limited diving operations at the Cabo Pulmo coral reef, with the water temperature at depth holding at 70 degrees and visibility at 30 to 35 feet. "We haven't done a lot of diving this week due to high winds from the north," Cazaly said. Sea life sightings at El Cantil and Islote included Pacific creolefish, cownosed rays, and humpback whales. "The humpbacks are sometimes breaching right out of the water and stunning everyone with their grace and beauty," Cazaly said.



LA PAZ, MEXICO: Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International said La Paz fishing was knocked out by winds late in the week. "Early in the week, we had a break and hooked some yellowtail, dorado, and even some tuna," Roldan said, "but by midweek the winds were howling and we couldn't even go out. Some pargo, cabrilla, and a few roosters were hooked, but nothing remarkable. We'd like to check out the dorado, tuna, and bigger pargo over at Isla Cerralvo, but with the winds it's tough to get out and difficult to get bait."

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Gerardo Hernandez of Tortuga Sportfishing said winds continued on Saturday morning and looked like they would stay for a few more days. When pangas were able to get out to Isla Cerralvo, catches were made of yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, mullet snapper, dog snapper, and a few dorado. Few anglers were in the La Paz area. Las Arenas side weather was in the 80s, with night temperatures at about 66 degrees.



SANTA ROSALIA, MEXICO: Syd Lindsay of San Lucas Cove said few sport boats were fishing last week following the Mulege yellowtail tournament. "Early morning low tides have put some boats in the sand, plus there is just a general slowing of fish taken," Lindsay said. "April and May have always been very good here and we expect no different this year. However one should wait until after the Easter vacation, which produces extra heavy traffic from the north and a lack of camping spaces in most campgrounds, but not at San Lucas Cove. We have plenty of room." Lindsay noted that camping rates at San Lucas Cove were at $8 per day, $42 per week, $120 per month, and $1,000 to $1,200 per year."



BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: For the week ending March 24, 2007, Abraham Vazquez of Camp Gecko at Bahia de los Angeles reported Baja Midriff weather in the low-80s, with moderate winds and water temperatures about 5 degrees warmer than usual at 62 degrees. Fishing was good for some yellowtail north at Bajo Guadalupe and good catches of cabrilla, or leopard grouper, close the islands and on the Baja shore at Punta Remedios. "The bay is full of stingrays mating close to shore," Vazquez said. "The road to Punta la Gringa is in great shape to the military station, but the rest is in terrible shape. Plans have changed for the Escalera Nautica project. It looks like Punta la Gringa is not a priority anymore."

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: Jim Heath of Roseville, Calif., reported on a trailer boat run to Bahia de los Angeles in mid-March, staying at his place at Camp Gecko and fishing the high tidal period on his 18-foot boat with Andy Guzik for a few yellowtail on local bajos, excellent The Baja Catch-style mixed species trolling at Isla Angel de la Guarda, a boat run for big spotted bay bass at Cala San Francisquito, and a wild session with strong current standing waves at Bajo Guadalupe. At Bajo Guadalupe, Heath said, "We found ourselves alone in wild seas, no wind, and standing waves of about 2 or 3 feet as the current rushes in and hits the reef. Think of an underwater wall of water about 1,000 feet deep hitting the reef about 200 feet deep. It looks like a river going over submerged rocks, thereby creating waves that don’t move but just stay in the same place. There are upwellings of smooth water about 50 feet across, maybe a foot higher than the water around it, creating eddies and whirlpools. Wild stuff, a little scary, and of course it is unfishable, thus explaining why there were no pangas about." Fishing along the northwest coast of Isla Angel de la Guarda produced hot action on mixed species. "We just had a ball catching and releasing over 30 fish," Heath said. "It was a mixed bag of grouper, spotted bass to 5 pounds, and sheephead to maybe 10 pounds. We could sight cast to sheephead. It left me wishing I had brought my 7-weight along."



SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Tom Ward Jr. of The Longfin Tackle Store reported on the season-opening 3-day Enchanted Islands fishing trip by the Tony Reyes Fishing Tours panga mothership Tony Reyes, returning to San Felipe on March 26, 2007, with 27 anglers and a catch of: lots of spotted bay bass, several white seabass to 25 pounds, cabrilla, and 2 grouper of 45 and 75 pounds. "They had great weather with calm seas," Ward said. "Martha Peak fought a very large mako shark which she released and Ann Jacobs won the jackpot with the 75-pound grouper." The Tony Reyes was schedule to fish weekly out of San Felipe until November, when the boat moves to La Paz for 2 months of fishing and whale watching trips.

