Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Yellowtail Fishing And Boat Launching Wheels At San Lucas Cove

Feb. 3, 2007, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Fishing has been great overall for the last week, but some days are great with coolers filled and the next day is slow with only a few fish caught.

Yesterday, it all came together for boats in the Santa Rosalia area of the Baja Sea of Cortez coast and the fish really decided to chew on live bait as well as surface iron fished under the birds.

Ken and Dottie Reeder started coming to Baja in the early 1980's and they now winter at the San Lucas Cove area. Kenny managed 5 big yellowtail during fishing on Friday which is the limit in Mexico allowed per person.

That is a great accomplishment for anybody fishing.

Kenny has developed a special launching system for small boats that deserves mentioning. By doing a center mount with All Terrain Vehicle tires, he came up with a design that allows launching by one or two people over almost any surface from rocky terrain to sandy beaches.

Because the tires are at the center weight of the boat, extra things like motors, bait tanks, and accessories balance correctly so that one person can launch and maneuver the boat without needing to be a champion weightlifter.

When the boat gets in the water the wheels slide out of their channel and then stow away in the nose of the boat.

The process is reversed when one comes back to shore.

For years Kenny and Glen Hacker actually sold these systems but recently have found that the components became too expensive to fabricate. When Kenny comes into the ramp, with wheels in place, it is easy to back the truck down to the water's edge, and hook up to the back of the truck, and tow the boat back to the camp space.

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