Humboldt giant squid invade Bahia de los Angeles local waters

Mexico Fishing News, May 31, 2004



BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES—L.A. BAY—MIDRIFF, MEXICO: Abraham Vazquez of L.A. Bay’s Camp Gecko said there were plenty of yellowtail in the bay, but it was difficult to catch them last week because of the fantastic concentrations of giant squid attacking everything in the water: “The yellowtail are ‘protected.’

Millions of giant squid came into the islands and the bay. There are thousands of them stranded on shore.”

Vazquez said west winds also blew at the end of the week, so fishing conditions were not looking good for the weekend: “You can catch yellows if you can get your jigs past the squid. There is lots of bait in the area, but fly-lining is out of the question. Hopefully this will change. We have tons of good fish, just not good fishing, unless you like squid.”

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES—L.A. BAY—MIDRIFF, MEXICO: Earlier, Steve McGill of Morro Bay got a severe arm workout on the many yellowtail present in the bay, but also ran into squid: “We launched the boat on Friday into windy conditions. We had to get out of the wind and hold up behind Isla Gemelitos for about 30 minutes. The wind suddenly dropped, and we were able to get out to the rest of the boats behind Horsehead Island. It didn’t take long and we were hooked up right away with doubles. It was nonstop for one-and-a-half hours before our arms felt like they were going to fall off and we had to quit.

“We caught over 30 yellowtail, including released fish, from 8 to 20 pounds and were cleaning fish by 10 a.m.

“The next day we went out behind Horsehead and we couldn’t get to the bottom because the squid were so thick. There were hundreds under our boat and everywhere we moved it was more of the same. We tried north of Smith. More squid, all between 10 and 20 pounds. We quit early.

“We were on my buddy Phil’s boat out of Camp Gecko. The fish were caught on blue-and-white Salas, and they were shallow, from 180 to 30 feet.

“The squid was in the entire area. We tried to find an area without them but they were all the way between Que Malo and north Smith. Everybody complained about them, as they were thick. Killer fishing right now.”

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES—L.A. BAY—MIDRIFF, MEXICO: Alberto Lucero of remote Caleta San Francisquito said three 40-pound class white seabass were caught by his neighbor, J.L. Terry’s boat, with Paul Shuttleworth and his friend Jeff, of San Diego. “They also caught a bunch of squid, yellowtail, and all kinds of bottom fish,” Lucero said. San Francisquito weather was about 90 degrees, with water temperatures in the 70s.

In other mainland Mexico and Baja fishing action this week:



Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Benjamin Ortega of Solmar Fleet reported on 66 boats with a catch including released fish of: 21 striped marlin, six yellowfin tuna, six dorado, two wahoo, 13 skipjack, and 13 sierra. The top boat for the week was the Solmar II with Capt. Antonio Romero, who scored on eight striped marlin, five yellowfin tuna, and two dorado. SOLMAR FISHING .

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said billfish action picked up for Gaviota Fleet, but boats were running about 28 miles to find them. “According to Roberto Marquez, the current hot spot for the billfish is at Destiladeras, near Las Frailes, where the water temps range from 73 to 76 degrees,” Edwards said. The Fish Cabo had a six-outing catch including released fish of: 14 striped marlin and one dorado. Overall, Gaviota Fleet averaged about one billfish per boat, and had a catch including released fish of: 26 striped marlin, four dorado, and 17 yellowfin tuna. CABO SAN LUCAS FISHING.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: At Pisces Fleet, Tracy Ehrenberg said 82 percent of boats caught striped marlin, and 91 percent landed all species combined. “We had a pretty fabulous week here in Cabo,” Ehrenberg said. “The stripers were thick between Punta Gorda and Boca Salada, near Destiladeras, with charters spotting 20 to 25 fish in a day. Getting them to bite wasn't that easy though, here is plenty of bait in the water, so the fish are pretty full. It was a matter of being persistent.” CABO SAN LUCAS FISHING.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Capt. George Landrum of Fly Hooker Sportfishing reported on three boats with a catch of: one dorado, 25 pounds; and one wahoo, 35 pounds. “You had to go a long way this week to get into any fish unless you were very lucky,” Landrum said, “so there were not as many flags flying at the end of the day as there have been.” CABO SAN LUCAS FISHING.



