Tuna and dorado ripping for La Paz sportfishing pangas;

Mazatlan boats score blue marlin

Mexico Fishing News, October 22, 2007



LA PAZ, MEXICO: Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International said action for dorado and yellowfin tuna at Las Arenas was good enough last week to pull anglers fishing north at La Paz over to the south side of the hill.

"Las Arenas is so fishy that almost all of our clients have been switching over," Roldan said. "It's almost silly. The bait was generally right up on the beach. Limits of both tuna and dorado were sometimes had within an hour." Fish sizes in the teens early in the week were including some tuna and dorado to 30 pounds by the weekend as large Humboldt giant squid and some wahoo and sailfish were also caught. La Paz fishing area weather was cooling with some continued north winds.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Gerardo Hernandez of Tortuga Sportfishing said his pangas fishing on the Las Arenas side found excellent action for yellowfin tuna and dorado of 15 to 20 pounds while dodging winds around Ensenada de los Muertos and San Isidro. Good concentrations of Humboldt squid and sardina bait were found in both locations. "Due to the wind, we haven't had any boats go out to the 88 Bank," Hernandez said, "but it didn't matter because we have plenty of fish nearby." La Paz fishing area weather had some continued north winds that did not stop boats from going out and some swell from distant Pacific side tropical stormy weather.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Leonard Phillips of Baja Pirates Fleet said yellowfin tuna of 15 to 20 pounds were caught at Isla Cerralvo and dorado of 20 to 30 pounds were found off the south end of Isla Espiritu Santo on the La Paz side. "The north winds are beginning to blow, making things rough," Phillips said. "Bait is becoming harder to come by, but when you are successful, dorado fishing is a lock." La Paz-side fishing area weather was in the low-90s, with cooling water temperatures in the low-80s.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: David Jones of Fishermen's Fleet reported consistent action for yellowfin tuna of 12 to 30 pounds off Hotel Las Arenas, Punta Perico, and the southeast corner of Isla Cerralvo at Los Viejos. "They have generally been coming on sardines, slow trolling live, drifting live, drifting live with small rubber cores, and piling dead bait," Jones said. "The bite ranges between wide-open and a fish every 15 minutes."

In other mainland Mexico and Baja fishing action this week:



ENSENADA, MEXICO: Ivan Villarino of Vonny's Fleet said all Ensenada pangas fishing during the week scored limits or near limits of mixed bottom fish and bonito, plus the usual bonus yellowtail landed by Jay Johnson fishing with his regular skipper Beto Zamora on the Vonny I. "Jay did it again," Villarino said. "He and Beto had limits of reds, a few lingcod, and a nice 28-pound yellowtail." Other panga anglers with full ice chests included Raymond Leon Arispe, Maria Teresa Arispe, Joan Takemoto, Masaharu Takemoto, Greg Aamodt, and Stephanie Aamodt. Ensenada fishing area weather was mostly sunny in the high-60s, with some fog, light winds, ocean swells to 4 feet, and the water temperature at Punta Banda averaging 59 degrees.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Sammy Susarrey of Lily Fleet reported on an offshore outing by the boat Trobin Robin out of Ensenada's Marina Coral on Friday, fishing up to 47 miles out on a heading of 237 degrees for a catch of: 8 yellowfin tuna of 12 pounds, 1 dorado of 20 pounds, and 5 skipjack of 10 pounds. "All the fish were caught in open water on Zuker feathers," Susarrey said. "We found 2 kelp paddies, but they had no fish." Ensenada fishing water offshore around the 295 spot was clear at 67.6 degrees. Gordo's had 4-inch sardines for bait.



PUERTO SANTO TOMAS, MEXICO: Joe Branco of Riverside, Calif., reported on 2 days of panga fishing with Capt. Willy at Puerto Santo Tomas for a catch with trip partner Joe Lujan of: 1 yellowtail of about 20 pounds, some smaller yellowtail, lots of rockcods, lingcod, and whitefish, and 1 halibut of 15 pounds. The larger yellowtail was caught while trolling towards Soledad Reef north of Punta Santo Tomas and the bottom fish about 85 feet deep just outside the bay. "Joe Lujan caught all the big ones on this trip," Branco said. "We had Mexican full limits." Puerto Santo Tomas fishing area weather was good on both days.



ERENDIRA, MEXICO: Tere Castro of Castro's Camp reported 20 boats fishing the Baja coast off Erendira during the week in variable weather conditions for catches of mixed bottom fish species, rockcods, lingcod, calico bass, and whitefish. Baja offshore water temperatures averaged 60 degrees in the main fishing area 11 miles off the coast.



SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Marita Melville of Don Eddie's Landing reported continued winds and few anglers present in the San Quintin fishing area last week, as Don Eddie's Capt. Juan Cook went out commercial fishing with Rogelio Calderon north of Isla San Martin. "Capt. Juan went out for a day of commercial fishing for rockcod due to a lack of customers," Melville said. "The morning started out calm but in the afternoon the winds picked up. There were swells but the water was not breaking. They spent a good part of the day and afternoon out on the water. They came in with 175 kilos of rockcod that they took to all the restaurants in the San Quintin area." San Quintin fishing area water temperatures averaged 58 degrees.

