Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Very Warm Local Fishing Water Temperatures To 86 Degrees

Sept. 17, 2005, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico Report:

Fishing at Santa Rosalia is still on slow side.

It's been a strange weather season all year long at Santa Rosalia, and right now there are cooler mornings in the low to mid 70s, surely not normal by any standards for this time. Days still get hot in the high 80s to 90 degrees, but with very low humidity and a warm dry light breeze out of the northwest, and very few tropical storms are coming our way this summer. It only rained three times so far in the past 2 months. Fishing water temperatures at Santa Rosalia are very hot at 84-86 degrees and with good visibility in the 40-60 foot range.

Now the fishing is still sort of slow side. Dorado are very few and far apart, not even worth the effort. Yellowtail on the bajos of San Marcos here and there, but with little consistency. One day you might pull a few fish. The next day one, or none at all.

I did fish a few days this week, two on home waters, and one at Isla Tortuga. All in all, the fishing was slow.

Isla Tortuga did work out a little better with some nice cabrilla on iron deep and a good sawtail grouper on dropper loop bait to about 25 pounds or so.

A few fish, and it would shut off, then I would move to another spot and get a few more bites and fish.

At Tortuga island, I also caught 3 billfish on dropper loop rigs on the way down and saw jumpers most of the morning. Fishing at the island takes place in waters of 180 to 270 feet, and with the water temperature being 86 degrees, you need to fish deep. At San Marcos island one can catch a yellowtail on bait fished deep on the panga bajos, and with iron plenty of bonitas are willing to take the offering. Things should improve in the coming weeks with October just around the corner.

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