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Randy Morishita of Carlsbad reported new signs posted in the San Felipe area warning about regulations that prohibit vehicles on the beach. "Official signs were being posted, forbidding motor vehicles on the beaches as well as the taking of marine animals," Morishita said. "The individual camp owners are not being asked to enforce the law, but laws like that are hazy in regards to boat launching or accessing fishing spots on the beach."

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Catalina Meders of the Title Company Bookstore overlooking San Felipe Bay said the weekend weather was excellent at 80 degrees. "The sky and the bay are both blue and there is a very slight breeze. It's absolutely perfect," Meders said. Heavy crowds were arriving for Semana Santa. "Already there are a lot of visitors in San Felipe," Medders said. "According to the official report, we had 65,000 people last year. It might be even more this year. Today is the opening day of the first annual Blues and Arts Festival of San Felipe and artists are setting up on the Malecon. There are several bands coming in from the States and people are looking forward to rocking way into the night. Hopefully this festival will run smoothly and grow over the years. It's generating a whole lot of excitement."



ROCKY POINT, MEXICO: For the previous weekend, Ric Felder of Glendale, Ariz., reported on a run about and hour south of Rocky Point by his boat End Of The Line, drifting and anchor fishing with his son Ryan Rhiddlehoover with bonefish baits for a total of 7 gulf grouper to about 80 pounds in 65-degree water. "There were a few birds diving just inside Pelican Point about 200 yards off Tucson Beach," Felder said. "After putting about 30 bonefish in the live well we headed for our fishing spot. We started showing good numbers of grouper on the graph, on top of the reef and up as much as 40 feet off the bottom. We fished live and dead bonefish baits for all our action except for the first fish that hit a Scampi jig. There were schools of bait including sardines and some Pacific mackerel on the reef."



MAZATLAN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 52 offshore outings by Aries Fleet out of Mazatlan's Marina El Cid, for a catch including released fish of: 2 sailfish, 18 striped marlin, 1 mako shark, and 3 dorado. Fifteen inshore super pangas had a catch of: more than 87 cabrilla, 28 pargo, 55 mojarra, and limits of triggerfish. "Mazatlan skippers are still seeing some swordfish, Edwards said, "but they have been unable to get them to bite and one could guess they were full of squid. The offshore bite has been difficult. Only 38 percent of the boats are landing billfish." Mazatlan fishing area weather was partly cloudy in the high-80s, with light breezes and the water temperature at 71 degrees inshore and 74 degrees offshore. Offshore boats fished in all directions.

MAZATLAN, MEXICO: Mike Connolly of the Cabo San Lucas charter boat Falcon reported on a trip to Lake Baccarac north of Mazatlan for excellent largemouth bass fishing. "It was fabulous," Connolly said. "A hundred bass a day per boat, with 2 guys, easily. About 25 percent good fish over 4 pounds, up to 8 pounds, and we had 4 over 10 pounds. One each. We caught about half of the fish on top water plugs like Zara Spooks."



PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Danny Osuna of Marla's Sportfishing said few anglers were in the Puerto Vallarta area last week. "This is our slow season so we are working on our new boat and the new engines to get ready for June and the beginning of our tuna season," Osuna said. "We took our new Blackfin to our village, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a small fishing village 12 miles north of Puerto Vallarta." During the fishing week, the charter boat Marla III found slow offshore conditions, but good action inshore for jack crevalle and roosterfish to 50 pounds. The Marla II fished at Roca Corbeteña early in the week with anglers Doug Pugh, Bob Pugh, and Kevin Crane, for dog snapper, bluefin trevally, yellow snapper, and a yellowfin tuna. The Arca de Noe had a group of free divers during the week, in green water and poor visibility, for 1 dorado speared. "The early week had great fishing for all the locals," Osuna said, "but the bite slowed down a lot. The water temp dropped down a lot." Puerto Vallarta fishing area weather had light northwest breezes and the water temperature dropping during the week in some areas from 77 degrees to as low as 70 degrees.

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Danny Quinonez of PV Marlin Sportfishing reported on 2 outings by the charter boat Lorena for a catch including released fish of: 3 sailfish, and 4 dorado of 20 to 30 pounds. "All billfish were released," Quinonez said. "Some Puerto Vallarta boats have been running to Roca Corbeteña for some smaller school tuna. This is a good sign. Last year we did not see any tuna until almost September." Quinonez noted that PV Marlin is now an IGFA approved weigh station. "We had a lady last year fishing with us that caught an 84-pound dorado on 30-pound line," Quinonez said. "We get a lot of yellowfin tuna over 300 pounds down here every year, but we never get any recognition. This will soon change." Puerto Vallarta offshore fishing waters were calm at 77 degrees.