ENSENADA, MEXICO: Gerardo Sanchez of KCHTS Sportfishing said the Don Juan II caught lots of sandbass and calico bass, plus some yellowtail, close to University Point. Barracuda were up and down at Punta Banda, and bottom fishing was steady off La Bufadora. Other boats reported bottom fish limits at the outer banks, and albacore close to the 238 spot.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: At Vonny’s Fleet, Ivan Villarino reported consistent bottom fish limits and a steady pick on yellowtail for pangas fishing the tip of Punta Banda. Ensenada weather over the weekend was mostly sunny in the low-70s, with water temperatures averaging 61 degrees, and 3 to 4-foot ocean swells. ENSENADA FISHING*.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: At Lily Fleet Sammy Susarrey said albacore schools were larger inside the 238 bank and at the lower 500, and kelp paddies held more yellowtail to 12 pounds toward the end of the week. The Phantom reported water temperatures of 61.9 degrees. At the San Jose bank 30 miles south of Ensenada, fishing action reported by the Tamara was on excellent catches of whitefish, lingcod, red rockcod, calico bass, and just a few yellowtail.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Earlier, Sergio Susarrey of Sergio’s Ensenada Sportfishing Center reported on 130 anglers with a catch of: five yellowtail, 343 barracuda, 50 white seabass, two halibut, 15 albacore, 236 lingcod, 477 rockfish, 14 whitefish, 107 sheephead, and 139 red rockcod.



ERENDIRA, MEXICO: Fernando Castro of Castro’s Camp said 18 pangas fished during the week in good weather and water temperatures of 56 to 58 degrees for steady, heavy catches of bottom fish, including rockcod and lingcod.



SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Pete Hillis of Pedro’s Pangas said San Quintin fishing was windy for the week, but calm on Sunday, with air temperatures in the 70s and water temperatures steady at 60 degrees inside, and some 62-degree water to the south. San Quintin fishing produced limits of large rockcod and lingcod to 22 pounds for Brian Smith of San Fernando, and Gary Willoughby and Walter Robinson of Los Angeles, on the Romey with Capt. Hector, at the 240 spot.

Anna Morales, Seth Brown and Issac Brown of Los Angeles fished on the Pelicano with Capt. Miguel in windy conditions, and caught limits of sandbass plus some rockcod, south at Socorro. As for albacore, Hillis said, “A few trips were made out for the albacore, but none have been caught since Julio Mesa's catch a few weeks ago.”

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Dennis White and his group of six anglers fished in very windy conditions out of Don Eddie’s Landing and Pedro’s Pangas, and still scored on yellowtail, calico bass, barracuda, sandbass, and halibut during a three-day San Quintin fishing trip. SAN QUINTIN FISHING*.

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Julio Meza of San Quintin reported more than $15,000 in prizes has been sponsored for the big tournament scheduled in July. “Yesterday I went to the U.S., and we have a lot more prizes from SQC Corp, Sea Witch Marine and Fish Trap lures,” Meza said.



Magdalena Bay—Mag Bay—Bahia Magdalena, Mexico: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly said: “Cold and windy most of the week. The esteros only yielded a few corvina and spotted bay bass. The ride out to the entrada was long and not very productive, with little action on the surface to be found.” Graham said possible sierra were rumored at the south end of the bay. San Carlos weather was partly cloudy in the mid-70s, with water temperatures of 64 to 70 degrees.



San Jose del Cabo—Los Cabos, Mexico: Ruben Tapia of Irwindale and his brother-in-law Bobby Osterheim had a “trip of a lifetime” on pangas out of Punta Palmilla, fishing three days for a catch that included several roosterfish to 41 pounds, a 17-pound amberjack, two striped marlin to 200 pounds, pargo, grouper and triggerfish. Tapia, turning right around and heading south again to Gonzaga Bay, said, “Wish I could make this report better, but I am suffering from a lack of sleep and too much cerveza. I have to repack and TRY to get some sleep before 2 a.m., which is when we hit the road.” SAN JOSE DEL CABO FISHING.

San Jose del Cabo—Los Cabos, Mexico: Jim Tolbert of San Jose del Cabo said fishing action improved last week for the Palmilla and La Playita panga fleets, with most boats making the long trek up toward East Cape to Las Destiladeras.

