San Quintin, Mexico:
Don Eddie's Landing Boat Finds White Sebass In Fishing At Playa San Ramon

Sept. 10-16, 2005, Julie Atkinson, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja fishing, Mexico:

The San Quintin fishing area had average weather for the week, with low clouds penetrating the valley, slowly giving way to sunshine in the afternoons.

Offshore winds in the mornings were at 11 knots from the northwest, and winds in the afternoons were 16 knots from the northwest. Swells were 5 feet northwest. Air temperatures along the coastline, had highs of 72 degrees and lows of 61 degrees.

San Quintin fishing waters were slightly green inshore and clean 6 miles out. Water temperatures were 60 to 63 degrees.

It’s time once again to be on the look out for the elusive White Sea Bass. Seems that they are somewhat late this year at San Quintin, just like all the other species were.

Considering the circumstance that prevails in the San Quintin sportfishing area, Don Eddie sent a boat out fishing, the Maria Magdalena, with Captain Jaime Garcia and his assistant Danny Garcia, to scout out the different fishing holes where this type of fish usually abound.

They found them! The birds guided them exactly where they were, in the San Ramon area. It was a good school of fish. They caught 3 white seabass, lost two of them, and ended up with one. They used shiny irons for the White Sea Bass.

In the same area at San Ramon, they caught 5 good-sized Yellowtails, using live bait. So we know that the White Sea Bass are in the area. Yellowtail have been plentiful, ranging from 17 to 27 pounds. Also bottom fish have been exceptionally big and heavy this year. Some Dorado’s are being caught by San Quintin fishing boats on the 240 and the 180 spots using green and yellow Rapalas, some Mexican flags and cedar plugs.

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