Albacore show up on Baja coast close to San Quintin

Mexico Fishing News, June 14, 2004



SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Kelly Catian of San Quintin’s El Capitan Sportfishing said he fished in the season’s first flurry of close-in albacore on Sunday morning--as close as 8 miles off the point--after getting a tip from San Quintin’s Julio Meza: “I got a radio call on albies by local fisherman Julio Meza.

We got into 23 to 25-pound fish upon arrival, doubles, triples, and some on bait. The fat longfin were taking any bright colors and also cedar plugs.

“The fish started about 18 miles out, but by 10 a.m. they were at 10 miles, and we got our last fish at only 8 miles from the point! We ended up with 13 albies, one yellowtail, six bass, and sheephead. Julio Meza on his boat got limits for him and Paco. Gene Allshouse got 10 albies and a bluefin. Capt. Lilo was out on a private boat and got 10 or so. Gracias, Julio!”

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: At Don Eddie’s Landing, Tony Marquez said, “To our surprise, a couple of boats went out about 15 miles from the point and landed some albacore. This is three weeks earlier than last year. The weather was great today, and the sea is like a lake.”

Earlier, Roberto Tello at Don Eddie’s Landing reported a cold, windy week, warming up and flattening out on Saturday, as most boats fished near Isla San Martin for yellowtail. Albino Mendoza reported six yellowtail caught on the bottom about 120 deep, in water temperatures of about 57 degrees.

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Don Fagan of Ensenada and his group of 11 anglers fished out of the Old Mill for fair action, including some yellowtail, around Isla San Martin, where Fagan caught a 20 pounder good for first place in their 100-peso mini tournament. “I only caught one fish, but I caught the right one,” Fagan said. OLD MILL FISHING TRIP.

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Pete Hillis of Pedro’s Pangas said he refused boats to some groups of bargain-seeking Americans who wanted to overload them with too many passengers: “When they told me they wanted to put six people on the boat, I told them no--it would be unsafe.”

Hillis said he later saw several overloaded boats, including one with seven anglers plus a captain: “That's just way too many. In their quest for the cheapest fishing weekend, some anglers might be putting themselves at risk.”

In other mainland Mexico and Baja fishing action this week:



ENSENADA, PUNTA BANDA, MEXICO: Ivan Villarino of Vonny’s Fleet said pangas fishing the tip of Punta Banda found no yellowtail, but steady limits on lingcod, barracuda, calico bass, rockcod, and plenty of assorted bottom fish. Ensenada weather was in the low-70s, with light breezes, 3-foot swells, and water temperatures averaging 61 degrees. On Sunday, the Rommel Arvizu family of Ensenada limited on the Vonny I with Capt. Beto, and Ryan and Jennifer Popple of Texas, also caught limits with Capt. Cruz on the Vonny III.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Gerardo Sanchez of KCHTS Sportfishing reported good location action early in the week for the Don Juan II, on barracuda and a few yellowtail, plus sandbass and calico bass, tight to University Point. On Friday, the Don Juan II took four anglers outside for 19 albacore, in 63.5 to slightly warmer than 64-degree water, around GPS numbers 31.23 117.08, in windy and moderately rough conditions. Other boats reported good albacore near and to the south of the same GPS numbers. On Saturday, action inside the bay was again steady on barracuda and a few yellowtail, plus limits on bottom fish.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Sammy Susarrey of Lily Fleet said the Tamara found kelp paddies with small yellowtail to about 12 pounds, on sardines and small feathers in Zucchini and Mexican Flag colors. Guiding a private boat, Susarrey found five albacore per rod for five anglers about 35 miles out at GPS numbers 31.24 117.26. Susarrey also reported continued excellent results with the Squid Dog lures in natural colors.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Earlier, experienced Ensenada angler Gaspar Lares of Paramount, reported on a very slow day of local fishing, saying, “It was windy, cold bumpy, the worst day I had in 2 years. We quit at noon and on our way back I got one barracuda trolling, a log. Other than that we got only 14 fish.” SLOW ENSENADA FISHING DAY.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Maryssa Ptacnik of Gordo’s Sportfishing said the Constellation fished outside with 15 anglers early in the week for 37 albacore of 18 to 24 pounds, with all fish caught within 10 miles of Isla Todos Santos.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Steve Ross, wife Gail Ross, and their friend, Ski, fished outside on his boat Bad Dog out of Marina Coral, and scored on 13 albacore in good action including a quadruple jig strike in 65-degree, blue water near the 450 spot. BAD DOG ENSENADA FISHING.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Earlier, Sergio Susarrey of Sergio’s Sportfishing Center reported on 91 anglers with a catch of: 20 yellowtail, 27 bonito, 12 albacore, 103 lingcod, 90 rockcod, 82 salmon grouper, and 40 red rockcod.