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Josh Temple of Prime Time Adventures reported a drop in offshore water temperatures from as high as 80.5 degrees the previous week to about 77 degrees last week, but continued good far offshore action for yellowfin tuna to 140 pounds. "We lost a fish after a 2-hour battle that was pushing 250 pounds, a darn good sign of things to come for this big fish season," Temple said. "For those anglers willing to get outside and look around the 1,000-fathom curve there have been some exceptional days of tuna fishing to be had when spinner and black porpoise are located. Most fish coming off the porpoise are 30 to 80 pounds, but there are some larger surprises out there mixed in with the schoolies." Dorado action was slower as illegal commercial longliners moved into Puerto Vallarta waters. "Luckily the local navy was out chasing them away the other day, so hopefully our great dorado bite will continue once those pirates leave," Temple said. Billfish action was spotty, but good catches of 20 to 40-pound wahoo were made at Roca Corbeteña for 2 days.

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Danny Gomez of Dhamar Sportfishing and the charter panga Dhamar said he fished on the 46-foot boat Sincuidado last week, making a run to Roca Corbeteña for a catch of just 1 dorado of 35 pounds on one outing, and a 60-pound roosterfish and 30-pound amberjack on another outing for anglers Mike and Breten Lange. "At Corbeteña there are a lot of tunas from 60 to 150 pounds, but they are not biting," Gomez said.

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Kurt Hjort of Esperanza Sportfishing said, "Huge amounts of bait have appeared. At times it is a little tough to get the fish to switch to hooked baits. Dorado are out 5 to 15 miles from Punta Mita to the north, on palapa buoys and trolling. The area is also producing sailfish and some striped marlin." Inshore fishing produced roosterfish of 20 to 30 pounds and jack crevalle to 25 pounds. Puerto Vallarta fishing area weather was stable in the low-80s. "As long as our water stays the way it is, our spring transition into the big fish season may start early this year," Hjort said.



IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 11 offshore outings by the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo charter boats Dos Hermanos, Dos Hermanos II, and Bloody Hook, with a catch including released fish of: 5 black marlin including a 400-pounder, 3 blue marlin, 2 striped marlin, and 16 sailfish. Inshore fishing produced bonito, sierra, and jack crevalle, but no roosterfish were reported. "The marlin bite continues to get better along with a stronger showing of sailfish," Edwards said. "Cold green water is present along the beaches. The cooler temperatures are making it difficult on some days to catch live bonitos, the favorite bait for the big blues and blacks."

IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Ed Kunze, reporting for Baja On The Fly, said overall offshore action was slower last week, with blue water 10 to 15 miles out, 84-degree water 18 to 20 miles out, and 80-degree water about 40 miles out. "This explains why most sailfish are being taken between 18 and 20 miles, with the tuna and blue marlin coming from the 40 to 45-mile mark," Kunze said. Capt. Adolpho of the charter panga Dos Hermanos reported an outing with 4 sailfish releases, but very slow inshore fishing. "Adolpho is one of our absolute best roosterfish and jack crevalle captains," Kunze said. "If he says it is slow, do not waste your time trying for them." Ixtapa Zihuatanejo fishing area weather was partly cloudy in the mid-80s with light northwest breezes.



CANCUN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 19 outings by the El Cid Caribe sportfishing fleet at Puerto Morelos near Cancun, with a catch including released fish of: 1 sailfish, 1 wahoo to 40 pounds, 1 grouper, 2 amberjack, 6 barracuda, 7 cubera snapper, 1 Spanish mackerel, and 22 king mackerel. "Occasional sailfish are already showing up in the reports," Edwards said. "According to El Cid Caribe fleet manager Mario Anzoategui, the billfish season is about 30 days away, but current conditions may allow an earlier beginning." Cancun fishing area weather was partly rainy at 90 degrees, with light easterly winds and water temperatures steady at 81 degrees. Ballyhoo baits were in good supply.



