San Quintin, Mexico:
Sportfishing Trip On Tiburon's Pangas Charter Boat Cucajuan

Oct. 14, 2005, Kevin Facius, San Quintin, Baja sportfishing, Mexico:

I fished at San Quintin on Tuesday, October 11th, with Juan on the boat "Cucajuan" out of Tiburon's Pangas. The wind and the sea at San Quintin were calm. The fishing water temperature was a steady 61 degrees, and the air warmed to 75 degrees in the afternoon with plenty of sun. It was a very pleasant day to be on the water.

On the way out to the rockfish grounds, we spotted some diving sea gulls, which Captain Juan said was a sure sign of Yellowtail working. Sure enough, we bagged two nice Yellows on Blue and White jigs.

Then we fished in 190 to 320 feet of water at various spots north of San Quintin bay for a few medium sized Lings and some nice Rockfish, including a rather large, 6-1/2 pound Rockfish, which the captain said was a "Lomo Prieto" or Redstripe Rockfish.