Summer fishing takes off for La Paz pangas;

Mazatlan dorado continue runaway season

Mexico Fishing News, August 6, 2007



LA PAZ, MEXICO: Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International said La Paz fishing on both sides of the hill took off last week for lots of school-sized yellowfin tuna, multiple wahoo counts on some days, and swarming dorado concentrations especially for pangas working the La Paz side.

"It took long enough, but we finally had one of those weeks that La Paz is known for!" Roldan said. "If you had a line in the water you got bit on either the Las Arenas or La Paz side. Las Arenas anglers were all over the yellowfin tuna in the 10 to 20-pound class in an arc between the south side of Isla Cerralvo to the Arenas lighthouse and south to Punta Pescadero. There was also an incredible explosion of wahoo south of Cerralvo including a few days when the boats averaged 2 to 4 wahoo bites.

For our La Paz fleet, the biggest problem some days was knowing when to stop and adhere to dorado limits. It could be pandemonium with every rod going off. Pangas fishing on the Las Arenas side caught multiple wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, marlin, and big numbers of dorado. Many of our anglers filled an ice chest the first day and had to catch and release their subsequent days. This was perhaps one of the best and most consistent fishing weeks of the season."

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Gerardo Hernandez of Tortuga Sportfishing said his pangas on the Las Arenas side had very good action last week for wahoo, yellowfin tuna to 20 pounds, big sailfish released, some big roosterfish, and excellent counts of dorado into the 50 and even 60-pound class.

"We had some excellent days," Hernandez said. "We fished in different areas around Isla Cerralvo. In general, everywhere was good this week. Everyone that fished with Tortuga Fleet had a good day." Captains fishing during the week included Hugo Lucero, Jorge Lucero, and Nufo Green, who worked with Richard Hunter and his group from the Los Angeles area for good counts of offshore species including wahoo, tuna, sailfish, and large dorado.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Leonard Phillips of Baja Pirates Fleet said lots of small dorado were caught by pangas fishing between Islas Espiritu Santo and Cerralvo in calm water at about 78 degrees. Tracy Gaiser of Upland, Calif., and her family group fished with Capt. Rodrigo Barasoto for a blue marlin, a striped marlin, and then a hot session on dorado after Tracy fell out of the boat. "Everyone in the rear of the boat moved to one side to see the marlin," Phillips said. "Tracy went overboard. She saw a flash go by underwater, several large dorados who were coming to see what all the commotion was about. The captain threw some sardinas and one of the rods started to scream. Tracy, back in the boat, picked up the rod and her prize was a 55-pound bull dorado." Yellowfin tuna of 15 to 25 pounds were also caught on the north side of Isla Cerralvo.

In other mainland Mexico and Baja fishing action this week:



ENSENADA, MEXICO: Emerald Argonza of Matador Sportfishing reported on 2 good outings from Ensenada's Marina Coral by the charter boat Matador, fishing south at Soledad Reef with 6 anglers on one outing for bottom fish limits by noon, and an offshore outing with 5 anglers for 2 yellowfin tuna on the troll and 25 yellowtail averaging 25 pounds in 2 hours on a single kelp paddy. Argonza skippered the run to the Soledad Reef for a total catch including released fish of: 37 salmon grouper, 33 red rockcod, 7 sugar bass, 2 lingcod, and 2 giant Humboldt squid, plus 6 calico bass to 4 pounds caught at the Punta Banda boiler rocks. "We were supposed to go offshore, but that was downgraded due to a lack of live bait at 2 a.m.," Argonza said. "All the fish were caught using 3-hook leaders and chunk sardines."

Baja coastal weather off Punta Soledad was mostly flat, with the water temperature at 66 to 70 degrees. The Matador's offshore kelp paddy outing was skippered by Capt. Alex Gonzalez. "They headed 10 miles above the lower 500 spot were they spotted a fairly decent sized kelp paddy, and that's where they finished the day in 2 hours," Argonza said. Schools of yellowfin tuna were seen boiling in the area but would not bite.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Ivan Villarino of Vonny's Fleet said his pangas scored all week on bottom fish limits, lingcod, bonita, barracuda, calico bass, Humboldt squid, and halibut limits plus big sand bass on the flats inside the bay during a special near shore trip with Capt. Beto on the Vonny I by angler Paul Beachley. "This week was very good," Villarino said. "Everybody had a good time." Jay Johnson also caught a halibut of 11 pounds with Capt. Beto on Friday, plus a good mix of bottom fish and calico bass. Other anglers fishing on Vonny's Fleet pangas at the tip of Punta Banda included Jim Groessl and his family, Kris Gwizdak, Rich Rose, George Lakhoian, and Ed Kurzawa. Local Ensenada fishing area weather at Punta Banda was partly cloudy in the low-70s, with light wind, ocean swells at 2 to 3 feet, and the water temperature averaging 64 degrees.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Joe Ludka of Long Beach reported 11 yellowtail to 35 pounds landed by his 4-angler group fishing kelp paddies about 30 miles southwest of Ensenada on Monday aboard the Sergio's Sportfishing Center charter boat Quest. "We picked up some nice bait from Gordo’s and headed out paddy hopping," Ludka said. "It seemed the smaller paddies were holding more fish than the larger ones, with not one fish caught on the troll." Another big fish hooked on 20-pound line was lost at the rail. "The line touched the boat and it was adios," Ludka said. On Tuesday, Ludka's group, including his brothers Rick and James and friend Steve Smith, fished aboard the Ensenada charter boat Top Dog with Capt. Jon Strickland for slow bottom fish action around sea lions at Punta Banda. "Only bonito were caught on the troll and we had a slow pick of bottom fish, primarily snapper and calico bass," Ludka said.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Stan Pianko of Ensenada reported on a late week run to the 238 spot on his boat Mel's Diamond out of Marina Coral for a kelp paddy catch of 4 yellowtail to 30 pounds and a first-ever dorado for his son Kevin, 8. Ensenada offshore fishing weather was calm with the water temperature at 70 degrees.