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Arturo Mandujano of Gonzo's Sport Fishing said anglers fishing 4 mid-October days at San Quintin aboard the charter boat Juliette with Capt. Francisco Berelleza found some strong winds at Socorro and Arroyo Hondo but still produced good counts of rockcods, calico bass, whitefish, barracuda, sandbass, and 4 yellowtail to 30 pounds. "With catches of up to 6 rockcod per line at one time, you know the fish are biting," Mandujano said.



BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Shari Bondy of Baja Bed & Breakfast at Bahia Asuncion on the Baja's central Pacific coast said many pangas were working the lobster, sea snail, and seaweed harvests. Fishing from the beach in front of the village produced good catches of halibut. "Yesterday a youngster got 12 halibut in half-an-hour!" Bondy said. Panga outings with Capt. Juan Arce Marron of Arce Bros. Sportfishing produced catches including a large, 22.5-kilo yellowtail at Cerro Plomo just north of San Roque with angler Zac Johnston of San Diego. "The yellowtail was a record for this area of the coast," Bondy said. "It was a frustrating morning as the bonita were taking all the lures and then wind came up early creating choppy seas. There had been strong westerly winds all week." The big yellowtail was caught in water at 65 to 70 degrees.

BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Zac Johnston described his big yellowtail trip with Capt. Arce, saying, "Winds made the boat ride to San Pablo challenging. We heard yellowtail were in the area but we only found bonita. We trolled Rapalas and jigged but found nothing. We decided to fish back towards Bahia Asuncion as some lobster fisherman said they saw yellowtail near the long sandy beach south of San Pablo. We were rewarded when Juan caught a monster yellowtail that weighed in at the fish cooperative at 49.5 pounds. While not official, locals said it was the biggest fish caught in the area that anyone could recall. We called it a day as the winds were picking up. We were probably half-a-mile mile off shore. The yellowtail hit a Rapala CD18 with a red nose and white body. This color combo has been good for us, especially for bigger fish. The bonito were plentiful and we were trying to avoid them. We caught maybe 7 to 8 and most were football size."

BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Tom Greene of Cedros Adventures said he had a group of anglers flying to Isla Cedros off the Baja central Pacific coast for a trip beginning Oct. 26, 2007. Information: cedrosadventures@hotmail.com.

BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Jose Angel Pacheco of Cedros Outdoor Adventures in San Ysidro said his company is also setting up ecotourism and fishing trips to Isla Cedros and Isla San Benito for 2008. Information, www.CedrosOutdoorAdventures.com.



MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: Bill Erhardt of Loreto reported on 2 solo outings from Puerto Lopez Mateos on the open Pacific aboard his trailer boat Soledad, fishing the Thetis Bank area and northwards along the Ridge in slow action for a catch of: 1 wahoo of 44 pounds, and incidental small dorado, yellowtail, and sierra. "I saw no yellowfin tuna or marlin," Erhardt said. Magdalena Bay offshore water temperatures were at 73 degrees, about 10 degrees cooler than 2 weeks earlier, after a period of steady winds. "Sea life in the area had decreased with the drop in water temperature," Erhardt said. "The long range boat Shogun was on the ridge Friday, but I saw no other sportfishing boats." Magdalena Bay fishing area weather was windy with large swells and fog at the Boca de Soledad opening to the Pacific.

MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly said windy and sloppy sea conditions kept most local Magdalena Bay fishing boats on the beach during the week. Dorado and football tuna were found outside Boca de Soledad and offshore yachts reported double-digit billfish action to the south between Punta Tosca and the Finger Bank. Magdalena Bay fishing area weather was sunny and windy in the low-90s, with water temperatures of 72 to 82 degrees.

MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: Sonia Petersen of Lopez Sportsman's Lodge at Puerto Lopez Mateos reported good broomtail grouper fishing near town. "On Thursday Capt. Chico left to net shrimp for bait in the lodge's 12-foot bait panga, the Dos Hermanos," Petersen said. "Twenty minutes from the lodge he caught a nice stringer of broomtails. Although he is a commercial fisherman, Chico fishes only with hook and line."



CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Jorge Narro of Pisces Fleet Sportfishing said 66 percent of charters released billfish during the week, 66 percent landed dorado, and 90 percent caught all game fish species combined. Top outings during the week included an 8-striped marlin release day for the charter boat Swinger and two 8-release days for Ni Modo. Narro said 70 Cabo San Lucas boats fished 3 days in the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament for a total of 161 billfish released including 119 striped marlin, 39 blue marlin, 2 sailfish, and 1 black marlin. In the money were: First place, Outcast, 566-pound blue marlin, $134,550; second place, Bad Company, 406-pound blue marlin, $275,433; third place, Get Over It, 378-pound blue marlin, $139,983; largest striped marlin, Ninja, 202 pounds, $169,741; top release boat, Summertime, 16 releases, $41,000.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: For the previous week, Tracy Ehrenberg of Pisces Fleet Sportfishing said the week's count of 246 striped marlin, 10 blue marlin, and 1 sailfish was the highest combined total ever for Pisces Fleet. "All but 2 of the blues were released," Ehrenberg said. "One of the most outstanding days was October 8th with 83 striped marlin released. Surely this must be the best place on earth to fish right now." Dorado action was intense for some boats, as up to 30 dorado were caught and most released. "We are asking anglers to respect catch limits," Ehrenberg said. Cabo San Lucas fishing area weather was mostly calm and clear, with water temperatures of 79 to 84 degrees.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: George Landrum of Fly Hooker Sportfishing said fall season north winds reached 10 to 20 knots on both sides of the arch during the week, with water temperatures holding at 82 to 85 degrees. "Most of the blue marlin action was found around the 95 spot and farther up the Sea of Cortez," Landrum said. Yellowfin tuna larger than football size were few and scattered as the 2 largest tuna weighed during the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament were at about 70 and just under 100 pounds. "It's tournament time again and I am busy," Landrum said. "The Bisbee’s Black & Blue is this coming week. I’ll let you know how much we won next week!"

