San Quintin, Mexico:
Yellowtail, Bonito And Barracuda For All Local Sportfishing Boats

July 15, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, Lots of yellowtail, bonito and barracuda for 30 boats, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

The weather in San Quintin has been tops. Temperatures have been in the 80s. Water temperature outside the point have been from 71 to 73 degrees. Winds have been averaging 9 to 12 m.p.h. from the northwest, and swells have been from 4 feet to 7 feet in the evenings.

Fishing this week out of Don Eddie's we have had 30 outings, all of them with catches of yellowtail and an abundance of Bonita and Barracuda. Those charter boats that have been bottom fishing have brought in huge amounts of Calico Bass and Sandbass averaging 6 pounds.

We have had the presence of kelp patties in San Quintin waters. Wherever the patties are, Yellowtail and a few Dorado are present. The tuna have not made their presence around the bay to this date, except for a few at 35 miles off shore. We expect that they will be closer to shore by next week.

The number of anglers at San Quintin has been abundant to a point that by Saturday there were no rooms available, and the same for the pangas. The cruisers were also very scarce.

We recommend to our friends that during the summer they should make reservations for rooms and pangas with ample time.

On Saturday the 15th, 15 pangas and cruisers went fishing out of Don Eddie's all bringing limits.

Krys Gwizdak from California caught a good size halibut, with a weight of 29 pounds at San Martin Island, on the charter boat Sofia with the Capt. Pancho Berreyesa.