PUERTO SANTO TOMAS, MEXICO: Sam Saenz of Puerto Santo Tomas Resort said white seabass showed up for several pangas last week as fishing also included yellowtail, bonita, and barracuda found boiling on the Soledad Reef and white seabass to 25 pounds were even caught by kayakers. Pangas also brought back full limits of quality bottom fish including rockcods to 7 pounds and calico bass to 5.5 pounds. "We are having a different summer weather pattern as compared to historical accounts," Saenz said. "The strong offshore winds that normally prevail in the summertime have been minimal."

PUERTO SANTO TOMAS, MEXICO: Gilbert Bautista of Northridge, Calif., and his family group fished 2 days at Puerto Santo Tomas, on a panga with Capt. Marcos and from a raft, for good catches of bocaccio, lingcod, and red rockcod north of the point. "Some really nice fish," Bautista said. "They fell for iron tipped with squid. The fishing started at 8 a.m. and we were cleaning a sack of fish before noon. We left the fish biting. Thanks to Sam for the hospitality." Catches during the trip included 2 large lingcod by Jeremiah Bautista and a very large red rockcod by Andrew Bautista.



ERENDIRA, MEXICO: Tere Castro of Castro's Camp said 35 boats fished during the week in good sea conditions, no wind, and water temperatures of 64 to 65 degrees in the main fishing areas 1.5 to 6 miles off the Baja coast. Castro's Camp boats had good counts of mixed bottom species, rockcods, lingcod, barracuda, yellowtail, and white seabass. "We've been getting really big fish of all the species," Castro said.

ERENDIRA, MEXICO: Bill Stout of Aliso Viejo, Calif., fished 2 days at Erendira with Capt. Pacho of Castro's Camp for a catch including: 3 white seabass of 35 to 48 pounds, 6 good sized lingcod, about 20 whitefish of 3 to 4 pounds, and about 100 red rockcod and mixed bottom species. "We caught all 3 of the white seabass on a Krocodile with a live baby mackerel on it," Stout said, "and a cooler full of rockfish as well." Erendira fishing area weather was warm, with mild swells and winds and the water temperature warm enough for a swim off the boat by Stout's son Dimitri. Also fishing was angler Felix Blushtein.



SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Pete Hillis of Pedro's Pangas said San Quintin fishing area weather was good last week with no winds. A few dorado were caught on kelp paddies about 15 miles off the point but most boats fished for white seabass and yellowtail south at Socorro or north at Playa San Ramon. "Good counts are coming in for most boats," Hillis said, "and rockcod and lingcod are very good as usual."

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Marita Melville of Don Eddie's Landing said white seabass action was still inconsistent in the San Quintin fishing area but some very good catches were being made. Capt. Jaime Garcia fished with Roberta Ganz, Jeff Riolo, Linda Riolo, and Frank Riolo of San Diego, Calif., on the charter boat Pinta II for 7 white seabass to 43 pounds plus 2 yellowtail to 35 pounds in 66-degree water at Playa San Ramon. "The white seabass are moving from spot to spot," Melville said. "Where they were the day before does not mean they will be there the next day." Other boats brought back some limits of mixed bottom fish and yellowtail.

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Kelly Catian of K&M Offshore Sportfishing said the previous weekend's action included yellowfin tuna, dorado, and yellowtail found as close as 12 miles out of San Quintin. "This is what we've been waiting for," Catian said. "With my youngest son Christian and good friends Chris Pierce, Pete Engle, and Austin McGeever, we were only out about 12 miles or so and we had 70-degree blue water so the first paddy we found was loaded. The dorado were so thick it was sick! On one paddy they were jumping everywhere and one actually hit the boat! We got a 31-pound dorado among others and 3 yellowfin tuna of good size along with lots of yellowtail." Inshore fishing produced good catches of white seabass north of Isla San Martin. San Quintin fishing area water temperatures were as high as 73 degrees at 20 miles out and about 70 degrees inshore. The water temperature inside Bahia de San Quintin was up to 77 degrees.

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Julio Meza of San Quintin reported the official results of the fourth annual San Quintin Sportfishing Tournament held on July 21, 2007, with 87 boats and 239 anglers fishing, including 116 anglers from Mexico, 123 from the U.S., and 23 women. Tournament category winners receiving Lowrance electronics and Shimano rods and reels were, in order:

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: White seabass: Estanislao Perez, 48.83 pounds (overall tournament winner); Juan de Dios Dominguez R., 23.48 pounds; and Rafael Macias Velazquez, 19.95 pounds. Tuna: Roy Thomas McDennon Jr., 29.55-pound albacore. Yellowtail: William James Pearson, 25.25 pounds; Richard Thomas, 24.90 pounds; and Barry Brightenburg, 23.40 pounds. Lingcod: William James Pearson, 21.5 pounds; William Haward Pearson, 15.20 pounds; and Jason Ray Pearson, 14.90 pounds. Sandbass: Valery Beckwith, 5.73 pounds; Theodore J. Snellen, 4.63 pounds; and Javier Godinez Garcia, 4.30 pounds. Drawing prize winners were: Triton boat and Mercury motor sponsored by AIM Marine, Raul Castaneda; 4-night 2-person trip to Buena Vista Beach Resort, Ivonne de la Toba.



MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly reported blue 72-degree water 10 miles outside Magdalena Bay's Boca de Soledad at Puerto Lopez Mateos, with wide-open yellowtail action plus skipjack. "Farther outside there is a band of red tide that is keeping the dorado off the beach," Graham said. "But out toward the Thetis Bank is a solid string of dorado and outside of that yellowfin tuna can be found under bird schools." The Magdalena Bay mangrove channels produced good counts on halibut and a consistent grouper bite along the deeper grooves next to the mangroves including some fish to 20 pounds. Two snook were also reported. Magdalena Bay fishing area weather was partly cloudy in the mid-80s, with water temperatures of 64 to 76 degrees.



CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Tommy Garcia of Cabo Magic Sportfishing reported on 36 boats, with a catch including released fish of: 1 blue marlin, 24 striped marlin, 20 yellowfin tuna, 15 dorado, 2 shark, and 4 pargo. Garcia also noted that the charter boat Cabo Magic with crew of Tommy Garcia, Capt. Hector Ayala, and first mate Charlie Garcia took the day-three dorado jackpot of last week's 2007 Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: George Landrum of Fly Hooker Sportfishing said warming summer water temperatures were present in the Cabo San Lucas fishing area last week with 78 degrees on the Pacific side and up to 86 degrees on the Cortez side. "Cabo San Lucas also had great surface conditions to go with this and it has made for some very good fishing trips," Landrum said. Despite the warm water temperatures the charter boat Fly Hooker had steady striped marlin action while fishing within 5 miles of the coast on the Cortez side. Dorado counts improved for Cabo boats during the week, but yellowfin tuna were still scattered and mostly footballs. "Cabo fishing has improved and that has everybody here happy," Landrum said. "Now, if the tuna just make an appearance it will be that much better."

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Tracy Ehrenberg of Pisces Fleet Sportfishing said 74 percent of charters released billfish during the week, 20 percent caught dorado, and just 5 percent landed yellowfin tuna. "Nothing could beat the marlin this week," Ehrenberg said. Billfish catches during the week included 2 blue marlin of 230 and 260 pounds by the charter boat Adriana and the boat C Rod with a 9-release day on striped marlin at the Jaime Bank on the Pacific side. "We also saw the startup of sailfish with 2 released aboard Libre at Punta Gorda," Ehrenberg said.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Mike Connolly of the Pisces Fleet charter boat Falcon said he fished at the Golden Gate Bank on Friday and Saturday with his son Don Connolly for a 2-day total of 13 striped marlin released plus a dorado. "All the marlin were tailers taken on bait just east of the Golden Gate," Connolly said. "There were lots of success stories from this area. We saw 6 jumpers going at the same time just south of the Gate. Tailers were everywhere. There are huge shoals of mackerel in the afternoon at the Gate and also off San Cristobal." Pacific side water temperatures were at 73 to 74 degrees. Good striped marlin fishing plus some blue marlin was reported close to shore on the Cortez side in water at 75 to 83 degrees.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Grant Hartman of the Baja Anglers fly fishing guide service at Cabo San Lucas said, "The fishing this July was very inconsistent, but it is starting to turn on with a good offshore bite for striped marlin. The marlin are spread out, with the best bite being in the Pacific, and actually there is a decent marlin bite just a half-mile from shore in Cabo."

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Rudy Gonzalez of Cypress, Calif., reported a skunked day fishing aboard a Cabo San Lucas charter panga. "It was against my better judgment, but what the heck, I was already there so I went out," Gonzales said. "We were trying different sized lures and we picked up two 1-pound macks on the tuna feathers! I brought back more bait than we took out!" Staying at San Jose del Cabo, Gonzales said many vacationers were present but "no fishermen!"

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Jim Dillon of Salvador's Sportfishing reported on 10 outings by the Cabo San Lucas charter boats El Budster, El Budster I, and El Budster II, with a catch including released fish of: 24 striped marlin, 10 yellowfin tuna of 10 to 35 pounds, 4 dorado at 30 pounds.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 32 outings by Gaviota Fleet and the Cabo charter boats Fish Cabo and Fish Cabo I, with a catch including released fish of: 36 striped marlin, 8 dorado, and 5 yellowfin tuna. "Despite the full moon fishing conditions, striper action on the Golden Gate Bank this week produced multi-fish catches for some boats," Edwards said. "The fish were pretty eager on the live bait this week and still pretty good on artificials." Cabo San Lucas fishing area weather was sunny at 100 degrees, with water temperatures rising to 77 degrees at the Golden Gate Bank on the Pacific side and up to 84 degrees at the Gordo Banks on the Sea of Cortez side. Fleet boats found the better fishing action at the Golden Gate Bank.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Ramon Druck of the Cabo San Lucas charter sportfishing super panga Cheer's reported on 2 outings during the week fishing on both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez sides with a total of 3 anglers for a catch including released fish of: 9 amberjack to about 25 pounds, 1 yellowfin tuna, 1 dorado of about 25 pounds, and 6 sierra to 7 pounds. Anglers fishing aboard the Cheer's included James Ream, Norberto Bastida, and Jorge Romero. The Cheer's fished on both the Pacific and Cortez sides. The best action during the week was with trolled Rapalas along the beaches from the Hotel Solmar to El Pedregal. Cabo San Lucas local fishing area weather was hot and mostly calm with some wind in the mornings and water temperatures variable at 74 to 80 degrees.



SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas reported on 58 combined La Playita fleet pangas fishing off San Jose del Cabo, with a catch of: 77 dorado, 22 yellowfin tuna, 19 striped marlin, 4 sailfish, 9 amberjack, 46 huachinango, 16 cabrilla, 5 hammerhead shark, 32 yellowtail snapper, 12 jack crevalle, and 25 triggerfish. San Jose del Cabo fishing area water temperatures warmed to the low-80s and Brictson said, "For the next couple of months we will need to monitor weather reports closely, as this is the time when hurricanes can develop in a hurry." Live sardina bait was plentiful off the Puerto Los Cabos jetties as striped marlin as close as a mile from shore dominated offshore fish counts. "This week also had several reports of larger black marlin and blue marlin hookups around the Gordo Banks and north to Vinorama," Brictson said. Several snook to 30 pounds were reported landed off the San Jose del Cabo estuary. Dredging and rock jetty extension work continued on the recently opened but not yet operational Puerto Los Cabos marina.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: Bob Lewis of San Jose del Cabo relayed a fishing report from the Tomas Cantor charter panga fleet at La Playita beach for mostly bottom fish including snappers and amberjack plus some dorado on top. "Warmer water is moving in," Lewis said. "That should mean a tuna bite could start along with more consistent dorado and marlin for inshore boats." The new Puerto Los Cabos marina channel was widened further but still needed more dredging. "We are probably a couple of months away from being able to launch there," Lewis said.



EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly reported plenty of striped marlin in the East Cape fishing area but few larger blue marlin weighed in during the Bisbee's East Cape tournament. "The largest blue marlin was caught on the Tres Hermanos out of Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort," Graham said. "Angler Julio Cota took first at 418.0 pounds." A good sized 164.1-pound yellowfin tuna was also weighed in by angler John Martin who fished on the boat Wildcatter and some dorado over 50 pounds were also caught. "There were enough stripers showing up in the pattern that they were a distraction for the fleet that was targeting blues," Graham said. Inshore, some sardina bait fish reappeared along the beaches and roosterfish were seen in pairs and small pods. "They don’t seem to be too interested in eating," Graham said. "Occasionally a roosterfish will light up but the shots are few and far between." East Cape boats running south found some good action for skipjack and football yellowfin tuna. East Cape fishing area weather was mostly cloudy in the mid-90s, with water temperatures of 68 to 85 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Bisbee's Black & Blue Tournaments announced the results of the 2007 Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament held on July 31-Aug. 4, 2007, with 64 boats fishing 3 days and $351,300 in cash awards won. Final standings, in order: Blue marlin: Tres Hermanos, 418.0 pounds, Julio Cota; Wildcatter, 344.0 pounds; Finatic, 317.0 pounds. Dorado: La Hielera, 52.7, Douglas Arndt; Tres Hermanos, 52.1; Helena, 51.3 pounds. Yellowfin tuna: Wildcatter, 164.1 pounds, John Martin; J&B, 87.1 pounds.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Russ Fritz of La Ribera fished 2 days on his panga Soplado with Brad Meister on Thursday for a catch including released fish of: 2 small dorado, 22 triggerfish, 2 striped marlin released, and 1 striper that died. "Brad released a nice striped marlin in the morning," Fritz said. "Then we had a double hookup just after noon, releasing one marlin, but taking the smaller fish which was hooked through the eye. Unfortunately, it happens on lures." Earlier, Fritz said his Pezcifico team including Meister and Mike Loynes and his son Lucas was forced to cancel fishing in the East Cape Bisbee's tournament due to mechanical problems with his boat Morning Star. "Unfortunately, we were plagued with mechanical failures as well as parts unavailability," Fritz said. "We had to throw in the towel on Tuesday afternoon when a fuel line ruptured. Sad, but safer, we will live to fish another day."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Eddie Dalmau of Van Wormer Resorts reported on 305 East Cape charter fishing boats from Hotels Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol, and Punta Colorada, with a catch including released fish of: 48 blue marlin, 190 striped marlin, 56 sailfish, 305 dorado, 438 yellowfin tuna, 112 roosterfish, 13 wahoo, 13 cabrilla, 112 pargo, 100 triggerfish, 2 mako shark, 22 sierra, and 12 amberjack. East Cape fishing area weather was in the high-90s, with water temperatures of 76 to 85 degrees. "As the water starts to warm up and the bait fish become more abundant, the fishing is picking up," Dalmau said. "Blue marlin have been caught and released as big as 440 pounds."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Tammy Gaussoin of Rancho Buena Vista reported on 57 boats fishing during the week, with a catch including released fish of: 84 striped marlin, 4 blue marlin, 6 sailfish, 27 roosterfish, 36 dorado, 43 yellowfin tuna, and 2 wahoo. East Cape fishing area water temperatures averaged 74 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Torrance Eddy of Buena Vista reported on about 6 hours of local trolling with 3 lures out, a Jointed Rebel Fastrac and a cedar plug over 100 feet back, and a large hoochie about 35 feet back, for a catch of: 5 mackerel, 3 dorado of 6, 15, and "small" pounds, and 2 yellowfin tuna of 10 and 13 pounds. Some of the fish hit the Rebel Fastrac at a hotspot very close to shore in front of Hotel Palmas de Cortez. "Both tuna were caught on the Fastrac on the dotted line above the letter 'u' in the words 'Buena Vista' on the map of 'Bahia de Palmas' in the Second Edition of The Baja Catch," Eddy said. "Both tuna and dorado appear at this very spot surprisingly often. A fish finder is not necessary to find the drop-off. As you proceed down or up the coast, the water on one side of your boat is considerably darker than on the other. Zigzagging is okay but I was getting fish going straight along it while another boat that was zigzagging was not. But then again, I had a Fastrac." Eddy also noted that he has begun replacing the Rebel Fastrac's lightweight treble hooks with slightly stronger models of the same size. "The results speak for themselves," Eddy said. "The hooks need less straightening and the maximum potential fish size is increased."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Jeff deBrown of The Reel Baja East Cape fly fishing guide service said he's launched a new blog at that has photos and weekly fly fishing reports. East Cape beach fishing improved during the week for jacks and roosterfish. "If you got out and walked along the beach you had a very good chance to hook some in the 5 to 10-pound class," deBrown said. "I found enough to keep me running up and down the beach all day long. I also saw a fair number of bigger fish during the day but unfortunately there were no takers on these." Sardina bait again became available in the East Cape area. "With the sardina for chum my guests and I had some excellent inshore fishing for roosterfish," deBrown said. "Mike Bennett hooked and landed over 10 roosterfish between 5 and 10 pounds." Offshore fishing produced first-ever striped marlin for anglers Bobby and Tobie Fisher of Montana. East Cape fishing area weather was sunny and hot, with mostly flat seas.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: John Ireland of Rancho Leonero reported calm conditions in the East Cape fishing area, with the water temperature at 81 to 85 degrees, mixed blue marlin, striped marlin, and sailfish being taken on lures in all directions, and some larger dorado being caught. "Inshore there is very light fishing pressure with most boats opting for the outside," Ireland said. "The water has cleared and there are more sardina bait fish than we've seen for the last few months."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: For the previous week, Mark Chambers of Escondido, Calif., reported on an outing with Larry Nichols, Mike Ladner, and Tim Ladner out of Rancho Leonero with Capt. Manuel for a catch of 5 dorado including 4 fish over 40 pounds plus a small striped marlin released. Chambers said they fished north of the Punta Arena lighthouse and the fish hit on green lures and ballyhoo baits.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Simon Cazaly of the Vista Sea Sport East Cape dive service at Buena Vista said diving conditions at both Punta Perico south of La Paz and on East Cape's Cabo Pulmo coral reef improved last week, with visibility of 55 to 70 feet and water temperatures at depth up to the high-70s. Cazaly said, "At Punta Perico we were able to see all of the interesting rock formations down there and look out into the blue where we glimpsed a Hawksbill turtle cruising past. At Cabo Pulmo the change was remarkable. From the boat we could look down and see the bottom at 55 feet. Jumping in at El Bajo was just amazing. Finally being able to see all the marine life in one glimpse was a sensory overload."



