Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
A Mixed Bag Sportfishing Week Out Of San Lucas Cove

March 12, 2005, Alan Lewis, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico Report:

Here's the latest fishing information from the Santa Rosalia area. March is typically one of the weaker fishing months for yellowtail around Santa Rosalia and this month is no exception. Add the difficulty in making bait and the number of bait stealing sharks and seals, and we are down to about one or two fish per boat.

But bait was easier to make Friday, and easier still today, and we know the fish are still out there. I fully expect things to get back to normal, limits by 11 a.m., pretty soon.

Inshore fishing around San Lucas Cove is a mixed bag of corvina, sierra, a few red snapper, and the ever present spotted bay bass.

Santa Rosalia fishing weather has been beautiful, with very calm seas, and the fishing water temperature has climbed to 68 degrees. The martini temperature at the Voodoo Lounge remains a steady 33.5 degrees.