“Pargo, dog snapper, and pompano made up most of the catch this week,” Tolbert said. “Plenty of marlin were spotted and a good number boated. Roosterfish continued to be strong and in anticipation of Sunday's dorado tournament, everyone was wondering where the dorado were. As it turns out, they are out there, although elusive.” LA PLAYITA REPORT*.

San Jose del Cabo—Los Cabos, Mexico: Earlier, Luis Duhart of Palmilla Bay Sportfishing said he’s been out of touch while repairs were completed after a fire that damaged his office computers. Fishing action was spotty, but most boats returned with sierra, roosterfish, and pargo, fishing up the Cortez side within 5 or 6 miles of the beach. Eighteen boats of an anticipated 25 were signed up for the WON/Neptune Adventure Tours tournament in July. PALMILLA BAY FISHING.



East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Chris Moyers of East Cape Smokehouse reported on 373 boats from combined fleets including the Van Wormer Resorts of Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol, and Punta Colorada, with a catch including released fish of: 215 striped marlin, three sailfish, 103 dorado, 803 yellowfin tuna, three pargo, and four wahoo. East Cape weather was in the low-90s, with water temperatures to 68 to 81 degrees. The coolest water was found just off Los Frailes.

Moyers said most of the marlin were caught south from La Ribera to Destiladeras, the dorado were best north about 15 miles off Punta Pescadero, and big numbers of football tuna were scattered in all directions, but they were about 20 to 45 miles out. SMOKE HOUSE FISHING.

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: At Martin Verdugo’s Beach Resort, Marisol Verdugo said the hotel cruisers went out daily last week for steady action on plenty of football tuna, with some marlin mixed in. Dorado fishing was dead slow, but a few good ones were caught. Roosterfish were active right on the beach.

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Jim Sammons of La Jolla Kayak Fishing returned from a so-so trip out of Hotel Punta Colorada, but not without scoring a first-ever marlin caught from a kayak: “I was on the fish for 2 1/2 hours until I finally landed it. It weighed 140 pounds. This was truly the most exciting thing I have ever done.” KAYAK FISHING*.

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: In more kayak action, Jon Schwartz of Carlsbad reported on a kayak fishing trip out of Rancho Leonero, fishing for two days in mixed action including a 15-pound jack, four roosterfish to 17 pounds, and a surprise 60-pound class hammerhead shark: “The last day I had a panga drop me off in various places with the yak, and I landed a small hammerhead, maybe 60 pounds, on squid, much to my surprise. Took a bunch of pics underwater of it, and the panguero took some from the boat.” Schwartz also said his panguero, Capt. Guillermo rescued him when the wind came up unexpectedly one afternoon. KAYAK FISHING*.

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Keith Williams of Redondo Beach returned from an excellent trip to Hotel Punta Colorada, fishing three days with Capt. Chito on the Vodka for good action on “all the yellowfin tuna you wanted,” and lots of marlin, even spotted in pods, but none taking the bait. He also baited a broadbill swordfish unsuccessfully. The boat’s only dorado was a beauty, a 52 pounder caught by Ida Cohen. EAST CAPE FISHING*.

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: At Buena Vista Beach Resort, Axel Valdez reported on 128 hotel boats, with a catch including released fish of: 80 striped marlin, two sailfish, 37 dorado, 205 yellowfin tuna, 53 roosterfish, 81 snapper, three jack crevalle, five bonita, two pompano, four triggerfish, seven cabrilla, and two skipjack. Valdez fished earlier in the week, for one marlin release and a dorado: “We had about four more chances. There were a lot of fish out there. We went far down, halfway to Cabo San Lucas and there were a lot of boats from there fishing too.”

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Russ Fritz of La Ribera reported up-and-down action over the weekend: “Fishing has been really spotty. One day roosters are wide open, the next some huge dorado 20 to 25 miles out, the next marlin 10 miles out, the next day's a Dead Sea. The tuna are not with the porpoise, but scattered in small schools which makes them hard to find. Hopefully things will settle down to a normal East Cape summer with blues and tuna easier to find.”

Fritz’ catches for the week included a 48.4-pound dorado that required a 55-minute fight on 17-pound line: “He took a small brown-and-orange hoochie that I was running behind the spread. So far, this seems to be a ‘big dorado’ year at East Cape. The smaller schoolies seem to either have passed us by, or just haven't shown up in numbers yet. Quite a few 40-pound dorado are being taken, but most are solitary bulls.”

