Santa Rosalia, Mexico: December Winds Knock Out Fishing For Local Boats

Dec. 10, 2005, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja fishing, Mexico Sportfishing Report:

Fishing at Santa Rosalia this week has been pretty much stinko due to the wind.

The only day that looked like we could make it out to the isla was on Wednesday. It was rough but doable, and three fishing boats made it out.

Larry's Toy had Larry and Gary from San Lucas, while the Moosea Boat had David Hughes, Larry Sovern, and Jim Anderson.

Chris from Colorado was also out there fishing with his 21-foot Mako.

Even though we had the best fisherman from camp, everyone pretty much got skunked.

So we got to fight waves and wind all morning and did not have a fish to show for it.

Bob Bente and John Casey, smoke jumpers, from Redding, California, came out in their inflatable Zodiac, read that big Zodiac, and they managed to catch a 25 pound yellowtail, which was the only one caught for the week. They did not have a bait tank so we gave them a couple of baits in their cooler, and it worked.

Inshore fishing was somewhat better, and John Bogert managed to catch cabrilla, bonita, lots of barracuda, and even some firecracker yellowtail that are returning in the colder water.

Santa Rosalia area fishing water temperatures are around 64 degrees, so we are getting a lot colder water, and if the wind ever stops blowing again we are sure that there will be some big yellowtail willing to take a flylined bait on the surface.

We are expecting Mike Kanzler back this week and look forward to having him on the water again to show all of us neophytes where to find the fish.

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