San Quintin, Mexico:
Squid, Seals, And Rockfish With K&M Offshore Sportfishing

Feb. 21, 2007, Randy Peters, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

This is a report on my Baja fishing trip to San Quintin on Sunday Feb. 19th with my kids Kellie and Daniel. I forgot my camera!

We fished with Oscar Catian from K&M Offshore Sportfishing, who is an excellent skipper.

The weather at San Quintin was fine that day with no wind and calm seas.

We had some difficulty making bait in San Quintin bay but managed to scratch out about 25 mackerels.

We headed for the 15 spot where Oscar and Kelly Catian had reported some earlier successes with Yellowtail.

On the first cast, I heaved a Salas 7X jig and let it sink to the bottom. It was greeted about halfway down by a large Humboldt squid. So was the next cast.

My kids were also hooking squid with the macs and even cut squid. They are cannibals. These Humbolt giant squid were easily 40 pounds and were present in the water column from near the surface, all the way to 300 feet deep. They wore both my kids and me out, as they are like pulling up a 40 pound barbell until you get them to the top. Then the frenzy of fighting, squirting water, and inking you begins.

Oscar Catian managed to get a 12 pound Yellowtail at the 15 spot.

We then moved to the 240 spot and managed to catch about 25 nice red rockcod and 3 nice Lingcod.

The San Quintin seals were also a bit of a problem as they followed us from spot to spot.

My kids also landed a few Bonita that we donated to the locals.

Had it not been for the squid and the seals, we would have no doubt caught the normal San Quintin quantities of fish.

The water temperature was 57.8 degrees.

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