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 60 outings by Gaviota Fleet and the Cabo charter boats Fish Cabo and Fish Cabo I, with a catch including released fish of: 303 dorado, 1 black marlin, 46 striped marlin, 1 sailfish, 1 Humboldt giant squid, 4 wahoo, and 107 yellowfin tuna. Yellowfin tuna catches included a 135 pounder landed by the charter boat Fish Cabo I. "Dorado fishing has continued building and most of the fish are in the 30 to 50-pound range," Edwards said. Fleet boats targeted billfish and dorado on the Pacific side banks and yellowfin tuna off San Jose del Cabo on the Sea of Cortez side. "Overall billfish counts have fallen as customers target dorado," Edwards said. Cabo San Lucas fishing area weather was sunny in the mid-90s, with water temperatures of 80 to 85 degrees and some southeast swell from distant Tropical Storm Kiko which was expected to pass about 200 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Jim Dillon of Salvador's Sportfishing reported on 13 outings by the Cabo San Lucas charter boats El Budster, El Budster I, and El Budster II, with a catch including released fish of: 8 striped marlin, 4 wahoo of 35 to 40 pounds, 9 yellowfin tuna of 20 to 60 pounds, 45 dorado of 15 to 35 pounds, and 2 boats with dorado limits at 20 to 30 pounds.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Grant Hartman of the Baja Anglers Cabo San Lucas fly fishing guide service said cooler air temperatures and fall-like fishing conditions prevailed at the tip of Baja last week. "Yellowfin tuna are located anywhere from Cabo to the Iman bank off San Jose," Hartman said. "They are mostly footballs, but there are some fish over 100 pounds being taken." Hartman noted that for the first time in 12 years he is not fishing in the big Cabo San Lucas fall fishing tournaments. "I wanted to skip this year, a sabbatical of sorts," Hartman said.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: For the previous week, Roxanne Crismond of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., reported on an outing aboard the Cabo San Lucas charter boat Don Pancho for a catch of 7 dorado and a 475-pound marlin landed by Robert Fuerstenberg, also of Fort Lauderdale. Also fishing aboard the Dos Panchos were Robert and Kristen Crismond.



SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas reported on 142 combined La Playita fleet pangas fishing off San Jose del Cabo, with a catch of: 748 yellowfin tuna of mostly 15 to 20 pounds, 206 dorado, 12 rainbow runner, 16 wahoo, 6 sailfish, 8 striped marlin, 26 cabrilla, 14 dog snapper, 110 triggerfish , 135 pargo, and 24 sierra. "Anglers are now arriving in Los Cabos in anticipation of the Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament," Brictson said. "Excitement is in the air and this year’s event is slated to have perhaps the largest cash payout in the history of sportfishing." La Playita combined fleet pangas found good action in variable conditions at Santa Maria, Red Hill, the Gordo Banks, and north to the Iman Bank. Yellowfin tuna catches included 1 fish of 96 pounds. Surf anglers reported a few good-sized snook hooked on both bait and artificials around the San Jose estuary. Brictson noted that work on the Puerto Los Cabos Marina has been stalled lately. "Construction has slowed to a crawl during the past month," Brictson said. "It's a bit frustrating for residents and panga fleet operators. Patience is necessary on projects such as this. We are optimistic that the marina will be in operation before the end of the year."

SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: Rene De La Cova of Vista, Calif., reported a very large black marlin weighed at 798 pounds landed at the Gordo Banks after a tough, 4-hour fight aboard the Julio Zumaya fleet charter boat La Leona II on Oct. 14, 2007. "When we got to the Gordo, there were plenty of skipjack boiling all over the place," De La Cova said. "We rigged the first skippie and as we were letting the line out, the marlin grabbed it and headed straight down. We never saw it. I did not have a harness and the chair on the boat did not swivel. We broke 4 gimbals. A good Samaritan on a Cabo sport fisher approached our boat and threw us a harness. I was able to give my hands and arms a rest and continue the battle. After a 4-hour fight, the fish surfaced. The fish tipped the scales at 798 pounds. I have caught my share of striped marlin but never anything like this. For me it was the experience of a lifetime. I've always said that I would like to catch a 1,000-pound marlin, but I have since reconsidered unless I have the proper gear." The La Leona was skippered by Capt. Arturo Castillo, with first mate Sergio Carrillo.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: Bob Lewis of San Jose del Cabo reported on an outing from La Playita on Friday with Capt. Tony Miranda aboard the San Jose del Cabo charter panga Hooker for a catch of 9 yellowfin tuna to about 15 pounds. "The Hooker is a new generation 26-foot super panga and Tony is a great captain," Lewis said. "The fleet is fishing the Iman bank and catches are small tuna, dorado, wahoo and marlin. Fish counts were high but tuna size was very small, ranging from 8 to 15 pounds." San Jose del Cabo fishing area weather was mostly calm with light afternoon winds. La Playita pangas were catching large cabrilla, pargo, and some amberjack. Lewis also noted the nearly 800-pound black marlin caught off San Jose del Cabo by Rene De La Cova. "The Bisbee's guys were very excited to hear about this," Lewis said. "The fish of a lifetime."



EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly said East Cape beach fishing suffered from windy conditions that turned inshore water "the color of Starbucks coffee" last week. "The good news is the sierra have returned and could be found feeding on sardina," Graham said. Offshore billfish and tuna counts picked up as East Cape dorado numbers faded. Joe and Nick Turano of Houston, Texas, had a good day offshore with 11 billfish raised, and 1 marlin plus 3 sailfish hooked. East Cape fishing area weather was clear in the mid-90s, with some wind and water temperatures of 77 to 85 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: John Ireland of Rancho Leonero reported yellowfin tuna and dorado numbers rebounding on Friday after a lull earlier during the week. "The yellowfin bite really picked up Friday with limits for all anglers," Ireland said. "The average fish is around 20 pounds. Dorado were slow the first 4 days of the week but the bite returned at the same time as the tuna. The boats are averaging 3 or 4 dorado of about 12 pounds." Billfish action was steady for striped marlin and sailfish, plus about 3 or 4 blue marlin released by the fleet per day. Inshore fishing was mediocre with bait less abundant and the water rougher. East Cape fishing area weather was in the low-90s, with afternoon breezes and the water temperature at 81 to 83 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Eddie Dalmau of Van Wormer Resorts reported on 295 East Cape charter fishing boats from Hotels Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol, and Punta Colorada, with a catch including released fish of: 752 yellowfin tuna, 360 dorado, 20 blue marlin, 120 striped marlin, 56 sailfish, 190 roosterfish, 25 wahoo, 17 cabrilla, 46 pargo, 8 ladyfish, 30 triggerfish, 160 bonita, 8 pompano, 16 Humboldt giant squid, and 15 skipjack. "Boats are fishing within 10 miles of the resorts," Dalmau said. Included in the fish count were numbers for 38 East Cape fly fishing tackle anglers working out of Hotel Punta Colorada with a catch for the week including released fish of: 126 roosterfish, 25 yellowfin tuna, 18 dorado, 63 bonita, 2 pargo, 2 cabrilla, 1 wahoo, 2 pompano, 2 triggerfish, 4 ladyfish, and 8 jacks.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Jim Sammons of La Jolla Kayak Fishing reported on 5 kayak anglers fishing for 5 days out of Hotel Punta Colorada for good action and many releases on yellowfin tuna, dorado, pompano, pargo, triggerfish, and "way too many" needlefish. Yellowfin tuna landings included a 70 pounder by Brian Ticehurst, who fought the fish for 45 minutes on 30-pound line after it hit a live sardina bait about 2 miles south of Punta Arena. "Another client hooked into a big tuna but pulled the hook after 35 minutes," Sammons said. "We also had a sailfish hookup on this trip but the angler was only on 20-pound test and the line broke at 45 minutes." Kayak anglers on the trip included: Brian Ticehurst, Teresa O'Malley, Mark Seal, Jeff Schweitzer, Tony Mullins, and Sammons. East Cape fishing area weather was in the mid-90s, with water temperatures averaging 82 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Chris Moyers of East Cape Smoke House reported on 295 charter sportfishing boats from combined fleets including Hotels Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol, Punta Colorada, Buena Vista Beach Resort, Rancho Leonero, and Martin Verdugo's Beach Resort, with 811 anglers and a catch including released fish of: 11 blue marlin, 44 striped marlin, 24 sailfish, 445 dorado, 521 yellowfin tuna, 22 pargo, 4 wahoo, 5 cabrilla, and 5 triggerfish.

East Cape fishing area weather was in the mid-90s, with calm mornings, some moderate afternoon seas, and water temperatures of 81 to 88 degrees. "The fishing sort of took a dump on us just as we were gearing up for the East Cape Classic tournament," Moyers said. "We're a bit on the south side of snake-bit this season. Lynn Rose did the tournament up right and the anglers in the East Cape Classic are quite a bunch. Now we gear up to welcome Pete Gray and the Let’s Talk Hookup Tourney." East Cape fleet boats fished just 1 to 6 miles out at most locations.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Simon Cazaly of the Vista Sea Sport East Cape diving service at Buena Vista said diving conditions were excellent during the week with deep blue color, 80 to 100 feet of visibility, and the bottom temperature at 85 degrees. Sea life sightings at El Bajo, Los Morros, El Cantil, and Islote included diamond stingray, leopard grouper and golden grouper, lobster, moray eel, snappers, Panamic porkfish, and very large schools of sardina. "On the south side of Islote a huge school of sardina were rippling and pulsating in unison making for one of the most spectacular displays I have ever seen," Cazaly said. "We all stayed in one spot for ages, mesmerized by this mass of fish weaving patterns in front of us, light flashing off a flexing wall of silver, amazing!"



