Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Good Yellowtail Fishing For San Lucas Cove Fleet At Isla San Marcos Bajos

Jan. 20, 2007, San Lucas Cove, Jim Anderson, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Santa Rosalia water temperatures are at 58-59 degrees.

About the time that you think that you can rely on and to tell you when you might get a break in the wind and the weather will let you fish, you start from scratch and just figure that no one really knows what the Mexican fishing weather can throw at you in the Baja.

On Wednesday, no boats went out at San Lucas Cove except for Bud Pierce and Dennis McMahan and they did not manage to get anything.

Thursday Dennis and Bud managed to fill the boat, and everyone else out on the bajos off Santa Rosalia's Isla San Marcos managed a good catch of yellowtail.

As usual some boats managed to do better than others, but all San Lucas Cove sportfishing boats did well and there were lots of sushi and sashimi in camp that night.

Kevin Ward, captain of the Searcher long range boat, was soaking a bait on the west light and taking videos of the whales in the area when his rod started screaming. He was only in 45 feet of water and using 30 pound line but managed to land the fish which turned out to be a beautiful 38 pound 3 ounce yellowtail. Congrats Kevin.

Friday started out good, but by the time we made bait and got to the island, the wind made conditions really uncomfortable and while most boats went in, Bud and Dennis managed two nice fish while rockin' and rollin.

Saturday was fishable even though it was a little on the windy side.

The fishing was unbelievable. We did very well on the Moosea boat and had two triple hookups with 30 pound fish which is a little like being a one armed paper hanger without glue. This is the kind of yellowtail fishing that we all dream of and makes the windy days a bad memory that sort of goes away.

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