ENSENADA, LA BUFADORA, MEXICO: Vee Webber of La Bufadora and San Diego said she’s holding an estate sale for her late husband Dick Webber’s “Fifty Years of Fishing Gear” and other items, with proceeds going to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. The sale will be on Saturday, June 19, 2004, at 4718 Bonnie Court, San Diego, corner of I-15 and Adams Avenue, from 8 a.m. onwards, and it includes bargain basement prices on “30 tackles boxes” of gear, plus Hawaiian shirts, mementos, and many other items. FISHING TACKLE SALE INFORMATION AND ARTICLE ON DICK WEBBER.



PUERTO SANTO TOMAS, MEXICO: Sam Saenz of Puerto Santo Tomas Resort said moderate to heavy winds made fishing conditions unfavorable from Tuesday through Friday, with big swells, and even a red tide condition that came in and out. By Saturday, conditions improved. Before the bad weather spell, anglers caught limits of calico bass to 7 pounds, and lingcod of 12 to 15 pounds. Javier Lopez’ group also caught full limits of big bonita and an 8-pound salmon. Richard Locke’s group from Las Vegas fished during the rough weather and still managed full limits on two days.



ERENDIRA, MEXICO: Fernando Castro of Castro’s Camp said 15 boats fished during the week, up to 6 miles from Castro’s Camp in water temperatures averaging 59 degrees, in clear, blue water conditions. Winds were 5 to 8 m.p.h. most of the week, declining to flat conditions by the weekend, and boats caught lots of red rockcod, and “mucho mucho” bottom fish.



MAGDALENA BAY—MAG BAY—BAHIA MAGDALENA, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly said few boats fished last week inside the bay, and offshore boats reported mostly skipjack in cool water. In the mangrove channels, the main catch was corvina, a few pompano, and plenty of spotted bay bass. San Carlos weather was partly cloudy in the high-70s, with local water temperatures of 64 to 70 degrees. Snook, yellowtail, and sierra were all scarce.



CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: At Pisces Fleet, Tracy Ehrenberg said billfish action was excellent last week, as many Pisces boats scored quadruple and even quintuple releases. Overall 84 percent of Pisces boats caught marlin, and 87 percent landed all species combined. Recording five-marlin days were Tracy Ann and Ni Modo, and quadruples were had by La Brisa, Rebecca, Andrea and Valerie. Pisces boats fished mostly up the Cortez side, 5 to 18 miles off the coast, from Palmilla to Destiladeras, under clear but windy skies, with water temperatures of 75 to 79 degrees. CABO SAN LUCAS MARLIN BITE.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said marlin action shot upwards last week, as Gaviota Fleet boats averaged more than one billfish per outing. Thirty-four Gaviota Fleet boats had a catch including released fish of: 38 striped marlin, six dorado, and two yellowfin tuna. The hot boat for the fleet was the Gaviota IX, with 10 stripers for five outings. HOT CABO MARLIN FISHING.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Capt. George Landrum of Fly Hooker Sportfishing said two boats last week brought in one 130-pound striped marlin that had been hooked in the eye. Cabo weather was very windy until Thursday, in the low-90s, with water temperatures warming to about 67 degrees on the Pacific side, and as high as 81 degrees close to the beach on the Cortez side. FLY HOOKER CABO FISHING.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Tommy Garcia of Cabo Magic said his Cabo San Lucas manager, Dannilo Mathews, will be taking over the fish report next week, and until then individual boat counts are available at the Cabo Magic website,



SAN JOSE DEL CABO—LA PLAYITA, MEXICO: Jim Tolbert of San Jose del Cabo said water temperatures warmed up last week, but fishing remained slow for the La Playita panga fleets. Tolbert said he went on a complimentary fishing trip with Solmar Fleet as part of a promotion for the grand opening of the Villa la Estancia resort, and his group caught a 140-pound striped marlin, despite being provided with lunch boxes featuring bananas. BANANA MARLIN FISHING!*.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO—LA PLAYITA, MEXICO: Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas said summer conditions prevailed last week, with air temperatures over 90 degrees, increased humidity, tropical clouds, and water temperatures of 78 to 80 degrees off San Jose del Cabo. Fishing remained generally inconsistent, with lots of marlin in the area, but not biting reliably, dorado action increasing but still scattered, and tuna very scarce. Inshore, some roosterfish, jack crevalle, sierra, and pargo were caught. SAN JOSE DEL CABO FISHING.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO—LOS CABOS, MEXICO: Bob Grimes of San Jose del Cabo noted the amount of marlin that he saw for sale at the fish market in Ensenada, and reported on a newspaper article describing government fuel subsidies for commercial fishermen. Grimes also compared the increasing depleted fishing in Mexico, compared to what he sees in Panama, where he said authorities simply burn illegal gill nets, Grimes said. COMMERCIAL MARLIN, FUEL SUBSIDY, PANAMA FISHING.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO—LOS CABOS, MEXICO: John Plozizka sent a tip and photo on how to make a sturdy, lockable rod carrying case out of PVC pipe that will withstand airline handling and help protect expensive rods. LOCKABLE ROD TUBE FOR AIR TRAVEL*.