LORETO, MEXICO: Patty Zapata of the Hotel Oasis reported generally good weather last week with water temperatures at 79 to 83 degrees and 22 pangas fishing daily with another large group of fly fishing anglers for a catch of: 120 small dorado, 10 marlin, 7 sailfish, and roosterfish averaging 10 pounds. Pangas fished at Bajo de Punta Lobos, Boyas de Mercenarios, south of Isla Catalana, and east of Punta Perico. "They did more trolling than casting," Zapata said. Another panga fished with conventional tackle at Bajo de Punta Lobos for 7 small dorado, 1 dorado of 31 pounds, and 10 triggerfish.

LORETO, MEXICO: Bill Erhardt of Loreto said, "I found decent fishing out of Loreto this week, but it was a long way out." Erhardt's boat Soledad fished 3 days about 40 to 60 miles out for a catch including released fish of: 13 dorado, 15 yellowfin tuna, 2 striped marlin broken off, and 1 blue marlin released. "On Friday," Erhardt said, "I found the water was flat calm with none of the whitecaps that have been the rule in the center of the Sea of Cortez all summer, so I trolled east looking for fish. About 60 miles out of the marina there was a boat with a longline set, the first I have seen out of Loreto this year. Trolling east along the line I found a school of dorado. I caught and released nine 10 to 15 pounders before I gave up on attracting any of the larger fish in the school. A couple of miles further and still in sight of the longline tender I caught 3 tuna and probably would have caught more if I had not hooked a blue marlin. It took over an hour to get the marlin to the boat with a little Avet reel that has a maximum drag of around 20 pounds. I would estimate the fish was around 250 pounds. He came in belly up, but tailed slowly away when I released him, righting himself as he drifted from sight. I think he probably survived." Loreto offshore water temperatures were found as high as 89.7 degrees a few miles east of Isla Coronado.

LORETO, MEXICO: Don Bear of Loreto said Capt. Paulino Martinez fished with clients from the Hotel Oasis on Saturday for a catch of: 4 dorado of 20 to 25 pounds plus a black marlin released at Bajo de Punta Lobos. "Paulino described the black marlin as weighing in excess of 200 kilos," Bear said. "He said the dorado bite was off because of the heavy cloud cover we have today." Earlier, Bear reported on 2 outings by his boat last week with Capt. Martinez and anglers Dick Muhl and Susan Rapach of New Zealand, running out 35 to 40 miles and fishing east of Bajo de Mercenarios for a total catch including released fish of: 11 dorado of 8 to 42 pounds, and 2 sailfish, both released. "We had both mackerel and sardinas in the bait tanks," Bear said. "Most strikes came on the mackerel, but one of the sailfish hit a sardine. At least a dozen strikes were lost. All strikes came while trolling. We did not find a school either day." Loreto fishing area weather was humid and partly cloudy, with moderately choppy seas, and offshore water temperatures at 84 to 85 degrees. "Other Loreto pangueros such as Joselino Murillo, Alejo Murillo, Tito Gaviota, and Andres Cota Arce more or less matched our experience," Bear said. "Other pangueros had a tuna or two. Capt. Juan Pablo of the Tropicana reported catching tuna from a school 8 miles east of Isla San Ildefonso."

LORETO, MEXICO: Pam Bolles of Baja Big Fish Company reported continued sluggish dorado action but consistent fishing inshore for pargo, cabrilla, and roosterfish. "The larger dorado that have been seen have been cruising below the schooling populations and described as being lethargic or spooked," Bolles said. "Dorado have been caught pretty much everywhere but there has been little sargasso out there holding hungry fish." Loreto fishing area weather was still cooler than normal in the high-90s, with water temperatures offshore at 76 to 85 degrees and inshore at 75 to 79 degrees.

LORETO, MEXICO: Thomas Cox and his group fished on their boat 23 miles northeast of Loreto in rough 84-degree water for a 250-pound class blue marlin broken off on light tackle that came right back and hit a heavier setup and brought 3 large dorado with it. "Thirty minutes into the blue marlin fight the bait had slid up the line and we saw a bull dorado thrashing the water trying to get the mackerel," Cox said. "We ended up with a quadruple hookup of 3 dorado and 1 marlin." A total of 7 dorado of 25 to 35 pounds were all landed in the same spot. A tuna trip the following day was diverted to inshore pargo and cabrilla due to rough seas.

LORETO, MEXICO: Troy Cline of the Fishin' For The Mission charity benefit tournament held in Loreto on July 12-14, 2007, said 82 boats fishing the first day and 80 boats fishing the second day had a total catch of: 164 dorado, 8 yellowfin tuna, 1 amberjack, 1 jack crevalle, and 2 wahoo. The winning boats: Dorado division, Second Wind with Frank Wooten, 2-fish total of 65.6 pounds. Open division, Cracker Jack with Mike and Rosie Schafer, total weight of 63.2 pounds. Charity donations included $4,600 to local schools, $10,500 to the Loreto mission, and $10,500 to Internado, a school for poor children. About $25,000 in prizes was also given out at the awards banquet and captain's meeting. "We look forward to making next year better than ever," Cline said. "All sponsors are on board."