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: At Rancho Leonero, John Ireland said East Cape weather was good all week, mostly calm, about 90 degrees, with water temperatures of 78 to 80 degrees. Overall fishing action was good, except for a couple of off-days early in the week, Ireland said. After that, “the bite really picked up by the weekend, with striped marlin, tuna, dorado, roosterfish, and pargo all biting well.” Top catches included a 52-pound wahoo, and 10 to 40-pound roosterfish active on all beaches.

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly relayed a hot inshore roosterfish report from his Buena Vista guide, Josh Dickenson: “I saw more roosters come up to the teaser than any other trip so far. Unfortunately, they were also as picky as I've ever seen them, and that's picky! There was so much rooster action that we spent the entire day in the same area. I'd say we had about 50 come up on the teasers.”

“On the way back to Leonero, we stopped for some more pompano and we began to catch ladyfish as well. I had brought along a large rod spooled with 30-pound line and even a fighting belt. Not five minutes after I ‘released’ the ladyfish, we had a good 25 to 30-pound rooster jumping about 200 yards out. I let the fish take the bait for close to a minute before setting. The hook was right in the corner of the mouth.”

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: At Verdugo’s, Randy Dale also reported up-and-down action at the end of the week: “Fishing still seems pretty spotty. Tuna are out 30 to 40 miles east from Los Barriles. There’s a lot to catch, but not many big ones. Haven’t seen a dorado in quite a spell. It’s easy to see five marlin a day, stripers, but only catch one. They’re full of squid. There are strange, cold currents showing up all over the place, but I think the cold water has good nutrients for the little fish. Lots of toros on the beach, with roosters terrorizing the bait balls. Lots of good bait, cabrilla and pargo are enjoying the bait. As a matter of fact, I have a nice cabrilla to barbecue.”

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Werner Hradecky of San Diego returned from six days at Los Barriles, where he and his wife Evette found excellent action on marlin at the Gordo Banks and roosterfish at La Ribera: “Weather was great and so was the marlin and rooster fishing. Fished for marlin two days at the Gordo Banks and landed four stripers to 125 pounds. Threw at about 12 of them, but a lot of them wouldn't bite. Fished off La Ribera for roosterfish on another day and caught 10 to 10 pounds before heading north to Alamo where my wife, Evette, caught a nice 30 pounder.”

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Marv Allison of Vallencia fished three days out of Rancho Buena Vista for one marlin released on three shots, plus a dorado lost: “Not good results, but had fun.”

East Cape—Los Barriles—Buena Vista, Mexico: Mark Rayor of the Vista Sea Sport dive service ran his boat Jen Wren across the Cortez to Topolobampo and a friend on the boat won the 133-boat tournament there last week with a 191-pound striped marlin. “What a lucky boat!” Rayor said. “Same one we won the Bisbee (East Cape) with.”



La Paz, Mexico: At the Cortez Club, Luis Lopez of Mosquito Fleet said 20 boats fished during the week, mostly around La Reina at the north end of Isla Cerralvo, for consistent catches of yellowtail, roosterfish, cabrilla, pargo, amberjack, and marlin. Sea conditions were very good, in weather of about 90 degrees, with water temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees. Lopez also reported a strange incident on the beach in front of the hotel when a marlin apparently beached itself. The fish was said to be in the 120-pound range, but more details were not available.

La Paz, Mexico: At Tail Hunter International, Jonathan Roldan said La Paz side air temperatures hovered near 100 degrees, but water temperatures were highly variable at 68 to 81 degrees. Fishing action was best at La Reina at the north end of Isla Cerralvo on a mixed bag of species including yellowtail, big bonito, breezing sailfish and marlin, big amberjack, and cabrilla. Roldan said he’s also been seeing roosterfish on the sandy flats, and lots of “eenie meenie” dorado building up under weed patches: “It's just a matter of time.” TAIL HUNTER FISHING*.

La Paz, Mexico: Gerardo Hernandez of Tortuga Sportfishing said the fishing was very active on the Las Arenas side last week, as pangas returned with three or four dorado mostly to about 20 pounds, but including a 60 pounder, and the snapper count included a 52-pound dog snapper. Water temperatures averaged 76 degrees at the buoys and at the south end of Isla Cerralvo, and the weather was beautiful and calm in the low-90s. “The sea has been very calm,” Hernandez said. “The roosterfish are getting very large now.”