EAST CAPE—BUENA VISTA, MEXICO: Axel Valdez of Buena Vista Beach Resort reported on 87 boats with a catch including released fish of: 35 striped marlin, 55 dorado, 311 tuna, one wahoo, 90 roosterfish, one shark, 51 snapper, 25 jack crevalle, four amberjack, one bonito, one ladyfish, one pompano, 24 triggerfish, two cabrilla, four skipjack, and five sierra. Water temperatures as high as 84 degrees were recorded, as boats fished mostly south, and up to 45 miles out for tuna.

EAST CAPE—LOS BARRILES, MEXICO: Bill Burkett of Los Barriles said he fished on his boat Fat Cat four days last week for a marlin release per day, plus a 20-pound dorado. The Fat Cat fished 2 to 6 miles off Punta Pescadero, in mostly calm seas, and 81-degree water. Yellowfin tuna in the area were mostly small and 40 miles offshore. Burkett also reported on 29 boats fishing in the two-day 9th Annual East Cape Angler’s “Fishing Round-Up Tournament,” with a total catch of 22 marlin, including a blue marlin, 19 dorado, two wahoo, and numbers of yellowfin tuna. FAT CAT FISHING AND EAST CAPE TOURNAMENT RESULTS.

EAST CAPE—BUENA VISTA, MEXICO: Tami Mouyeos of Rancho Buena Vista reported good fishing, especially on yellowfin tuna, with 42 boats scoring on a catch including released fish of: eight striped marlin, two sailfish, 28 roosterfish, 22 dorado, 160 tuna, one wahoo, and four pargo.

EAST CAPE—BUENA VISTA, MEXICO: Lindon Lewis of Carlsbad reported on an excellent stay at Rancho Buena Vista, complementing the staff, and especially Tony Marron, for a pleasant trip that produced many yellowfin tuna and two dorado during two days of fishing. First-timer Lewis said that after his initial day of fishing was not exactly what he was looking for, Marron was careful to hand-pick a crew and brief them for his second day, which turned out perfect: “The more experienced fisherman were landing every big game fish that I'd hope to see. Marlin, jack crevalle, roosterfish, and sailfish were at the scales each day.” RANCHO BUENA VISTA FISHING TRIP.

EAST CAPE—LOS BARRILES, MEXICO: Chris Moyers of East Cape Smoke House reported on 420 boats from combined fleets including the Van Wormer resorts of Palmas de Cortez, Playa de Sol, and Punta Colorada, with a catch including released fish of: 219 striped marlin, two sailfish, 240 dorado, 1,163 yellowfin tuna, eight wahoo, and seven roosterfish. East Cape weather was generally calm with some afternoon chop, in the mid-90s, with water temperatures of 73 to 85 degrees. EAST CAPE SMOKE HOUSE FISHING.

EAST CAPE—RANCHO LEONERO, MEXICO: At Rancho Leonero, John Ireland said East Cape weather was excellent all week, in the low-90s, with water temperatures averaging 82 degrees. Leonero boats fished in large schools of tuna to 50 pounds, located 15 to 40 miles off shore. Marlin and dorado were 1 to 12 miles out, and roosterfish and jack crevalle were active on most beaches. A 56-pound dorado was caught by Carol McCabe of San Diego.

EAST CAPE—LOS BARRILES, MEXICO: At Martin Verdugo’s Beach Resort, Marisol Verdugo said cruisers brought in at least one dorado in the 45-pound range each day, and billfish action included both blue and striped marlin. Yellowfin tuna were mostly footballs, but did include some 50 and 60 pounders, and one fish of 76 pounds on Friday.

EAST CAPE—BUENA VISTA, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly reported catching a 14-inch snook on the beach right in front of his house at La Capilla. Also directly on the beach, Graham reported a gill net just west of Scott Glenn’s house, between Rancho Leonero and La Ribera. Graham said guide Josh Dickenson had good inshore fly fishing action on roosterfish and mixed species including pompano and ladyfish, and there were plenty of yellowfin tuna for the cruisers, including a 14-tuna day on Relentless. East Cape weather was calm and clear in the high-80s, with water temperatures of 70 to 84 degrees. INSHORE AND OFFSHORE FLY FISHING.

EAST CAPE—LOS BARRILES, MEXICO: Mike Rhoades of Yorba Linda fished in the 32nd Pro Angler Tournament out of Palmas de Cortez, and reported nine teams fishing three days for a total catch including released fish of: 40 marlin, 151 tuna, and seven dorado. Rhoades said the marlin ran to 200 pounds, the tuna to 70 pounds, and the dorado to 40 pounds. The hottest area for tuna was 20 miles straight out, and 10 miles south, off Cabo Pulmo. PALMAS PRO ANGLER TOURNAMENT FISHING.