LORETO, MEXICO: Don Bear of Loreto reported on a run to Bajo del Medio and Bajo Mercenarios by his boat on Saturday for a catch of: 1 sailfish released, 6 dorado of 8 to 20 pounds, 4 more dorado lost, and 1 yellowfin tuna of 20 pounds. All fish hit bait except for the tuna caught on a red-white feather. "The tuna came from a breaking school under birds that we chased for an hour," Bear said. "Last weekend, the tuna showed up in huge numbers at Mercenarios with all participating pangas loading up, but on Monday, Mexican-flag tuna seiners showed up and counts dropped precipitously." Loreto fishing area weather earlier was very windy from the north, with pangas working tight to the islands. Fishing with Bear were Keith Lumsden of Scotland, Dick Attiyeh of La Jolla, Calif., and Loreto Capt. Paulino Martinez.

LORETO, MEXICO: Bill Erhardt of Loreto reported on an early week outing aboard his boat Soledad, fishing 30 miles north around the local gringo fleet, a few pangas, and about 15 commercial seiners for a catch of: 3 yellowfin tuna of 15 to 20 pounds, and 3 dorado of 30 pounds. "I have never before seen so much commercial fishing activity around Loreto," Erhardt said. "I ran east to avoid the congestion and fished north of the canyon. I found no seiners in the center of the Sea of Cortez, but did find one long-liner. Over the past week the dumber fish had been wrapped up in the nets or taken by sport fishermen and the remaining fish apparently decided that cedar plugs are not some exotic new bait fish after all. It was still possible to catch a few of the small tuna, but it was necessary to work much harder for them."

LORETO, MEXICO: Pam Bolles of Baja Big Fish Company said fall season Loreto fishing water temperatures were cooling in the central Sea of Cortez while warmer water and some dorado were still being found closer to shore. "Water along the shorelines is still warm in the high 80s," Bolles said. "You'll find most of the dorado within 1 kilometer of shore from Isla Coronado north to San Bruno and beyond. Often these dorado are within 100 meters of shore. In fact on Wednesday somebody caught a dorado while handlining a sardine off the east break wall of the Loreto Marina. Each year in the fall as the center of the Sea of Cortez cools, the dorado move closer to shore and stay with the warmer water located there." Some sailfish were still present and 1 panga trip north of Bajo San Bruno produced 11 yellowfin tuna of 30 to 37 pounds. Inshore fishing was steady for pargos, cabrilla, and roosterfish to 10 pounds.

Bolles also commented on the fleet of Mexican commercial fishing boats that have been working the Loreto area: "Last week on Sunday night, Eulogio Davis Sanchez fished off Isla Carmen's Punta Lobos and counted 10 of these commercial fishing boats working and definitely within Loreto Marine Park boundaries. However, I have read the Shark Norma, and they seemed to be well within their rights. I'm not saying it's good, but only that the law is on their side. Personally I'd rather not see tuna off Loreto if it means seeing these guys."

LORETO, MEXICO: Lynn Hamman of Loreto said the local beach front restaurant La Picazon recently reopened after a remodeling by owners Alejandro and Imelda Igartua: "On a dusty road located just 8 kilometers north of Loreto is La Picazon Restaurant. (People take Calle Davis, the street in front of Hotel La Pinta, and go north. Alejandro has signs the entire way. It's hard to get lost.)

"Why would people drive or boat so far to this restaurant? Because the food is absolutely fabulous. Owners Alejandro and Imelda opened their original restaurant in Los Cabos 10 years ago. They attracted many people including celebrities such as Cindy Crawford. Their business flourished in Los Cabos but the dream of living in Loreto became a priority. Loreto offered an abundance of seafood, a beautiful place to live, and a better way of life to raise their two boys, Alex and Diego.

"It took one year after relocating from Los Cabos to the opening of La Picazon in Loreto in 2005. Since their business is such a huge success, it was necessary to do some remodeling, including a large new palapa and a new kitchen.

"La Picazon attracts large parties, weddings, and special events, and is becoming the number one spot to choose. They are known for the specialty seafood wrap "Tacone" that is also available with beef or chicken, and Diablo Shrimp served in half a pineapple. All the ingredients are fresh and personally prepared by Imelda. The ambiance is wonderful, sitting right there on the water's edge watching the fish jump, water slapping the shore, with Isla Coronado in the distance. Boat tours, kayak rentals, swimming (towels included), etc., are all part of the La Picazon experience. You haven't experienced Loreto unless you visit La Picazon. By the way, La Picazon means 'feeding frenzy.'"



SANTA ROSALIA, MEXICO: Jim Anderson of San Bruno reported Santa Rosalia fishing area weather in the mid-80s, with water temperatures at 78 to 79 degrees inshore and 79 to 81 degrees offshore and some days with "wind howling like a banshee." Fishing was spotty inshore for sierra, dorado, some roosterfish yo-yoed off the bottom, and resident species. Offshore runs to Isla Tortuga aboard the boat Day Care and again aboard Anderson's boat Moosea managed 1 sailfish and some nice dorado. "But the crossing back was very rough and took over 2 hours," Anderson said. "The Santa Rosalia port never looked so good as when we returned. The weather and wind continue to be the biggest problem with fishing in the Santa Rosalia area." Anderson said on Saturday that the last 2 days were unfishable with winds into the 25-knot range. Strong wind was forecast for the following week. "No one expects to get out," Anderson said, adding that he has been launching his boat either at the downtown Santa Rosalia marina where bait is now easier to make, or at the new marina launch ramp at San Bruno.



BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: Dave Phillips of Las Vegas, Nev., reported on a drive-down trip to San Francisquito south of Bahia de los Angeles together with John Aman of Lake Arrowhead, Calif., and Chris Duensing of Palm Springs, Calif., fishing 4 days for a catch including: 8 yellowtail of 10 to 30 pounds, bonita, barracuda, a few triggerfish, and several large cabrilla. Phillips' group fished from Aman's boat out of the resort. "We trolled Rapalas for a few scattered fish and caught the yellows on a variety of Salas 6X Jrs. from the bay south to El Barril," Phillips said. Midriff fishing area water temperatures averaged 80 degrees, with some large swells. "The road from Bahia de los Angeles is in great shape," Phillips said. "At the San Francisquito resort, Juan has the place running very well and much cleaner than in years past. The highlight of the trip was a small, 12-foot whale shark just south of the resort that gave friendly rides to us all. An excellent trip overall..



SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Tony Reyes Sr. of Tony Reyes Fishing Tours reported on a 6-day Midriff Islands fishing trip by the panga mothership Jose Andres, returning to San Felipe on Oct. 19, 2007, with a catch of: 119 yellowtail of 18 to 30 pounds, 1 grouper of 55 pounds, 11 dorado of 19 to 28 pounds, 40 cabrilla of 12 to 17 pounds, 150 Humboldt giant squid of 18 to 35 pounds, 23 red snapper to 14 pounds, 1 broomtail of 15 pounds, 6 sheephead to 8 pounds, and 136 spotted bay bass.

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Dan Fleming of National City, Calif., relayed a fishing report from Puertecitos south of San Felipe from a friend who got into a good northern Sea of Cortez run of dorado. "He says they were forced to eat them," Fleming said.



SAN CARLOS, MEXICO: John Hilderbrand of Jon Jen Charters at San Carlos said 3 midweek boats had a catch including released fish of: 4 yellowtail, 6 dorado, 1 snapper, 3 marlin, and 1 sailfish.



MAZATLAN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 23 Aries Fleet offshore charter boats out of Mazatlan's Marina El Cid, with a catch including released fish of: 9 blue marlin of 200 to 300 pounds, 1 striped marlin, 24 sailfish, and 47 dorado of 30 to 45 pounds. Seven inshore super pangas had a catch of: 48 dorado of larger sizes, 16 permit, 4 red snapper, 15 pargo, and 9 corvina. "Mazatlan is currently providing very good dorado action and very good chances for blue marlin," Edwards said. Mazatlan fishing area weather was sunny in the high-80s, with some southerly swell offshore and water temperatures averaging 80 degrees inshore and 83 degrees offshore. Offshore boats fished mostly with rigged baits about 20 to 28 miles off Mazatlan.



PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Josh Temple of Prime Time Adventures said Puerto Vallarta offshore fishing catches by the charter boat Conquistador during the week included a yellowfin tuna of 327 pounds caught and a 450-pound black marlin released during a crew day on Saturday with first mate Omar and second mate Abel. On Monday, Dave Beddell also caught a 325-pound tuna aboard the Conquistador with Temple skippering.

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Stan Gabruk of Puerto Vallarta's Master Baiters Sportfishing & Tackle said pelagic red crabs were present in offshore water and affecting the bite. "It's making it tough to turn the head of fish who's got his preferred meal in front of him," Gabruk said. Daily catches by the Puerto Vallarta sportfishing fleet included consistent dorado in the 35-pound class, inshore roosterfish and dorado off Punta Mita, yellowfin tuna of 200 to over 300 pounds, and black marlin into the over 700-pound class. "There is lots of varied bait in the water," Gabruk said. "The red krill shrimp have been an issue, but that's the beauty of fishing. Improvise and adapt."



IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Ed Kunze, reporting for Baja On The Fly, said offshore Ixtapa Zihuatanejo fishing boats found slower action last week for about 1 or 2 sailfish plus a few scattered dorado per outing, but inshore fishing for roosterfish was wide-open until heavy rains arrived with passing Tropical Storm Kiko. A run to Puerto Vicente Guerrero with a fly fishing angler produced 4 roosterfish hookups on 16 follows plus 4 more jack crevalle raised to the teasers. "The inshore roosterfish action was just incredible until Kiko settled in," Kunze said. "It dumped 10 inches of rain in a 48-hour period. We even had a port closure on Friday. Inshore waters are now very dirty from the huge volume of water coming out of the numerous small rivers. It will take at least a week for the roosterfish action to be excellent again. Because of the debris, dorado and tuna should be making another decent appearance this next week." Ixtapa fishing area weather was cloudy and humid in the low-90s, with water temperatures prior to the storm averaging 82 degrees about 2 miles off the beach.

IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said, "Stormy conditions and light angler activity was reported in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo with the passing of Kiko toward the end of the week." Earlier, Mary Peachin scored a total of 33 roosterfish releases during 2 outings with Capt. Adolofo, but a trip to the same area on the following day produced just 1 small gallo. Offshore billfish action was slow. "The sailfish continue to be absent and the offshore action is being dominated by dorado," Edwards said. "Blue water remains close, but rough sea conditions and unsettled weather made for difficult fishing."

La Paz Mexico Dorado Fishing Photo 1

LA PAZ DODO FIESTA--Tiffany Grey of Salt Lake City, Utah, was in Baja on her first-ever fishing trip and slammed dorado and tuna just outside Ensenada de los Muertos south of La Paz while panga fishing in last week's excellent, close-in bite with Tailhunter International. Here she holds up a nice La Paz-style dodo. PHOTO COURTESY OF JONATHAN ROLDAN.

La Paz Mexico Dorado and Tuna Fishing Photo 1

TUNA-DORADO MIXER--Richard Fujita and his son Richard Fujita Jr., both of the Los Angeles area, got into last week's excellent mixed yellowfin tuna and dorado action while fishing close-in on the Las Arenas side of La Paz with Tortuga Sportfishing's Capt. Rigo Lucero. They fished out of the traditional panga launching spot at Ensenada de los Muertos. PHOTO COURTESY OF GERARDO HERNANDEZ.

La Paz Mexico Giggling Marlin Photo 1 La Paz Mexico Giggling Marlin Photo 2

TOUGH DUTY AT LA PAZ--At Ensenada de los Muertos south of La Paz, Jonathan Roldan, left, of Tailhunter International, and Dos Hernandez of Tortuga Sportfishing take a refreshing break at the Giggling Marlin restaurant and beach club while their pangas are out fishing with clients. "Dos and I are sitting here at the Giggling Marlin and thought we'd send you a photo!" Roldan said. "Roosterfish are crashing right in front of me, but all my pangas are fishing outside." PHOTOS COURTESY OF JONATHAN ROLDAN.

Ensenada Mexico Lingcod Fishing Photo 1

ENSENADA PANGA LINGCOD--Greg and Stephanie Aamodt of Minnesota scored bonita and bottom fish limits including these nice lingcod while panga fishing at Ensenada last week with Capt. Beto of Vonny's Fleet. PHOTO COURTESY OF IVAN VILLARINO.

Puerto Santo Tomas Mexico Bottom Fishing Photo 1 Puerto Santo Tomas Mexico Yellowtail Fishing Photo 1

SANTO TOMAS BOTTOM FISHING--Joe Lujan's trip with Joe Branco and Puerto Santo Tomas' Capt. Willy produced 2 days of Mexican fish limits around Soledad Reef and just outside the bay about 85 feet deep. At right, Lujan with a nice yellowtail hooked while trolling toward the reef. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JOE BRANCO.

San Quintin Mexico Gonzo's Sport Fishing Photo 1

GONZO'S AT SAN QUINTIN--Four days of mid-month fishing south of San Quintin by the Gonzo's Sport Fishing charter boat Juliette produced windy but steady catches of bottom fish, barracuda, calico bass, and 4 yellowtail to 30 pounds. From left are anglers: Jose Lopez, Miguelito Franklin, Philip Fueger, and Gonzalo "Gonzo" Ruiz. PHOTO COURTESY OF ARTURO MANDUJANO.

Bahia Asuncion Mexico Yellowtail Fishing Photo 1

Bahia Asuncion Mexico Yellowtail Fishing Photo 2

BAJA BED & BIG FISH--Capt. Juan Arce Marron, left, of Bahia Asuncion's Arce Bros. Sportfishing and Zac Johnston of San Diego hooked the largest yellowtail recorded in the area recently while panga trolling a red-and-white Rapala north of the bay. The big forkie was weighed on a cooperativa commercial scale at 49.5 pounds. Arce Bros. Sportfishing is based at Bahia Asuncion's Baja Bed & Breakfast. PHOTOS COURTESY OF SHARI BONDY AND ZAC JOHNSON.

Magdalena Bay Mexico Broomtail Grouper Fishing Photo 1

BAIT MAKING BONANZA--Capt. Chico of Magdalena Bay's Lopez Sportman's Lodge at Puerto Lopez Mateos was out netting shrimp for bait in the lodge's 12-foot bait panga when he got lucky on this stringer of broomtail grouper and snappers caught with hook and line. PHOTO COURTESY OF SONIA PETERSEN.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Marlin Fishing Photo 1 Cabo San Lucas Mexico Marlin Fishing Photo 2

CABO BIG MARLIN--Robert Fuerstenberg, front, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with a 475-pound marlin landed during his recent trip out of Cabo San Lucas aboard the charter boat Don Pancho. The outing, with trip partners, Roxanne, Robert, and Kristen Crismond, also produced 7 dorado. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ROXANNE CRISMOND.

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Mexico Photo 1

LOS CABOS BILLFISH TOURNAMENT--Team "Outcast" won last week's Los Cabos Billfish Tournament with a 566-pound blue marlin worth $134,550. PHOTO COURTESY OF TRACY EHRENBERG.

