San Quintin, Mexico:
Yellowtail, Yes, But No Albacore Yet For Local Fishing Boats

June 9, 2006, San Quintin, Mexico, Kelly Catian, K&M Offshore Sportfishing,, San Quintin, Baja fishing, Mexico:

Fishing is still going off outside San Quintin, but no tuna or albacore yet, just yellowtail. I did 30-plus miles out and west. I'm going to try fishing farther north outside Punta Colonet.

The first week of June, fishing at San Quintin started out good with lots of yellowtail on the kelp paddies. Over the weekend I had Paul Spann and friends out. There were some nice fish under the kelp, not just the little rat yellows. We got fish up to 23 pounds on flylined mackerel pinned on 3/0 circle hooks.

The water off San Quintin was anywhere from 60 to 65 degrees and getting closer by the day and warmer as well.

Capt. Oscar took Paul Spann and his group and I had Marshall Fleck and friends. Capt. Ivan had Joe Sorisha and his party from Bloodydecks on the Offshore II." It was pretty much the same deal. We got limits of yellowtail off the paddies, a little smaller.

I also had Bill Mills and friends out and we scored perfect weather and lots of yellowtail as well as bonita and barracuda while fishing at Isla San Martin.