EAST CAPE—CABO PULMO, MEXICO: Mark Rayor of the Vista Sea Sport dive service said conditions improved greatly at Cabo Pulmo last week. Water temperatures on the bottom averaged 77 degrees, with 50 to 60 feet of visibility, and sea life sightings were so heavy that Rayor said, “There is so much sea life on the reefs at Cabo Pulmo right now that one diver commented ‘there seems to be a deficiency of water.’”

EAST CAPE—LA RIBERA, MEXICO: Jorge Bergin of La Ribera reported 82-degree water locally, lots of striped marlin, a few scattered tuna inshore, and a few small dorado, plus “some really big ones.” On Friday, Bergin said the biggest tuna were located north, at the tip of Isla Cerralvo. Near town, Bergin said, “Lots of activity near the lighthouse. Our little bay here is full of roosters, so most mornings the resort boats come in, troll and chum sardines.” Bergin also commented on the various words used to “catch” a fish. FISH CATCHING WORDS.



LA PAZ, EL SARGENTO, MEXICO: Eugene Bernosky of El Sargento, south of La Paz, reported five roosterfish caught on sardinas on Sunday morning by himself, father Bob of Newark, Del., and son Lucas. Bernosky said on Sunday that they also lost a big dorado near Punta Gorda, and marlin were caught by nearly every boat at the north end of Isla Cerralvo. Tuna to 30 pounds were active under porpoise 30 kilometers east of Punta Arena, and good action was found on wahoo, early in the morning, on fast-trolled Rapalas at the south end of Isla Cerralvo.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Arturo Davis of Black Magic Sportfishing said he fished every day last week with up-and-down results. Early week fishing at Isla Cerralvo produced good sailfish action plus some dorado. Two midweek days produced nothing but skipjack. Late in the week, beautiful purple-blue, 82 to 85-degree water was found north and outside of Isla Cerralvo, but it proved to be plugged with bait and no game fish. Finally, clean water and lots of bait were found at El Bajo, north of Isla Espiritu Santo, where marlin and two nice bull dorado were caught. Davis said they also hooked some very large marlin at the 88 bank, but were outclassed: “We got caught without any of our bigger tackle, so we didn’t really have a chance stopping these monsters with our 50-pound set-ups, but it was encouraging to see. Appears to be a volume of fish out there.”

LA PAZ, LAS ARENAS, MEXICO: On the Las Arenas side, Gerardo Hernandez of Tortuga Sportfishing said fishing was good for yellowfin tuna about 20 to 25 miles out. “They weren’t big, only about 15 to 20 pounds,” Hernandez said, “but they were with dorado and striped marlin at the buoys.” The weather at Las Arenas was nice, in the mid-90s, with water temperatures of 74 to 76 degrees as far out as the buoys, and the seas were very calm.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Jonathan Roldan of Tail Hunter International said fishing was generally much better on the Las Arenas side: “We did score a few billfish and the dorado action seems like it's picking up, and even had a wahoo knock down on the La Paz side, but it has been a pick bite mostly until either the fish heat up or we find the zone.”

Off Las Arenas, Roldan said boats did well on dorado, pargo, roosterfish, and also found some flurries of tuna, with the best action on dorado. LAS ARENAS FISHING WITH TAIL HUNTER INTERNATIONAL, BY MITCH CHAVIRA.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Torrance Eddy of La Paz said he likes eating the scorpionfish that he catches, but doesn’t like getting stung by their very poisonous spines, so he sent some tips on his method of capturing and filleting them while holding them with pliers. SCORPIONFISH HANDLING TECHNIQUE.



LORETO, MEXICO: Bill Erhardt of Loreto said, “It’s time to stop saying that the fishing in Loreto is slow. There are more dorado everyday and the marlin that have been around for a few weeks have started to bite with a vengeance.” Erhardt reported on four days of fishing solo last week in his boat, with a catch of: one blue marlin, eight striped marlin, 10 dorado, and one wahoo. On one day east of Isla Catalan, Erhardt released six striped marlin and lost a blue.

Earlier, Erhardt said he caught another marlin in his 17-foot Mckee Craft beach launchable boat. “This one about 30 miles East of the marina at Loreto,” he said. “That´s two in the last two days of fishing. Life is good on the Baja.” ERHARDT’S EPIC LORETO FISHING WEEK.

LORETO, MEXICO: Arturo Susarrey of Arturo’s Sportfishing said dorado catches continued from several areas, the best of which was about 30 miles out from town past Punta Lobos, east of Isla Carmen. “Water temperatures are still cold and we think that is why big schools of dorado have not been found yet,” Susarrey said. Water temperatures far out in the “dorado zone” ranged from 79 to 84 degrees. Loreto weather was calm and sunny in the high-80s. The top dorado count for the week was six fish, and the biggest dorado caught was a 30 pounder. Yellowtail action continued on 8 to 10 pounders at Isla Coronado, and 10 to 18 pounders at Bajo Seco, Punta Pulpito.