La Paz, Mexico: John Matz of Agoura Hills found very slow conditions on the Las Arenas side while fishing with Capt. Calamar: “We did catch four dorado on both days but seven out of eight were on the small side.” Matz said he also caught bonita, toro, rooster, trumpetfish, and needlefish, and several marlin were seen on both days.

La Paz, Mexico: Don Ballentine of San Isidro, just south of Ensenada de los Muertos, said commercial shark fishermen were starting to score on marlin and large dorado with their set lines: “The fish have been quite close in. I believe most everyone has been going out too far. Five or six miles out from here are the floats that have been picking up the fish.”



Loreto, Mexico: Arturo Susarrey of Arturo’s Sportfishing said Loreto weather was in the mid-80s, and yellowtail up to about 10 per boat, and 18 to 22 pounds, were caught at the north end of Isla Carmen. A few were caught to about 30 pounds. Amberjack to 69 pounds were caught north at Punta Pulpito, and many sailfish and striped marlin were seen north of Isla Catalan. Some dorado were caught, to a high of 54 pounds, but the bite was still scattered and hard to find.

Loreto, Mexico: Russell Fritz of La Ribera reported on a first marlin catch for Alison Peasley of Manitowoc, Wis., as they fished out of Loreto: “Alison got her first marlin with captain Tito, and I got a 40-pound dorado and three nice yellowtail in the 18 to 20-pound class. Alison said that from a woman's point of view, Capt. Tito was the consummate gentleman, kept an immaculate boat, and seemed to have everything organized in a very professional manner.”

Loreto, Mexico: At Puerto Escondido, Ty Miller of El Fuerte Sportfishing said on Saturday: “There are some nice yellows to be had, but the per rod numbers are dwindling. It's transition time when we are coming off yellowtail season and waiting for the dorado and billfish to make their show.

“We did have a decent snap on the outside this past week, until the southerly winds came in and cooled things down. On the outside ridge, we managed to find a few dorado with one close to the 50-pound mark. Sails, stripers, and even blue marlin also sneaked up on us on the troll.

“Water color and conditions were incredible, but only lasted about a week or so. Looks to me like at least another few weeks until we start seeing some decent numbers on the dorado. However, the billfish will be back on top any day once this southerly stops and we get some calm smoking-hot days to get our temps back.

“It looks to me like a typically-timed season with the dorado moving in around mid to late June. Yes, I was hoping for an early one, but we just need to hunker down and be patient.”

Miller said Puerto Escondido weather was about 90 degrees, with southerly winds and water temperatures about 82.5 degrees.

Loreto, Mexico: Pam Bolles of Baja Big Fish Company said conditions at the end of the week were improving after a couple of days of wind that mixed up the water and cooled local water temperatures: “Now in late May, with June only a few days away, I am still reporting about yellowtail?!” Pangas scored on yellowtail of 12 to 20 pounds at Isla Ildefonso, but Bolles said she hadn’t seen any dorado or billfish lately. Inshore fishing for pargo and cabrilla continued productive, especially on the reefs around Isla Coronado, and barracuda and small pargo were caught early, before 6:45 a.m., off the marina breakwater. Roosterfish were active along shore, from Isla Coronado south to town. Bait was available, but selling out by about 5 a.m. BIG FISH COMPANY FISHING.

Loreto, Mexico: At Villas de Loreto, Wendy Wilchynski said, “We've had some dorado caught here too! So they are on their way!”

Loreto, Mexico: Jeff Petersen of Loreto continued his deep species fishing explorations with the Carnaderos baitseller fishermen, fishing 900, 1,200 and 1,500 feet deep on several holes close to Isla Coronado and on the north side of the island, but found nothing, no fish or squid: “Next time out, two rods ready, go outside for dorado at the same time.”

Loreto, Mexico: Sam Montgomery Jr. of San Clemente fished with Capt. Abraham out of the Hotel Oasis and ran 50 miles out, past Punta Lobos, without finding dorado, but he scored on a 100-pound sailfish. Sam Montgomery Sr. reported five jumping sailfish, and no dorado sighted.