LORETO, MEXICO: Jim Zacharias of Lakeway, Texas, reported on 2 days of fishing out of Arturo's Sportfishing for a catch of: 2 yellowtail on live mackerel bait, lots of pinto bass or spotted cabrilla on cut squid, and 1 marlin lost. "We fished in between Isla Carmen and Isla Coronado using live bait," Zacharias said. "We then fished in another area trolling for dorado to no avail. We spotted 2 more marlin south of Isla Carmen and they were not interested and then had a sailfish chase our bait for a short time, but he was not too hungry either."



MULEGE, MEXICO: Jody Hawkins of Twin Falls, Idaho, reported on 4 outings by his boat last week for so-so action on 3 days but a hot catch-and-release bite for 21 dorado on Friday at a weed paddy about 20 miles out on a heading of 030 degrees. "We found the golden, literally, paddy," Hawkins said. "We used live and dead bait with circle hooks and only had to keep 2 foul hooked fish." Other action during the week included some peanut dorado and 1 small yellowfin tuna outside Punta Concepción, and spearfishing for leopard grouper and dog snapper on some local spots. Mulege fishing area water temperatures were variable at about 83 degrees. "It seems most fish are in about 83 degrees," Hawkins said. "I saw about 80 degrees at bait spots, dorado in 83 degrees, and hit 84.5 degrees at about 20 miles out but it seemed sterile." Mulege sea conditions were fair to super flat. For the previous week, Hawkins reported some rough weather and a long run to Isla Tortuga on Saturday for 2 hookups on sailfish plus 1 dorado in 84-degree water on the way in while trolling to the south end of Isla San Marcos.

MULEGE, MEXICO: Mike Bowers of Meridian, Idaho, returned from an extended stay at Punta Chivato north of Mulege and reported catches by his boat El Sueno including marlin, sailfish, dorado, and yellowfin tuna, but heavy commercial fishing in the area. "The purse seiner fleet was inside the mouth Bahia Concepción," Bowers said. "One evening we counted 13 of these seiners. Between that, the gill nets we saw all along the beach, and the longlines we ran into on the outside there is going to be an impact on the fishing."



SANTA ROSALIA, MEXICO: Mike Kanzler of Isla San Marcos returned to the island from a trip to the U.S. and reported Santa Rosalia fishing area weather balmy in the low-90s, with normal 10-knot prevailing southeasterly winds in the afternoons. Inshore water was stained blue-green at 78 to 80 degrees with visibility at 10 to 20 feet. Offshore water was cobalt blue at 80 to 83 degrees with over 80 feet of visibility. A run outside to Isla Tortuga with Danny Chiquete, his son Irving, and Kanzler's son Michael produced just 2 cabrilla of 4 to 9 pounds and 2 yellowtail in the high 20-pound class using live mackerel on dropper loops and 12-ounce sinkers. "We fished the whole island from 140 feet out to 400 feet," Kanzler said. "One yellowtail came off the Punta Azul 400-foot deep seamount and the other about 280 feet deep. The fish are deep and will likely stay there until December."



SAN CARLOS, MEXICO: Fernando Almada of Catch-22 Sportfishing reported the results of the 60th International Billfish Tournament held at San Carlos on July 19-22, 2007, with 46 boats and 133 anglers fishing 2 days for a catch including released fish of: 114 sailfish, 26 marlin, 62 dorado, 10 tuna, and 3 wahoo. Tournament winners were: Team, Que Rico; Men's Angler, Bruce Cowgil, Aquatic; Women's Angler, Joline Keller, Que Rico; Junior Angler, Cole Williamson, Kriptonite; and Captain, Pilo Quintana, Que Rico. "Friday, we had some rain and some strong winds," Almada said. "All the boats went out. The ocean was rough but most of the hardcore anglers of San Carlos decided to stay out and play. On Saturday it was still a little rough, but nothing compared to the previous day so all the boats went out and had some good fishing."

SAN CARLOS, MEXICO: John Hilderbrand of Jon Jen Charters reported the San Carlos charter boats JonJen and JonJen II with catches of sailfish, tuna, and dorado during the week, but some slow days for both boats including Tuesday in rough conditions as only 4 or 5 boats went out. For the previous week, boats found better action about 24 miles out of San Carlos on headings of about 195 degrees.

SAN CARLOS, MEXICO: Norman Don of Tucson reported on an outing by the boat Doc Marlin the previous Sunday for 1 football tuna and 3 bull dorado caught 24 miles out on a heading of 195 degrees in exceptionally calm sea conditions and air temperatures in the low-90s. Also fishing aboard the Doc Marlin were anglers Phil Worcester and Michael Don. "We left Tucson on at 8 a.m. Saturday, arrived at San Carlos at 1 p.m., were on the water at 2 p.m., fished until 1 p.m. Sunday, left San Carlos at 2 p.m., and arrived home at 7:30 p.m.," Don said. "Talk about a marathon trip."



MAZATLAN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 18 Aries Fleet offshore charter boats out of Mazatlan's Marina El Cid, with a catch including released fish of: 1 blue marlin, 3 striped marlin, 20 sailfish, 59 dorado, and 18 yellowfin tuna. "It was another incredibly good fishing week at Mazatlan as the local dorado bite rages on and on with easy limit fishing," Edwards said. "Even the offshore fishing shot upwards this week with a good mix of billfish, dorado, and yellowfin tuna." Mazatlan fishing area weather was partly cloudy at 90 degrees, with calm seas and water temperatures at 83 degrees. Dorado fishing continued to be concentrated a local buoys and offshore boats ran 23 to 28 miles out for billfish and tuna. "Rigged baits were the hot ticket for the billfish, and again, everything seemed to work for the dorado," Edwards said.



IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Ed Kunze, reporting for Baja On The Fly, said outstanding inshore Ixtapa fishing continued for roosterfish and jack crevalle last week, with roosterfish averaging 30 to 40 pounds and some taken that were estimated into the 75-pound class. Jack crevalle averaged about 15 pounds. Offshore fishing for Ixtapa Zihuatanejo boats slowed down over the full moon phase but included a sailfish and a blue marlin estimated at 450 pounds for the panga Gitana II with Capt. Adan Valdovinos. "The Gitana II was back at the dock by 10:20 in the morning," Kunze said. "The client was worn out and had enough for the day." Ixtapa Zihuatanejo sportfishing boats also averaged about 2 sailfish per day and yellowfin tuna to 80 pounds were seen 35 miles out. Ixtapa fishing area weather was partly cloudy in the low-90s, with water temperatures of 80 to 84 degrees.

IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said, "Dramatically improved inshore conditions led to a very good bite last week in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo." A group of 12 anglers led by Lad Shunneson fished 22 boat days on the Dos Hermanos I, Dos Hermanos II, Janeth, Secuestro de Amor, and Marfel, for a total of 36 roosterfish landed, with the 5 largest fish at 40, 43, 55, 60, and 75 pounds, plus 41 jack crevalle to about 25 pounds, 61 bonito, and 42 needlefish. "The group also ran a few offshore trips but was only able to land 5 sailfish," Edwards said. "The yellowfin tuna bite was at the 35-mile mark but most boats did not make the run." Ixtapa fishing area weather was cloudy and humid in the low-90s, with offshore water temperatures as high as 87 degrees.



CANCUN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 19 outings by the El Cid Caribe sportfishing fleet at Puerto Morelos near Cancun, with a catch including released fish of: 5 sailfish, 17 giant Atlantic barracuda, 11 king mackerel, 2 grouper, and 13 snappers. "Most of the boats that fished a little farther offshore during a 6 to 8-hour day had at least one opportunity for a sailfish," Edwards said. Cancun fishing area weather was cloudy and humid in the mid-90s, with water temperatures stable at 85 degrees. Most boats fished with skirted ballyhoo baits.

La Paz Mexico Fishing Photo 1 La Paz Mexico Fishing Photo 2

DORADO KID STUFF--Dorado were so thick at times at La Paz last week it was next to impossible not to catch them. Five-year-old Ezra Kinche got into the Baja scene while fishing with his parents on a Tailhunter International panga, but said Tailhunter's Jonathan Roldan, "He says he enjoyed playing with the pufferfish the best!" At right, Neil and Kathy Soto of San Bernardino, Calif., at Puerto Balandra, enjoyed a great dorado day with Tailhunter International while fishing the La Paz side around Isla Espiritu Santo. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JONATHAN ROLDAN.

La Paz Mexico Fishing Photo 3 La Paz Mexico Fishing Photo 4

GOOD LA PAZ ACTION--Fishing was good to excellent on both sides of the hill at La Paz last week for a variety of offshore species. With a nice catch of wahoo and dorado caught on the Las Arenas side with Tortuga Sportfishing are, from left, David Lievanos, Greg Garcia, Richard Hunter, and David Garcia, all of Orange County, Calif. At right, Richard Hunter with one of the roosterfish he caught with Tortuga last week. PHOTOS COURTESY OF GERARDO HERNANDEZ.

Ensenada Mexico Fishing Photo 1

ENSENADA YELLOWTAIL QUEST--Joe Ludka, right, and his group scored on 11 yellowtail to 35 pounds last week while kelp paddy hopping about 35 miles out of Ensenada on the Sergio's charter boat Quest. Also fishing were, from left, Ludka's brothers James and Rick, and Quest deckhands Jose and Pelon. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JOE LUDKA.

Ensenada Mexico Fishing Photo 2

ENSENADA FLATS HALIBUT--Paul Beachley, right, of Los Angeles, Calif., made a near shore fishing run on the flats inside Ensenada's Bahia de Todos Santos on Saturday aboard a Vonny's Fleet panga with Capt. Beto Zamora for halibut limits and some nice sandbass. PHOTO COURTESY OF IVAN VILLARINO.

Ensenada Mexico Fishing Photo 3

KEVIN'S FIRST DORADO--Kevin Pianko fished in calm 70-degree water around Ensenada's 238 spot last week with his father Stan Pianko aboard their boat Mel's Diamond for a catch of 4 yellowtail plus this nice dorado that was Kevin's first-ever. PHOTO COURTESY OF STAN PIANKO.

Castro's Camp Mexico Fishing Photo 1 Castro's Camp Mexico Fishing Photo 2

CASTRO'S WHITE SEABASS--Bill Stout, left, his son Dimitri, and Felix Blushtein got into a good run of 3 white seabass of 35 to 48 pounds while fishing with Krocodiles out of Castro's Camp south of Ensenada. They also scored a cooler full of rock fish. At right, Felix Blushtein with a real nice croaker on the boat. PHOTOS COURTESY OF BILL STOUT.

San Quintin Mexico Fishing Photo 1

CROAKER HIDE-AND-SEEK--White seabass action at San Quintin has been moving from place to place daily, but some boats hit the jackpot. Here's Capt. Jaime Garcia, left, out of Don Eddie's Landing with 9 nice croakers found at Playa San Ramon with anglers, from second left, Roberta Ganz, Jeff Riolo, Linda Riolo, and Frank Riolo. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARITA MELVILLE.

San Quintin Mexico Fishing Photo 2

QUINTIN SUMMER FISHING--Christian Catian of San Quintin's K&M Offshore Sportfishing with a deck load of dorado and yellowtail caught during good action in blue 70-degree water as close as 12 miles out. PHOTO COURTESY OF KELLY CATIAN.

Magdalena Bay Mexico Fly Fishing Photo 1

MAGDALENA MANGROVE GROUPER--Jamie Pierre of Seattle, Wash., had double-digit broomtail grouper action last week while fishing with fly tackle near Magdalena Bay's Boca Santo Domingo. PHOTO COURTESY OF BAJA ON THE FLY.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Fishing Photo 1 Cabo San Lucas Mexico Fishing Photo 2

CABO PEZ FUERTE--Capt. Ramon Druck of the Cabo San Lucas charter panga Cheer's with a nice inshore amberjack, or pez fuerte in Spanish, caught during fishing with clients last week that also included yellowfin tuna, dorado, and sierra. At right, James Ream with a couple of nice summer sierra caught aboard the Cheer's while fishing tight to the beach on the Pacific side along Hotels Solmar and Finisterra. PHOTOS COURTESY OF RAMON DRUCK.