LORETO, MEXICO: Pam Bolles of Baja Big Fish Company said results were still generally mixed at the end of the week, although some boats did hit the “mother lode” on dorado, deep into the warm water zone, about 24 miles east of Isla Coronado. Some yellowtail to about 15 pounds were found on the surface off Isla Coronado. JACK CREVALLE BITE AT PUNTA BAJA, ISLA CARMEN.

LORETO, MEXICO: On Saturday, Wendy Wilchynski of Villas de Loreto said, “Great news! Chema was north of Loreto about 40 miles and they got dorado!! Not really big ones but they’re coming. And a sailfish!” Wilchynski said yellowtail action was slower last week, and inshore fishing for boats not making the long runs for dorado focused on cabrilla and pargo.

LORETO, MEXICO: Ana Benziger of the Hotel Oasis reported large average fish sizes last week: yellowtail 28 pounds; cabrilla 26 pounds; and dorado 27 pounds. Benziger also reported very cool water temperatures averaging 65 degrees, with boats fishing the north side of Isla Coronado, and 30 miles northeast of Isla Coronado for dorado. Top captains for the week were Capt. Martin Davis for yellowtail and cabrilla, and Capt. Antonio Martinez Reyes for dorado.

Benziger also announced the Hotel Oasis travel packages for the 2004 season from Oct. 1 to April 30, 2005. HOTEL OASIS TRAVEL PACKAGES FOR 2003-2004.



MULEGE, MEXICO: Paul Rista of Mulege said, “Not much news. Few and scattered dorado. The wind still picks up too early. Still little or no sargassum.” Rista said water temperatures were close to 80 degrees.

MULEGE, MEXICO: Diana Johnson of the Hotel Serenidad reported slower dorado fishing last week, after the flurry on the dead whale had passed: “It was not that great. Maybe the big dead whale had something to do with it. They are still catching some, but not as good as last week. The water temperature is still not that hot.”



SANTA ROSALIA, MEXICO: Mike Kanzler of Isla San Marcos said he took delivery on his second 19-foot Boston Whaler last week and fishing around the island produced the usual steady yellowtail, plus some smaller dorado to about 15 pounds caught in scattered pods about 2 or 3 miles off the northeast corner of the isla. “I do my best dorado fishing relatively close to the island,” Kanzler said. “You know how good it is in the channel between San Lucas and San Marcos. Don't need go any farther most of the time.” Kanzler also did well on 70 leopard grouper, three yellowtail, and two barred pargo, during two days of fishing at Isla Tortuga with Rich Marsell and his son-in-law Steve Cernansky. Santa Rosalia weather was dry and cooler in the mid-80s, with water temperatures of 73 to 75 degrees around Isla San Marcos, and up to about 80 degrees farther off shore. KANZLER’S NEW BOAT, YELLOWTAIL, AND DORADO FISHING.



BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES—L.A. BAY, MEXICO: Robert Johnson of Alta Loma and his niece Megan Johnson of Abita Springs, La., fished one day with Capt. Igor Galvan of Bahia de los Angeles for seven yellowtail and about 10 more lost just east of Isla Horsehead. Johnson said they also got seven leopard grouper by slow trolling at Puntas Pescador and Alacran. L.A. Bay water temperature was at 68 degrees in 80-degree weather. Johnson also they had fun digging for clams, and later drove to Santa Rosalia to pay a 228-peso traffic ticket issued in Guerrero Negro. L.A. BAY FISHING WITH CAPT. IGOR GALVAN.

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES—L.A. BAY, MEXICO: Guillermo’s Sportfishing at Bahia de los Angeles reported continued good yellowtail action around the bay, as long as you can get past the heavy concentrations of squid and other bait in the water: “The smaller yellowtail are more aggressive, so the larger fish seem to be elusive. Limits of fish in the 10 to 20-pound range are easy.” Some yellowtail to about 40 pounds were caught, as most boats ran no farther than Isla Smith.

Guillermos also announced results for the annual tournament, May 29-30, with top yellowtail prizes for two days of fishing going to: First place, Jurel Kurt Gillespie, 38.1 pounds, Capt. Igor Galvan; second place, Suzie Dennis, 37.2 pounds, Capt. Igor Galvan; third place, Ken Bullock, 36.5 pounds, Capt. Guillermo Galvan. GUILLERMO’S ANNUAL BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES FISHING TOURNAMENT RESULTS.

MIDRIFF, SAN FRANCISQUITO, MEXICO: Roger Crenshaw of San Francisquito returned to Chula Vista briefly between trips south, reporting excellent fishing under heavy birds for very large yellowtail into the 50-pound class. San Francisquito weather was about perfect, in the low-80s, with water temperatures of 64 to 66 degrees. BIG YELLOWTAIL AT SAN FRANCISQUITO *.



