Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Slow Tidal Currents And Fishing Around Isla San Marcos This Week

Feb. 26, 2005, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja fishing report, Mexico:

This week the fishing at Santa Rosalia has been sort of on the slow side. Late tides toward the end of the day and little water movement all added to poor fishing conditions. However good weather prevailed in the Santa Rosalia area throughout the week.

We've had great, windless fishing days with some afternoon breezes, but every morning has had fishable water. The air temperature has been in the 60s to 70 during the days. Water visibility dropped to 15-20 feet and sea surface temperatures are still around 64 degrees.

I tried fishing one day during the middle of the week to make sure everyone that's been telling me it's slow was correct. It only took about four hours without a bite to figure they weren't kidding. I never got a bite and just threw in the towel and took the Skunk.

With the approaching weekend in sight, and knowing I had some charters to run, I started getting a little anxiety attack.

Today, Saturday, and I had Dalain Zuir and Adriana Cravioto of Mexico City, and on the other boat my buddy Danny Chiquete as guide for Jose Antonio Iturriaga Hidalgo Jr. and his wife Delia.

We did the usual bait thing, but found it tough going, but did get enough to fish with...barely.

On the bajos of Isla San Marcos, we saw the same groups of boats from San Bruno and San Lucas Cove pounding away, but not much of anything doing. We started a drift, and then another and another. Finally, a nice 20 pound class yellowtail gave in, bit, fought, brought to gaff, and in the fish box. Saint's alive! No skunk today!

We got another two hookups on yellowtail, putting one in the box and getting cut off by the other. Not bad. We got dinner and had fun, so all was good. The other boat had about the same action, but luck wasn't on their side today.

I heard of another white seabass being caught on the San Marcos bajos during the week. A guy named Chris from San Lucas Cove was the one who caught it.

By the way, I've seen gray whales up here for the past few weeks, breaching, and was able to get so close I could almost touch them. It is only the second time I've seen gray whales this far up north in the Sea of Cortez for the 13 years living here. Many finback whales are present as well.

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