Mulege, Mexico: Ron Grant of Crestline returned from a week at the Hotel Serenidad, finding water temperatures in the high-70s to low-80s, and good dorado fishing for several boats: “First day, the boat that went out about 18 to 25 miles on a heading of 35 degrees off the lighthouse got limits of dorado in a short time. The boats that took a heading of 65 to 70 degrees off the lighthouse about 17 miles hit the fish in good numbers, off Punta Conception about 10 to 14 miles.” Grant said the dorado were mostly females of 12 to 18 pounds, but included some bulls to 30 pounds. MULEGE FISHING.

Mulege, Mexico: Diana Johnson of the Hotel Serenidad said boats caught more dorado last week, about 10 to 15 miles south of Mulege, and boats running north were still catching yellowtail, bonita, and cabrilla. Mulege weather was perfect, with cool mornings and afternoons about 90 degrees.

Mulege, Mexico: Paul Rista of Mulege said he caught yellowtail of 18 to 20 pounds, and saw dorado of 12 to 15 pounds, out of the Hotel Serenidad. Rista said there was not much weed in the water, and the dorado were about 25 miles out. Water temperatures were 74 to 76 degrees.

Mulege, Mexico: Mike Massey of Mission Viejo relayed reports of good dorado fishing from friends in Mulege. “They caught 13 for two boats on Thursday,” Massey said. The fish were reported only 8 to 10 miles out.



Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Mike Kanzler of Isla San Marcos said Santa Rosalia weather was humid and about 80 to 90 degrees, with some strong west winds at the end of the week and fog on the mountains behind the village of San Lucas. Water temperatures averaged about 77 degrees around the island, and 80 degrees farther off shore, and local fishing remained good for “lots of nice yellowtail for all who fish.”

Earl Asbury of San Diego landed a 40-pound plus roosterfish at the south end of the island during a week of fishing together with Dwayne Patenaude’s San Diego Anglers group, which also did well on yellowtail.

Randy Peters of Long Beach, his son, and two friends fished in very windy conditions, but still managed nine yellowtail to 22 pounds, plus a 36 pounder, all caught on live mackerel with 4-ounce sliding sinkers. Inshore fishing was unreported. Kanzler said very few boats fished out of San Lucas Cove: “To tell you, seems like no one's fishing with small boats anymore like it used to be years ago! Haven't noticed any at the trailer park in months. Too bad really. Fishing could and still is good along the shore down here.”

Kanzler noted that the commercial squid season was underway, with fishermen getting 1.8 pesos per kilo, cleaned.

He also had a full report on the successful Isla San Marcos Yellowtail Shootout tournament, which raised about $2,000 to benefit the community on the island. TOURNAMENT REPORT*

Santa Rosalia, Mexico: At San Lucas Cove, Syd Lindsay commented on the tournament: “It was a classic. Mike did a great job putting it together with the people of the island, who were just wonderful. I didn’t win anything, except having a great time and meeting a lot of nice people, and enjoying two great days of fishing. Isn’t that what it’s all about, helping the kids and the people? I really did win something. Next year is going to be even better.”



San Felipe—Northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico: Dana Kerby of Ensenada reported on a six-day Midriff Islands trip by the panga mothership Erik, returning to San Felipe with 19 anglers on May 27 with a catch of: 237 yellowtail, 192 cabrilla of at least 8 pounds, 72 pargo, four grouper of 25 to 40 pounds, 17 white seabass, limits on giant squid, and 379 miscellaneous fish. The trip was chartered by Mike Karayan of the Ventura area, and the Erik fished at Refugio, La Vibora, Punta Diablo, San Bernabe, Bahia de los Angeles, San Francisquito, Ensenada Grande, and the Golden Reef.

Jackpots during the trip were won by: Curt Adams, 42-pound yellowtail; Larry Klock, 34-pound yellowtail; Bob Cox, 22-pound cabrilla; Bruce Wolfe, 19-pound cabrilla; and Mike Gray, 34-pound black sea bass.

San Felipe—Northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico: Celia Castellon of Sea of Cortez Sportfishing reported on a six-day Midriff Islands trip by the panga mothership Celia Angelina, returning to San Felipe on May 27 with a catch of: 187 yellowtail, 59 cabrilla, seven white seabass, 68 giant squid, one golden cabrilla released, and 210 miscellaneous fish. The trip, led by Lloyd Hulbert of Phoenix, found air temperatures averaging about 81 degrees, and a water temperature of 71 degrees. Bait was made during the day, evenings were windy, and most of the fish were caught north of Bahia de los Angeles.