NORTHERN SEA OF CORTEZ—GONZAGA BAY, MEXICO: Eric McElvany of Imperial and his group fished at Gonzaga Bay in 75-degree water for outstanding action on unlimited spotted bay bass and good counts on released cabrilla and grouper, including an estimated 50 pounder that hit a whole bass. Overall, McElvany said the trip netted three gulf grouper, and 40 to 50 cabrilla, all but five released. GONZAGA BAY GROUPER AND BASS FISHING.

SAN FELIPE—MIDRIFF MOTHERSHIPS, MEXICO: Dana Kerby of Baja Sportfishing, Inc., reported on a six-day Midriff Islands trip by the panga mothership Erik, returning to San Felipe with 22 anglers and a catch of: 461 cabrilla over 5 pounds; 86 yellowtail; 18 pargo; one black sea bass, 55 pounds; five grouper, 24 to 45 pounds; 15 white seabass; and 318 Humboldt squid plus limits of spotted bay bass. The Erik fished at Bahia Refugio, Punta Diablo, Isla Vibora, San Bernabe and the Islas Encantadas.

SAN FELIPE—MIDRIFF MOTHERSHIPS, MEXICO: Bob Castellon of Sea of Cortez Sportfishing reported on a six-day Midriff Islands trip by the panga mothership Celia Angelina, returning to San Felipe on June 10 with a catch of: limits of yellowtail, 86 pargo, 114 Humboldt squid, three grouper, and a “whole lot” of miscellaneous species. Castellon said Midriff weather was perfect in the mid-80s, with water temperatures averaging 75 degrees. The largest yellowtail, about 30 to 35 pounds, were caught at Isla San Esteban, and Castellon said the Golden Reef was not fishable due to high concentrations of protected totoaba found in the area.

On a trip returning to San Felipe on June 3, the Celia Angelina reported a catch of: 161 yellowtail, 89 cabrilla, 68 pargo, seven white seabass, 56 Humboldt squid, and 120 miscellaneous fish. Chuck Horger of Yorba Linda caught yellowtail of 38 and 45 pounds.

SAN FELIPE—MIDRIFF MOTHERSHIPS, MEXICO: Donny Harris of Hermosa Beach fished on the Celia Angelina, on its first trip of the year, and caught a large specimen of a clown hawkfish, or chino mero, in cool water. Harris said none of the guides on the boat had seen one before. Bottom fishing was fairly good, on cabrilla to about 12 pounds, plus some yellowtail to about 30 pounds, and Harris said he was broken off by something that hit a jig in about 8 feet of water. CELIA ANGELINA MIDRIFF FISHING TRIP.

SAN FELIPE—MIDRIFF MOTHERSHIPS, MEXICO: Raymond Yu of the Los Angeles area led a group of 19 anglers on a 6-day Midriff Islands trip by the San Felipe panga mothership Tony Reyes, returning to San Felipe on June 4 with a catch of: 199 yellowtail, 10 to 29 pounds; 156 cabrilla to 9 pounds; 51 pargo to 6 pounds; three white seabass to 10 pounds; four broomtail grouper to 6 pounds; 23 sheephead to 8 pounds; one grouper, 25 pounds; two black sea bass, 47 and 68 pounds; and limits of spotted bay bass and squid. Yu said the Tony Reyes has a vacuum packing machine, and was “very comfortable with all air-conditioned rooms. Food was great. Service of the crew was excellent. We really appreciated the crew cleaning and brushing every single rod and reel at the end of the trip.” Bait was not available, so artificials were used during the trip. MIDRIFF ISLANDS FISHING ON THE TONY REYES MOTHERSHIP.

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Catalina Meders of San Felipe’s Title Company Bookstore overlooking the bay said the weather was close to perfect, in the low-80s, with nighttime lows of about 68 degrees, and humidity was down to about 32 percent. The water temperature of the bay was at 88 degrees. San Felipe was full of visitors at night, but quiet during the day. SAN FELIPE TOWN REPORT.

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Celia Diaz of the nonprofit Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee (BEMCC) said two Americans were evacuated from San Felipe after being involved in car accidents. The BEMCC’s 24-hour emergency hotline and membership number, 619-425-5080.



ROCKY POINT—SAN LUIS, R.C., MEXICO: Barry Norman of San Luis, Ariz., noted an interesting advertisement in the newspaper, San Luis, Az. News, for a restaurant in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. The China House Restaurant was advertising “Sopa de buche de totoaba” on its menu. “I'm not sure how they can get away with doing that so openly,” Norman said of the endangered and protected totoaba. Or maybe it's some other fish, not really totoaba. I hope that's the case."

Norman also commented on some close calls he’s had with poisonous pufferfish. TOTOABA (PROTECTED) RESTAURANT MENU and CAUTIONS ON EATING PUFFERFISH*.