MEXICO: David Burns of the Restaurant El Manglar at Tecolutla, Veracruz, said Atlantic Mexico beach fishing was steady for good counts of pompano. "A young French couple were camping on the beach and expressed interest in our activities so we loaned them some equipment," Burns said. "They did rather well, landing 7 pompano during 2 outings." Burns landed 8 pompano during the week and his fishing friend "Gary" landed 21. Local commercial Mexican fishermen did well on jumbo shrimp just off the beach, catching enough to drop the wholesale price by 20 percent. Tecolutla's annual snook fishing tournament was a big success, with about 50 anglers landing over 25 snook during 3 days of fishing with trolled lures only and all entered fish over 1 kilo. "The winner, a local 12-year-old boy, took the first prize of a new car with his 3.7 kilo catch," Burns said. "His father won a small aluminum boat for second place." Tournament anglers fished mangroves and estuaries out to about 10 kilometers from Tecolutla.

Loreto Mexico Fishing Photo 1

LORETO YELLOWTAIL BITE CONTINUES--Linda and Ron Beitelspacher with one of several nice yellowtail caught south of Loreto on Monday in calm water off the north end of Isla Catalan. Before high winds began on Wednesday, nearly everybody on the few boats that made the trip south of Loreto caught limits of yellowtail averaging about 30 pounds. PHOTO COURTESY OF BILL ERHARDT.

Loreto Mexico Fishing Photo 2 Loreto Mexico Fishing Photo 3

STEADY SPRING FORKIES--Loreto pangas are averaging about 3 yellowtail per outing as the spring season begins. Here with a nice late-March catch from the northwest corner of Isla Carmen are Hotel Oasis anglers Jessica Liederbach and Dale Deforest. They fished with the Oasis' Capt. Martín Perpuli. At right, Loreto anglers Eric Ersch, left, and Grady Kemper got in a panga session on Sunday with the Hotel Oasis' Capt. Isidro Mendoza for a good catch of yellowtail at Isla Carmen, just 2 days before big north winds shut down fishing for the rest of the week. PHOTOS COURTESY OF PATTY ZAPATA.

Loreto Mexico Fishing Photo 4

FUNNY LOOKIN' FORKIE--Capt. Manuel Torres of Juncalito, just south of Loreto, holds a "yellowtail" caught with angler Don Alley that had a dark tail and head, and a mouth similar to an amberjack's. "Manuel thought it could be a hybrid," Alley said. "Manuel catches bazillions of yellowtail and he thought this one was odd." PHOTO COURTESY OF DON ALLEY.

Ensenada Mexico Fishing Photo 1

BETO RIDES AGAIN--Peter Amador, left, and Joe Amador of San Diego, Calif., fished Ensenada's Punta Banda on a Vonny's Fleet panga driven by local yellowtail guru Capt. Beto Zamora and they landed these quality forkies plus their limits of red rockcod and lingcod. PHOTO COURTESY OF IVAN VILLARINO.

Baja Mexico Fishing Photo 1 Baja Mexico Fishing Photo 2

SERIOUS BAJA CROAKIN'--Bob Wood's surf fishing trip to Santa Rosalillita on Baja's Pacific coast produced perch, smelt, and big spotfin croaker to 29 inches long. The big spotties hit on clam bait collected along the beach. Wood said local Mexican pangueros were also catching white seabass to about 30 pounds. At right, Bob's wife Bia Wood with another nice one. PHOTOS COURTESY OF BOB WOOD.

Gail Ross Fishing Award Photo 1

TOP LADY ANGLER--Ensenada fishing waters produced a great catch last year for Gail Ross who won the San Diego Anglers best All-Around Lady Angler of the Year Award for 2006, here presented by club president Bill Davidson. Ross' catches while fishing with her husband Steve Ross on their boat Bad Dog included largest fish of the year in the following categories: albacore, barracuda, yellowtail, dorado, lingcod, rockfish, mako shark, and bluefin tuna. PHOTO COURTESY OF STEVE ROSS.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Fishing Photo 1

CABO SPINNER YELLOWTAIL--Dan Dreyer, right, fished with Baja Anglers' Capt. Arturo Ozuna last week and found good Cabo San Lucas inshore action with this 30-pound class yellowtail hooked on 15-pound spinning tackle. Dreyer used a live caballito bait aboard the charter boat Flying Fish IV. PHOTO COURTESY OF GRANT HARTMAN.

East Cape Mexico Fishing Photo 1

EAST CAPE BROADBILL--Matt Bloom, left, and his family fished Baja's East Cape area last week with Capt. Felipe Ruiz out of Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort for a couple of nice dorado and the season's first swordfish. The broadbill was hooked on bait about 30 miles off the Punta Arena lighthouse and the fight lasted about an hour. PHOTO COURTESY OF AXEL VALDEZ.

