San Quintin, Mexico:
K&M Offshore Sportfishing Finds Breezing White Seabass At Arroyo Hondo

Oct. 19, 2005, Kelly Catian, K&M Offshore Sportfishing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico fishing:

With the moon going on full and the arroyos running after rain Sunday night, it was the perfect combo for the white seabass fishing at San Quintin.

I took my crew of, Chris Pierce, Capt. Oscar, and "Charky" Jimenez.

We took the Parker and headed south after picking up some mackerel in San Quintin bay.

The fishing day was looking great with flat glassy seas no wind and unusually clean water. There were acres of bait schools working the inside the 20 fathom line from the point all the way to Tranquilo reef.

I got the first fish just north of the San Quintin La Pinta Hotel amongst a bunch of hungry barracuda.

We worked our way south down towards the Arroyo Hondo where we thought they would be more balled up and were greeted by breezing white seabass in ALL sizes!

It wasn't the best spot to fish these big toads but that's where they were, in 70-90 foot rocky reef with thick kelp stringers.

We were using jigs with live bait pinned on the trebles and just dropping down about 20 feet below the boat, and you could watch yourself get hammered!

On one of our last drifts, Chris got slammed by something real big. It took a 5 ounce blue-chrome dart on the drop and made a run that silenced the whole boat. We ripped lines in while Chris screamed helplessly as the huge croaker stripped his 40 pound Trinidad, making a straight run for a huge kelp stalk 70 yards away.

I backed down on his fish as fast as I could with the big wide Parker but by the time we got to it the fish was wrapped good but solid, so with no time to lose as the big fish tried to bust itself off, Oscar was over the rail with mask, snorkel and gaff. He easily made the 15 foot dive down the kelp stalk to Chris's tangled toad and secured the catch! We ended up with 8 seabass from 15 to 65.4 pounds! It was an awesome end to an awesome San Quintin fishing day. Thanks to my crew who are ready for anything anytime.

The fishing water was 61-62 degrees and real good.

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