ROCKY POINT—PUERTO PENASCO, MEXICO: Stuart Burnett of Puerto Penasco reported on some mylar skirted “wahoo bomb” lures he will be trying out on his forthcoming run to San Carlos: “I have it set in my mind that I'm going to catch a wahoo this year. I've never caught one. I've built some serious wahoo bombs. You should see them in the water. I've been experimenting with this luminescent mylar for the past year or so. It changes color, depending on what angle you are looking at it. We had fish jumping all over the lures that I had added a few pieces of this to last year. These are the first lures I've built using only the mylar itself. I'm anxious to see if they get bit.” MYLAR WAHOO BOMB*.



SAN CARLOS—GUAYMAS, MEXICO: Bill Molden of San Carlos said fishing was “lousy” last week. In the 36-boat Yacht Club/Rescate tournament, only five dorado over 20 pounds were weighed, and 10 billfish were caught and released. Molden said water temperatures averaged 82 to 84 degrees, in sloppy conditions.

SAN CARLOS—GUAYMAS, MEXICO: Vince Radice of the Sonora Sport Center in said, “An incredible Sea of Cortez day, jumping dolphins, mantas, and I free dove with a whale shark, a first for me. I have never seen a whale shark here before, but what a beauty it was.”

SAN CARLOS—GUAYMAS, MEXICO: Several San Carlos residents noted recent tensions between the sportfishing and tourism community and the commercial fishing community around San Carlos and Guaymas, even including a recent physical confrontation between a sportfishing boat and a local long line panga. It was felt that local propaganda against tourism was at least partly to blame, an example of which was a recent article published in the newspaper, El Vigia, titled "They Capture Dorado in San Carlos,” which claimed that tourists are taking commercial amounts of fish. One commentator said: “This is not the first time that these false statements have been made. They've also been on the radio over the years and now some panga fishermen are starting to believe this propaganda. It's disappointing that the press is so irresponsible to publish such fraudulent information that could lead to people getting hurt.” CONFRONTATION BETWEEN LONG LINER PANGA AND SPORTFISHING BOAT.



MAZATLAN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said Aries Fleet boats out of Marina el Cid averaged three to four sailfish per day last week, plus an occasional striped marlin or blue marlin. The top fish for the week was a 240-pound blue caught by the Aries II. Yellowfin tuna to a high of about 125 pounds were also caught, and some 44 to 55-pound dorado were in the mix. On the beaches and around the harbor entrance, good numbers of roosterfish were caught on live mullet. Mazatlan weather was sunny in the low 90s, with southerly breezes and water temperatures of 83 to 85 degrees. The best offshore fishing was 25 to 35 miles from Marina el Cid, on headings of about 240 degrees.



PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Jon Schwartz of Carlsbad reported on an epic kayak fishing adventure to Puerto Vallarta featuring a 34-pound yellowfin tuna and tuna limits caught from a kayak at El Corbetena, a rock 35 miles off shore. Schwartz was supported on his two-day excursion to the rock by transportation and bait provided by Kurt Hjort of Esperanza Sport Fishing, but he hooked, fought, and gaffed his fish otherwise unaided. “I had one hit that was huge, was going to spool me, so I tightened down and it snapped the line,” Schwartz said. “As far as I know, this is the first yak fishing expedition here. We saw some huge ones jumping today.” Schwartz reported surface water temperatures at Corbetena of about 80 degrees. PUERTO VALLARTA FISHING FOR OFFSHORE KAYAK TUNA*.

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Kim Moore of Charter Dreams said good action was found in several locations last week. Sailfish and medium dorado were caught inside the bay on trash lines left by the evening rains. Sailfish were also at Punta Mita and inside the bay, and lots of small yellowfin tuna were caught at Yelapa. At Corbetena, 38 miles out, four marlin in the 350-pound class were landed, plus more yellowfin tuna. Puerto Vallarta weather was warm and sunny, with evening showers. Water temperatures averaged about 84 degrees. PUERTO VALLARTA FISHING.



IXTAPA—ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Ed Kunze of Zihuatanejo said 80-degree blue water moved to within one mile of the beach and fishing was good for roosterfish, jack crevalle, and sailfish, but the marlin and tuna disappeared. Most offshore boats averaged about two to three sailfish per day, but Capt. Cali on the panga Zapatito Gordo had a quintuple release. Roosterfish action was red-hot, as Capt. Arturo on the panga Janeth, recorded 14 fish to 45 pounds in one day, all taken on surface poppers or slow-trolled live bait. Capt. Anival of the Don Gordo caught a 60-pound roosterfish, a 28-pound pargo, and several large jacks at White Rocks.

IXTAPA—ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters said good fishing was available despite the unstable weather. Capt. Cheva on the Dos Hermanos II took clients out for six sailfish landed on the fly out of 12 hookups in one day. IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO FISHING.

IXTAPA—ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly reported Zihuatanejo weather as in the high-80s, with possible thunderstorms, and water temperatures of 72 to 78 degrees. Graham also announced that Abel Products has signed on as lead sponsor for his “Jacks or Better” catch-and-release roosterfish tournament, Oct. 6-11, and the “Sails and Tails” sailfish tournament in December. IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO FLY FISHING TOURNAMENT DETAILS.

