San Quintin, Mexico:
Spearfishing Trip To Isla San Martin

Oct. 5, 2005, Kelly Catian, K&M Offshore Sportfishing, San Quintin fishing, Baja California, Mexico:

San Quintin fishing weather has been very nice the last few days and it seems to be getting even better now that we've got the wind breezing offshore.

On Sunday my buddy Noel Huelsenbeck of San Diego came down to check out our new boat and also do some spear fishing. Our fishing crew was Noel, "Hawaii" Doug, Rich, Oscar and myself.

The ride to the island was smooth and dry at 18-20 knots through a three foot sea and with five people, spear guns, rods, and tackle, so we're real happy with this boat.

We got to Isla San Martin and decided to start Noel out spearfishing on the calicos as they are a great fish to learn on. Calicos are shy, so any quick movements will spook them. They must be hunted by using the kelp stalks as cover.

The Calico bass were thick. I saw a lot of fish in the 6-8 pound range and lots of big sheephead as well. We all got some nice fish at the island and so we took Noel out for his first open-water dive to the 6 fathom spot, a deep offshore reef that peaks at 40 feet.

The visibility was not so good but you could make out the reef over the shallower spots. We didn't see any yellowtail near the reef so we headed for the 240 in hopes of better water.

It was a lot better at "the Rock" but still not nearly as clean as it can get. We had about 30 feet of visibility. We didn't get any yellowtail but we did see some big lobster. We finished off the day with a bunch of Lings and other rockfish that we caught near the rock.

That same day Victor Rodriguez of Rancho Los Pinos got a jig stop while trolling west at 20 off the point and got 1 yellowfin tuna and there were also reports of bigger yellowtail on the paddies.

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