La Paz Mexico Fishing Photo 1

LA PAZ YELLOWTAIL--Michael Fraser, right, fished on the Las Arenas side south of La Paz with Tortuga Sportfishing's Capt. Nufo Green for a good mixed species day including this quality yellowtail. PHOTO COURTESY OF GERARDO HERNANDEZ.

La Paz Mexico Fishing Photo 2

LA PAZ SNAPPY--It was windy at La Paz last week, but Rick Hosmer, left, of California did get into the pargo. Here's a nice mullet snapper, or pargo lisa, taken off Isla Cerralvo while fishing with Tailhunter International as bigger snapper were moving up to the islands and reefs around La Paz for their annual spawn. PHOTO COURTESY OF JONATHAN ROLDAN.

Sea of Cortez Midriff Mexico Fishing Photo 1

MIDRIFF HOGFISH--Jim Heath's mid-March trip to fish the Baja Midriff area out of Bahia de los Angeles produced a variety of species including the highly variable, sex-changing Mexican hogfish, seen here with bright red sides and a yellow bar. PHOTO COURTESY OF JIM HEATH.

Rocky Point Mexico Fishing Photo 1

BIG GROUPER TRIP--Ryan Rhiddlehoover fished about an hour's run south of Rocky Point, Sonora, with his father Ric Felder on his boat End Of The Line for a great catch of 7 gulf grouper to about 80 pounds, 6 on bonefish baits and the other on a jigged Scampi. PHOTO COURTESY OF RIC FELDER.

Mazatlan Mexico Fishing Photo 1

MAZATLAN MAHI--Dorado, or mahi-mahi, of 24 and 35 pounds were caught in a late-March Mazatlan outing by Taylor, Mike, and Paul de la Corte, who fished with Capts. Alex and Pelican aboard the Flota Bibi Fleet charter boat Norma Patricia. The dorado, up to 4 feet 7 inches long, hit on mullet baits. PHOTO COURTESY OF TADEO HERNANDEZ.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Fishing Photo 1

VALLARTA MIXED CATCH--Yellowfin tuna to 150 pounds were present but not biting at Puerto Vallarta's Roca Corbeteña last week as Capt. Danny Gomez of Dhamar Sportfishing, right, found amberjack and roosterfish action for anglers Mike Lange, left, and Breten Lange aboard the boat Sincuidado. PHOTO COURTESY OF DANNY GOMEZ.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Fishing Photo 2 Puerto Vallarta Mexico Fishing Photo 3

OFFSHORE SNAPPERS--Puerto Vallarta anglers, from left, Doug Pugh, Bob Pugh, and Kevin Crane, and Marla's Sportfishing deckhand Alvino Osuna, second from right, with a nice load of snappers, a bluefin trevally, and a yellowfin tuna, all caught at Roca Corbeteña aboard the charter boat Marla II with Capt. Danny Osuna. At right, Marla's Sportfishing's new Puerto Vallarta charter boat, the Marla, is being readied for action in the Osuna's hometown, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. PHOTOS COURTESY OF DANNY OSUNA.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Fishing Photo 4

WAHOO AMID TUNA--Fishing off Puerto Vallarta last week by the Prime Time Adventures charter boat Conquistador produced a mix of yellowfin tuna to 140 pounds and a couple of days of good wahoo action at Roca Corbeteña. With a pair of wahoo caught aboard the Conquistador are anglers Bob Casas and Bob Casas Jr. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOSH TEMPLE.

Tecolutla Mexico Snook Fishing Photo 1 Tecolutla Mexico Snook Fishing Photo 2

ATLANTIC COAST SNOOKING--David Burns of the Veracruz coast Restaurant El Manglar said more than 50 anglers, including his friend "Hilberto," left, fished in last week's Tecolutla snook tournament, with the first prize of a new car won by a 12-year-old boy for a 3.7-kilo (8.16 pound) snook. At right, a pair of nice snook, among more than 25 over 1 kilo in weight caught during the 3-day tournament. PHOTOS COURTESY OF DAVID BURNS.

Tecolutla Mexico Shrimp Photo 1

ATLANTIC MEXICO CAMARONES GRANDES--David Burns of the Restaurant El Manglar at Tecolulta, Mexico, reported big catches of jumbo shrimp by local commercial fishermen last week. A plate of camarones grandes, as served at the restaurant. A bottle cap is included to show their size. PHOTO COURTESY OF DAVID BURNS.

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