Mexico Fishing Photo

ENSENADA FAMILY OUTING--Rommel Arvizu and family members Yamile, Diego, and Emilio, all of Ensenada, had a fun day of traditional panga fishing at Punta Banda and got limits of calico bass and barracuda with Vonny Fleet’s Capt. Beto. Photo courtesy Ivan Villarino.

Mexico Fishing Photo

SAN FRANCISQUITO ACTION!--“Here is what the fishing is like right now,” says Roger Crenshaw of San Francisquito. Crenshaw reported yellowtail to 50 pounds, and good sizes of white seabass, as his son Brant (red shirt) fished from his panga. Photos courtesy Roger Crenshaw.

Mexico Fishing Photo

CASTRO’S CATCH--Darwin Lien, Justin Lien, Troy Montgomery, Charlie Benson, and Harry Montgomery, all of Lancaster, had a great day of bottom fishing out of Castro’s Camp at Erendira, south of Ensenada. Photo courtesy Fernando Castro.

Mexico Fishing Photo

THREE GENERATIONS OF CAPTAINS--With a beautiful bright gold dorado caught on Reel Dream out of Cabo San Lucas are three generations of Cosio family sportfishing captains: grandson Ernie II, captain of the Mucho Bueno II; son Ernie, captain of the Reel Dream; and father Hernan Cosio, retired captain at East Cape’s Rancho Buena Vista. Photo courtesy Geri Christman.

Mexico Fishing Photo

EAST CAPE CATCH--Erik de Vreeze of Oakland and his group of 17 anglers had a good run out of East Cape’s Buena Vista Beach Resort, including this catch of 10 yellowfin tuna and a 65-pound dorado. De Vreeze fished on the Liliana with Capt. Marcos and Santiago. Photo courtesy Axel Valdez.

Mexico Fishing Photo

AT IT AGAIN--Gary Graham of East Cape’s Baja On The Fly reported this gill net set tight to the beach between Rancho Leonero and La Ribera on Saturday morning. Photo courtesy Gary Graham.

Mexico Fishing Photo

LA REINA SAILFISH--Ross Yamamoto of Los Angeles got two sailfish off La Reyna lighthouse including this one with Tail Hunter International’s Capt. Chito. Photo courtesy Jonathan Roldan.

Mexico Fishing Photo

FIVE CERRALVO ROOSTERS--Bob Bernosky of Newark, Del., caught this nice roosterfish on Sunday morning at the south end of Isla Cerralvo. Bernosky, his son Eugene, and grandson Lucas, of El Sargento near La Paz, caught five roosterfish on sardines. Photo courtesy Eugene Bernosky.

Mexico Fishing Photo

LORETO WAHOO--Bill Erhardt fished solo in his 17-foot boat about 8 miles east of Loreto’s Isla Catalan for this 50-pound class wahoo, plus a bunch of marlin last week. Photo courtesy Pam Bolles.

Mexico Fishing Photo

LORETO DORADO--Tom Ridge and Tony Villalobos of Newport Beach with six dorado to about 15 pounds, caught with Arturo’s Sportfishing of Loreto. Photo courtesy Arturo Susarrey.

Mexico Fishing Photo

WHALER NUMBER TWO--San Marcos Mike Kanzler’s new Boston Whaler at Isla San Marcos, near Santa Rosalia, bought from Rich Marsell. Photo courtesy Mike Kanzler.

Mexico Fishing Photo

AT L.A. BAY--Megan Johnson of Abita Springs, La., caught some triggerfish for the barbecue from the Villa Villa jetty during a trip to Bahia de los Angeles with her uncle Robert Johnson of Alta Loma. They also fished with Capt. Igor Galvan for seven yellowtail east of Isla Horsehead. Photo courtesy Robert Johnson.


MOTHERSHIP MIDRIFF TRIP--Raymond Yu’s group from the Los Angeles area had a great trip on the San Felipe mothership Tony Reyes, including these 47 and 68-pound black sea bass caught by Yu and Bill Wong. At center with camera is the boat’s Capt. Tony Reyes Jr. Photo courtesy Raymond Yu.

Mexico Fishing Photo

GONZAGA GROUPER--Jack Vessey (left) and Travis Fusi fished with the McElvany family of Imperial at Gonzaga Bay for a nice mess of fish including these two beautiful gulf grouper. Photo courtesy Eric McElvany.

Mexico Fishing Photo

PUERTO VALLARTA KAYAK TUNA--Jon Schwartz at Roca Corbetena. Photo courtesy Jon Schwartz.

Mexico Fishing Photo

PUERTO VALLARTA FOOTBALL--Running up a nice football tuna score with Charter Dreams’ boat Anticipation were the Bill Gaume family, Capt. Ed Moore, and mates Luis Gutierrez and Jorge Rodriguez. Photo courtesy Kim Moore.

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