San Quintin, Mexico:
White Seabass Return To Local Fishing Waters After A Dry Spell

Sept. 15, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja, Mexico:

Fishing on the full moon of this month at San Quintin, we had approximately a 5-day spell of low catches of white seabass.

We don't know if it was the full moon or the new moon that caused this phenomenon of a drastic drop of white seabass catches. But starting on Tuesday they appeared again with force, very plentiful and of good weight and number.

During the short dry spell, we sent fishing scouts north and northwest to scout new areas where the elusive white seabass might be, from San Vicente all the way up to Colonet.

We didn't even see birds, much less white seabass. On the way back we asked some divers what they knew about the situation and they candidly told us, "It's the full moon, guys. Go home and try again in a couple of days." They must know something about these moon movements because we did try in a couple of days, and lo and behold. The white seabass were back at El Socorro, Rio Hondo, and in the usual places near San Quintin where this fish loves to be.

So after that spell, on the first day of fishing the water was 64 to 66 degrees in this particular spot. The water was clean and clear and no swells present. Wind in the morning was 3 knots and in the evening around 7 knots. The temperature was in the low 80s and all-around it was a very beautiful day for fishing.

We arrived at the Rio Hondo around 7:30 a.m. and by 8 a.m. we had our first white sea bass on the Skipjack La Panchita. We stayed in the area until 1:30 in the afternoon when we considered was a very good catch: 12 beautiful healthy White Sea Bass ranging in weight from 14 to 42 pounds.

The anglers on this white seabass fishing trip were Roger Heath, Capt. Pancho Berrellesa and Mark Metten, from Fallbrook, California. They used blue and white irons, white and red irons, also used the krocodiles and live bait.

Don Eddie's other San Quintin fishing boats also had good catches of white seabass, yellowtails and one 40 pound thresher shark. For those who went bottom fishing they all got their limits of reds, lingcods, and whitefish. Also there were 4 halibut caught at the point ranging from 14 to 21 pounds.

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