San Felipe—Northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico: Dale Pearson of Gone to Baja took shelter at the Enchanted Islands during a a windy outing with clients out of his operation at Campo Playa Escondida, 1 kilometer north of Puertecitos. “Wild time this weekend,” Pearson said. “Got soaked and windblown.” After finding safe shelter, Pearson said they still caught plenty of fish. GONE TO BAJA FISHING*.

San Felipe—Northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico: John Tillander of Punta Bufeo reported perfect weather in the 80s, and water temperatures in the high-70s. Tillander fished for triggerfish, spotted bay bass, a few yellowtail, and an occasional goldspotted bass, but no sierra. He also had a small-boat encounter with some good-sized sharks: “We did run into sharks in several places. What do you do with a 5-foot shark in a 14-foot boat that has three fishermen in it? We cut it loose.”

San Felipe—Northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico: At San Felipe, Catalina Meders of the Title Company Bookstore overlooking the bay said the town was very crowded for the Memorial Day weekend, and the weather was just about perfect, in the low-90s during the day, low-70s at night, and very little wind. SAN FELIPE TOWN NEWS.



San Carlos—Guaymas, Mexico: Bill Molden of San Carlos said the fish were on a diet last week: “The dorado fishing has been slow, and the billfish are big-time fasting.” Molden said most of the catch was coming from 18 to 20 miles out on headings of 210 to 240 degrees. Water temperatures were 78 to 80 degrees and warming very slowly, due to prevailing northwest winds. “Until the winds make the summertime turn, we can expect cool temps to prevail,” Molden said. Signups were in progress for the Ladies International Fishing Tournament.



Mazatlan, Mexico: Yomahira Aguirre of Aries Fleet said fishing was good out of Marina el Cid, as anglers scored on dorado, sailfish, and some striped marlin, in 83-degree water, 15 to 23 miles out. The hot lure color was orange-and-green, and the largest marlin caught was about 180 pounds.

Mazatlan, Mexico: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said 28 Aries Fleet boats had a catch including released fish of: eight striped marlin, 20 sailfish, seven yellowfin tuna, and 83 dorado. Edwards said most of the dorado were accounted for by the super pangas, and most were in the 10 to 20-pound range, with an occasional big one to about 50 pounds. The Aries II had a big day, with seven sailfish releases. Mazatlan weather was sunny, about 91 degrees, with water temperatures of 80 to 81 degrees. The best dorado fishing was at the shark buoys.

Mazatlan, Mexico: Tadeo Hernandez of Flota Bibi Fleet said two bottom fishing charters last week caught big numbers of 2 to 3-pound triggerfish, red snapper, clown triggerfish, mojarra, green chili, and a pompano-like species locally called “monita.”



Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Kim Moore of Charter Dreams said, “Not many fish yet, but conditions are getting better.” Moore said Puerto Vallarta had its first rain of the season last week. Schools of small yellowfin tuna were out about 65 miles, where one boat released a black marlin. A few sailfish, dorado, small tuna, jacks, bonita, and sierra were caught at Punta Mita.



Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly reported blue water six miles off the beach, and improving action overall, with boats averaging about two to three sailfish per day, and some boats finding two to four yellowfin tuna, mostly footballs, but some to about 60 pounds. Roosterfish action was improving north and south of the bay. Guide Ed Kunze led clients to two releases on roosterfish to 25 pounds, plus a small dorado caught in the surf line, on the panga Isamar, with Capt. Martin. Zihuatanejo weather was humid and calm in the high-80s, with water temperatures of 72 to 78 degrees.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said the returning winner of last year's Total Tag & Release Tournament, Larry Kent of Buffalo, N.Y., landed seven yellowfin tuna and a sailfish during a day with tournament winning skipper, Adolfo Espinosa. Edwards reported water temperatures at 84 degrees.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Paul Phillips of the Fintastic Total Tag & Release Tournament noted that the tournament’s winning representative competed in the recent Rolex\IGFA Offshore Championship at Cabo San Lucas. The team finished in 20th place, with five marlin and a 43.1-pound wahoo.