Gordo Banks Mexico Black Marlin Fishing Photo 1 Gordo Banks Mexico Black Marlin Fishing Photo 2

PRE-BISBEE'S BLACKIE--Rene and Theresa De La Cova with a large black marlin weighed last week at 798 pounds after it was landed on the Gordo Banks off San Jose del Cabo aboard the charter boat La Leona with Capt. Arturo Castillo. As Cabo San Lucas' big money fishing tournament season approached, De La Cova said, "With the action for marlin as hot as it has been this past week, I am confident the Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament will produce some nice quality fish." At right, an awesome fish of a lifetime on Baja's legendary Gordo Banks. PHOTOS COURTESY OF RENE DE LA COVA.

Cabo San Lucas MexicoFly Fishing Photo 1

CABO FIRST FLY DORADO--Roger Flattum of Delaware, left, celebrates his first-ever dorado on fly fishing tackle during a Cabo San Lucas outing with Baja Anglers Capt. Alex, right, aboard the charter boat Flying Fish II. Flattum hooked his dodo on the fly along the Pacific side off El Migrino. PHOTO COURTESY OF GRANT HARTMAN.

San Jose del Cabo Mexico Panga Snapper Fishing Photo 1

LOS CABOS SNAPPER--Panga fishing during the week produced all the dorado and yellowfin tuna Craig Stone's group from the San Francisco Bay area could handle last week during 4 days with Gordo Banks Pangas. Group member "Barbara" also landed this 50-pound class dog snapper with Gordo Banks' Capt. Manuel on the charter panga Jariosa. PHOTO COURTESY OF ERIC BRICTSON.

East Cape Mexico Kayak Tuna Fishing Photo 1 East Cape Mexico Kayak Tuna Fishing Photo 2

NICE KAYAK TUNA--Brian Ticehurst with a 70-pound class yellowfin tuna landed by kayak after a 45-minute fight at East Cape during a trip with Jim Sammons' La Jolla Kayak Fishing. Sammons said kayak angler Teresa O'Malley also hooked a big tuna but pulled the hook after about 35 minutes. "She went on the fastest sleigh ride I have ever seen," Sammons said, "covering half-a-mile in about 5 minutes." PHOTOS COURTESY OF JIM SAMMONS.

Loreto Mexico Commerical Fishing Boat Photo 1

LORETO TUNA WRAP--About 15 Mexican commercial fishing seiners were chasing fast-moving schools of small yellowfin tuna on Tuesday north and east of Loreto. By midweek there were still tuna in the area, but they were much more wary after dodging nets and sport fishermen. PHOTO COURTESY OF BILL ERHARDT.

Loreto Mexico La Picazon Restaurant Photo 1 Loreto Mexico La Picazon Restaurant Photo 2

LORETO BEACH RESTAURANT--Loreto's Restaurant La Picazon, located on the beach about 5 miles north of town, has been reopened after a remodeling by owners Alejandro and Imelda Igartua. PHOTOS COURTESY OF LYNN HAMMAN.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Dorado Fishing Photo 1

VALLARTA DORADO FISHING--Rose Lentz with a nice dorado or mahi-mahi caught last week while fishing at Puerto Vallarta aboard the Master Baiters Sportfishing & Tackle charter boat Sirena. At right is the Sirena's first mate Pepe. PHOTO COURTESY OF STAN GABRUK.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Giant Tuna Fishing Photo 1 Puerto Vallarta Mexico Giant Tuna Fishing Photo 2

VALLARTA OFF-DUTY COW--First mate Omar of the Puerto Vallarta charter boat Conquistador shows off a 327-pound yellowfin tuna caught on Friday with Prime Time Adventures Capt. Josh Temple. The big tuna was landed during a "crew day" with no clients. At right, a 325 pounder landed by angler Dave Beddell fishing aboard the Conquistador on Monday. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JOSH TEMPLE.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Mexico Sailfish Fishing Release Photo 1

IXTAPA FLY FISHING--An Ixtapa sailfish about to be released with a red tag visible just beneath its dorsal fin after being landed on a 14WT fly rod about 12 miles out of Zihuatanejo bay by angler Antonio Salas, left, aboard the charter boat Zapatito Gordo with Capt. Cali, right, and Ixtapa fly fishing guide Ed Kunze. PHOTO COURTESY OF ED KUNZE.

La Paz Mexico Summer Dorado Fishing Photo 1

BAJA SUMMER PAST--Ken Thomas of Loomis, Calif., with a nice brace of La Paz fishing area dorado caught at Isla Cerralvo this August during a panga trip with La Ventana panguero "Yo Yo." "We caught a lot of fish this trip, but on one stop we had about 10 dorado this size right at the boat," Thomas said. "Yo Yo always puts me on the fish." PHOTO COURTESY OF KEN THOMAS.

Quintana Roo Mexico Imaginary Fish Photo 1 Quintana Roo Mexico Imaginary Fish Photo 2

GLASSY-EYED MYSTERY "FISH"--With a dried-hard skin but eyes still glassy-bright, a suspiciously triggerfish-like dorsal spine, human-like molars, and its vision directed straight forward like a primate's, this interesting "fish's" photos were circulating around the web last week as a putative example of how global weather changes may be bringing dangerous benthic fish species from the abysmal depths of the ocean to the surface at "an island in Quintana Roo" on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALEJANDRO ROSAS.

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