Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Lots Of Sea Life Seen In Sea Of Cortez South To Punta Chivato

May 27, 2005, Roger Bill, Punta Chivato fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico Report:

I fished on the 17th with Mike Kanzler at Isla Tortuga for sawtail grouper, of 20 pounds and another one which I also caught over 30 pounds! Seas were moderate, wind 12 to 15 knots, and no yellowtail were working that day.

We also stayed at the Hotel Punta Chivato for a week, and my friend Bob Fay of San Diego caught a dorado while fishing 15 miles northeast of the hotel. The dodo was caught on my new yellow 15-foot Caribe R I B which we towed down. Seas were ideal, mostly glass, little to no wind. The water temperature was 74 to 77 degrees, and warming to 80 degrees outside. 10 miles offshore. The air temperature was 95 during the day and 75 at night, just perfect!

I picked up a 40 pound dodo in the same area. I was fishing by myself and by the time I got back, the color was gone. Many, many, more Dorado, most released, were caught on light spinning outfits, 7" graphite USA rods, Shimano Thunas Reels, with 20# Jerry Brown Spectra, on Cedar Plugs skirted with Mexican flag colors.

There was tons of sea life, marlin, sailfish, turtles, manta rays flying in and out of the water, pilot and blue whales, and porpoise so thick it looked like you could walk on them.