Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
More Winds Bring Tough Fishing Conditions As Christmas Approaches

Dec. 11, 2004, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico Fishing Report:

It's getting closer to Christmas every day and windier too, the worst I've seen it in past years, and technically winter hasn't started yet.

There isn't much to say except gale force winds once again at Santa Rosalia. It started on Wednesday, and is still blowing 25 knots on the calm mornings, yah that's right, calm, with afternoons at 40-plus knots, and gusts to 50. Santa Rosalia air temperatures are in the cool 50s for morning and evening hours. Days are to the mid-70s, with clear skies. Water temperatures at the beginning of the week were showing a steady drop, now at 68 degrees. However, I'm sure it'll drop even lower after this cycle of wind passes on.

All is not lost. From last Saturday's good fishing and water conditions, it pretty much stayed nice through to Tuesday. The fish are here still holding at about mid-depths, in waters 100 to 280 feet deep.

I was able to fish last Sunday and then again on Tuesday with steady action on nice yellowtail in the high 20-pound class, as did all that fished during the calm water period. All the signs are there for great fishing. Good numbers are starting to stack up on what I call the outer bajo. It's the last fishable part of the 3-mile reef that extends off the northwest end of Isla San Marcos. Waters here are 280 feet deep, gradually moving upward to the well known panga bajo. This spot is where it all happens every winter season. Fish hold there in the mid-depths, when all is right. Sometimes overnight they're on the surface along the whole three-mile stretch. Any day now it will happen, most likely after this blow.