East Cape Mexico Fishing Photo 1

DORADO AT EAST CAPE--Mark Chambers, right, and his group fished out of East Cape's Rancho Leonero in late July for a great dorado catch including 4 fish over 40 pounds with Capt. Manuel. Also fishing were, from left, Tim Ladner, Mike Ladner, and Larry Nichols. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARK CHAMBERS.

East Cape Mexico Bisbee's Fishing Tournament Photo 1

BISBEE'S DORADO PAYOFF--The Cabo San Lucas charter boat Cabo Magic, flagship of Cabo Magic Sportfishing, took a cash prize of $11,250 for the third day dorado jackpot in last week's Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament. Shown at Buena Vista Beach Resort are, Bisbee's Tournaments founder Bob Bisbee, second from left, and the Cabo Magic team, beginning fourth from left, of Capt. Hector Ayala, Tommy Garcia, and first mate Charlie Garcia. PHOTO COURTESY OF LORI GARCIA.

Loreto Mexico Fishing Photo 1

CONVENTIONAL GEAR DORADO--While swarms of peanut dorado were being found by fly anglers at Loreto last week, Priest, Henry, and Roman Medina, left to right, fished with conventional tackle and caught, yup, mostly more peanuts, but also a nice 31 pounder. They fished out of the Hotel Oasis at Baja de Punta Lobos with Capt. Arturo Quintana. PHOTO COURTESY OF PATTY ZAPATA.

Loreto Mexico Fishing Photo 2

BLUE MARLIN TEASER--Thomas Cox, right, and his group scored on 7 dorado into the 35-pound class when the dodos lit up around a blue marlin they had been fighting for about 30 minutes in 84-degree water 23 miles off Loreto. Also fishing were, from left, Travis Cox, Tom Salisbury, and Larry Cox. PHOTO COURTESY OF THOMAS COX.

Loreto Mexico Fishing Photo 3

DORADO NO, YELLOWTAIL SI--Jim Zacharias of Lakeway, Texas, fished between Loreto's Islas Carmen and Coronado in July out of Arturo's Sportfishing and found the dorado unwilling but caught yellowtail both days using live mackerel baits about 150 feet deep. He also caught a lot of spotted cabrilla on cut squid bait. PHOTO COURTESY OF JIM ZACHARIAS.

Mulege Mexico Fishing Photo 1 Mulege Mexico Commercial Fishing Photo 1

MIKE'S MARLIN--Mike Bowers with a striped marlin caught during his extended stay at Punta Chivato north of Mulege this summer. Fishing by Bower's boat El Sueno also included dorado, sailfish, and yellowfin tuna. At right, commercial fishing inside the mouth of Bahia Concepción during Bower's trip included a fleet of at least 13 seiners, plus gill nets and longlines. PHOTOS COURTESY OF MIKE BOWERS.

Mulege Mexico Spearfishing Photo 1

MULEGE SPEARFISHING SNAPPER--Jody Hawkins' fishing last week at Mulege produced some good catch-and-release dorado action about 20 miles out with rod and reel plus this nice dog snapper while spearfishing off Punta Concepción. PHOTO COURTESY OF JODY HAWKINS.

Santa Rosalia Mexico Fishing Photo 1

DOWN DEEP YELLOWTAIL--Home guard yellowtail are in deep summer water at Santa Rosalia and here's one of two nice ones caught 280 to 400 feet down at Isla Tortuga during fishing aboard Mike Kanzler's boat out of Isla San Marcos. From left are: Danny "Piojo Loco" Chiquete, Irving "Piojo Jr.," and Miguel Kanzler. PHOTO COURTESY OF MIKE KANZLER.

Loreto Mexico Marlin Release Photo 1

BLUE MARLIN RELEASE--Bill Erhardt of Loreto caught and released this blue marlin on Friday while fishing 56 miles northeast of the marina. The fish, estimated at 250 pounds, was hooked on light tackle and came to the boat belly up. However, it swam away under its own power. In a welcome day of good fishing out of Loreto, Erhardt also caught 11 dorado, 3 yellowfin tuna, and hooked a striped marlin that broke off before it could be released. PHOTO COURTESY OF BILL ERHARDT.

San Carlso Mexico Fishing Photo 1

SAN CARLOS DODOS--Tom Brennan fished aboard the charter boat JonJen II at San Carlos, Sonora, for some quality dorado action including this nice one, and a real biggie whose tail can be seen behind him sticking out of a 162-quart ice chest. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOHN HILDERBRAND.

San Carlso Mexico Fishing Photo 2 San Carlso Mexico Fishing Photo 3

BLUE AND GOLD--Norman Don, right, and Phil Worcester with a beautiful pair of dorado caught aboard the boat Doc Marlin last week about 24 miles out of San Carlos, Sonora. The outing also produced another dorado and a football yellowfin tuna. At right, Don with a San Carlos schoolie tuna. PHOTOS COURTESY OF NORMAN DON.

San Carlso Mexico Fishing Tournament Photo 1 San Carlso Mexico Fishing Tournament Photo 2

SAN CARLOS TOURNAMENT WINNERS--The boat Que Rico took top honors at this year's 60th International Billfish Tournament, with its team, from left, of: Capt. Pilo Quintana (top captain), Ernesto Zaragoza, Steve Calvert, Brian Lovette, Joline Keller (top woman angler), first mate Sergio, and John Keller." PHOTOS COURTESY OF FERNANDO ALMADA.

Isla Carmen Mexico Cliff Jumping Photo 1

WINDY DAY FUN--Thomas Cox and his group found good dorado action plus a blue marlin during their fishing trip to Loreto, but on windy days they stayed in sheltered water and did a little cliff jumping at Isla Carmen. PHOTO COURTESY OF THOMAS COX.

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