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WILD L.A. BAY SQUID--Steve McGill ran into incredible giant squid interference on the surface at Bahia de los Angeles, but still managed to score on a nice wagon load of yellowtail. Photos courtesy Steve McGill.

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FRANCISQUITO WHITE SEABASS--J.L. Terry of San Francisquito, and Paul Shuttleworth and his friend Jeff of San Diego caught these beautiful white seabass, plus squid, yellowtail, and bottom fish, out of the caleta on Terry’s boat. Photo courtesy Alberto Lucero.

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PRETTY ENSENADA YELLOWTAIL--Casey Drummond from Boise, Idaho, caught this nice yellowtail and limits of barracuda last week at Ensenada’s Punta Banda with Capt. Beto of the Vonny’s Fleet panga Vonny I. Photo courtesy Ivan Villarino.

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CABO DORADO--Andrew Pickerel of Torrance caught this dorado about 35 miles off Cabo San Lucas while the boat also had a marlin on: “Lots of stripers there. My buddy was fighting one when I pitched a caballito off the bow and caught this 40-pound class fish. We released six stripers that day and probably saw at least 12. Photo courtesy Andrew Pickerel..

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HOT PARGOS--Pat Walsh, left, of Venice fished with Gordo Banks Pangas’ Capt. Tony for a great catch of pargo colorado and a 50-pound dog snapper, off San Luis, near San Jose del Cabo. Photo courtesy Eric Brictson.

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EAST CAPE SAMPLER--Allan Noel of Texas, and Winston Brown, John Bolenko and Ron Ritter of San Diego, fished out of Buena Vista Beach Resort on the Dusty B II with Capt. Vicente for a mixed catch of tuna, dorado, and marlin. Said the hotel’s Axel Valdez, “This picture is representative of the week’s fishing. We are releasing a lot more billfish, but we still have some casualties. Photo courtesy Axel Valdez.

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YAK MARLIN--Jim Sammons of La Jolla Kayak Fishing with a 140-pound striped marlin caught out of East Cape’s Hotel Punta Colorada. Photo courtesy Jim Sammons.

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KAYAK HAMMERHEAD--Jon Schwartz of Carlsbad with a 60-pound class hammerhead shark he hooked on squid out of East Cape’s Rancho Leonero with panga Capt. Guillermo, who also rescued him when the wind came up in the afternoon. Photo Jon Schwartz

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ALMOST AN HOUR--Russell Fritz of La Ribera caught this 48.4-pound dorado on 17-pound line last week, on his panga Soplado, but the fish only came to gaff after a fight lasting 55 minutes. Fritz’ neighbor Jorge Bergin said the big dodo was caught 22 miles out, in 78-degree water, during an 8-hour troll. Photo courtesy Jorge Bergin.

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LA RIBERA ROOSTER--Evette Hradecky fished with East Cape’s Capt. Arturo last weekend and landed this nice 30-pound roosterfish off La Ribera. Photo courtesy Werner Hradecky.

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LORETO MIXED CATCH--Alison Peasley of Manitowoc, Wis., and Loreto’s Capt. Tito, with a great catch of dorado, yellowtail, and marlin. Photo courtesy Russell Fritz.

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LORETO SAILFISH--Sam Montgomery Sr. and Sam Montgomery Jr. of San Clemente, and Capt. Abraham of the Hotel Oasis, with a Loreto sailfish caught about 50 miles out. Photo courtesy Sam Montgomery.

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AMBERJACK DONATION--Fred Fenster caught this 69-pound amberjack with Arturo’s Sportfishing of Loreto, after a 43-minute fight on 20-pound line. The fish was donated to low-income families from the area. Photo courtesy Arturo Susarrey.

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SAN LUCAS COVE--Randy Peters' group from Long Beach is shown at San Lucas Cove, just south of Santa Rosalia, with some very nice yellowtail caught with Mike Kanzler of nearby Isla San Marcos. Photo courtesy Mike Kanzler

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CUT IT LOOSE--John Tillander of Punta Bufeo ran into some of these sharks in his aluminum boat: “What do you do with a 5-foot shark in a 14-foot boat that has three fishermen in it? We cut it loose.” Photo courtesy John Tillander.

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MAZATLAN MONITAS--These pompano-like fish, locally called “monitas,” were caught by Flota Bibi Fleet at Mazatlan last week. Photo courtesy Tadeo Hernandez.

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